Maharana Pratap 26th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Maharana Pratap 26th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

episode starts with bahram show some hesitation in front of jalal that now many marwari will get killed. Jalal gets angry and says, i have seen that my soldier also respect him, not me. I dont want to see him as a respectable person.
Pratap hosts his force that they will definitely win this battle then raghvendra ji comes. Pratap says, i will also come to meet you for some discussion about war. guru ji says, i have told you everything of war techniques but i want to tell you one thing that you have to fight against anyone in war whether your enemy or your lovable person. Pratap says, i will fight with anyone because you are with me. Guru ji says, no, i will fight with marwar. I have to pay the loan of my ancestors thats why i will fight with marwar. your tradition says, you will fight with me and i ordered you that without hesitation you will fight with me. Pratap says, Ok guruji, i will fight with anyone whether you will be in this war. Pratap takes blessings from guru ji.
JB pray for uday singh ji and in marwar, uma devi also pray for maldev ji. Uma devi tries to do tilak to maldev ji then maldev ji stops her and says, it will done by my grand daughter “Phool”. Here veer baiji pray to god for uday singh ji. uday singh gone for war. Here ram singh goes to war but phool stops him and says, can you give me promise that you will not hurt pratap. Ram singh ji says, i will do of my best.
Here jalal gets ready to go in war then bahram khan comes and says, why are you going to war, we have already set a plan that marwar and mewar will fight each other and destroy themselves. Jalal says, i want to see the destruction of both mewar and marwar at same time thats why i choose to go to battle field.
Mewar’s gives slogan of uday singh’s. Uday singh says, our enemy calls us for war, we have to fight with anyone whether it can be anyone, your friend, your brother. So thats why i am giving you an opportunity that if anyone thinks that we cant win then that person will go still now. THen he says, lets go and we will show how much brave we are!!!!
Here jalal is getting ready and then he gone to see battle. Uday singh ji ask about pratap’s troop. Pratap comes with his troop. Uday singh says, tell me the reason, why you are so late. Pratap says, our soldier is trying to prepare themself for war. bheel comes and says, we will also fight with you. Uday singh ji says, recently your sardar is died then how you will fight? They says, we will take revenge from marwar.
Here marwar also comes for battle. Pratap hosts his troop and says, we will fight against marwar. Maldev ji make fun of mewar’s troop. He says, you are from strongest force marwar, you are fighting for us. We will kill our enemy.
Pratap throw arrows in front of maldev ji, guruji and ram singh ji. Ram singh ji gives compliment. Maldev ji says, pratap, it doesnt make any impression on war, it will happen definitely. Uday singh ji says, your marwar has always double cross us.
Maldev ordered to archerist for throwing arrow. pratap’s troops does defense. jalal’s soldier says, maldev ji has key point guru raghvendra. Then guru raghvendra says, pratap has practised with their soldier very well so we will try some another technique, we will attack them by horse riders. Maldev ji orders horse riders. Pratap’s soldier again does defense and kill all horse rider. Everybody gives slogan. Maldev ji again sent horse riders. Jalal gets happy. uday singh ask about pratap. Pratap tells him the plan then uday singh ordered to bheel’s sardar, go at another point and whenever riders came at your side, kill them.
riders move towards mewar troops. Maldev ji again make fun of mewar troop. Mewar soldiers show mirror to rider then they were not able to move on then bheels kill them. Maldev ji gets angry and says, i will not see pratap bravery, we will fight with mewar, Everybody says, “Akraman”!!!!1

Precap:– Jalal moves into war and kills mewar soldier then pratap see this!!!!!

Update Credit to: Tushar

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