Ek Nayi Pehchan 26th June 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sakshi, Sharda, Chirag, Latika, Karan and Dadi head towards the main door. Sharda fears a rain but Sakshi tells her to relax as she has kept umbrellas in their cars. Dadi is too excited to go out. Latika tells Chirag that they all missed him. He hmms in reply. Dadi is so happy to go out with all her kids. Just then Pallavi comes there (with her luggage) saying they all will have to leave anyways now. Everyone looks at her in shock.

She bends down to seek Dadi’s blessings but Dadi moves her legs aside. Pallavi asks her if she has no blessings for her first DIL. No problem I can leave your blessings but I wont spare my right on Mahesh / Suresh’s offices, homes and properties as he has built all this by the money given by my dad. They all look at her in shock / surprise. She tells them everything. When I and Mahesh had gotten married he had nothing except a fake name. My dad put it on his name when he died. All these properties that he has made has been based out of that wealth as I was the lone daughter of my dad. Therefore only I and your real grandson has a right over everything in this house. Another shocker for the family! Aarav comes there too. Pallavi introduces him to Dadi saying that he is her legitimate grandson. Dadi looks away as he touches her feet. Pallavi tells about Modi family. These are your dad’s fake relations who have snatched your rights from you. Aarav shows them the door to which pallavi agrees. You all will have to go as only I, my son and my husband would stay here.

Latika tells her that it is their house. Pallavi tells her to say all this in court. You are educated enough then why are you talking like your illiterate mom? Everyone is shocked / angry. Pallavi calls herself the rightful owner of all the things that are related with Mahesh. Pallavi takes Aarav to their home yet keeps on taunting the Modi family. You all came to city but your taste is still old. I will change everything. Sakshi counters her. Everything here has been made and arranged by my Ma. You cannot touch anything here. Pallavi repeats her words about her rights while Sakshi isn’t letting her have her way. This house is made by its people and this truth wont change by your words. Pallavi talks about court yet again. Sakshi again tries to put sense in her but Sharda stops her this time.

A house isn’t made by walls and roof but it is actually a temple where God resides in each corner. Every relation made in here is chaste and unbreakable. Anyone can snatch anything from us but not our relations. Pallavi taunts her on her identity of Mrs. Sharda Modi. All the relations attached with this name are a lie and baseless. Sharda can understand Pallavi’s pain. Who else can understand it better than me? Don’t worry you and your son can stay here without any problem. Whatever is yours will remain yours only. Sharda, Pallavi and Sakshi leave from there. Aarav goes to find a room for himself.

Dadi tells Pallavi that she is wrong in doing whatever she is doing. Pallavi says any woman can do anything if she has been cheated so badly. Dadi goes quiet.

Latika questions her mom as to why is she showing sympathy to a woman who is trying to snatch everything from them. Sakshi points that everything belongs to dad and legally Pallavi is his first wife. Latika isn’t ready to listen. We will let anyone snatch our right without even fighting for it? Agree that mom doesn’t want anything and neither do you nor Karan. I am also not interested. But what about Chirag and Diya? Can we let their future be ruined like this? Sharda denies. your dad must have done wrong with me but he wont let anything wrong happen to you all. He loves you all very much. I am sure he will give you your rights. Latika doesn’t trust Pallavi. Dad wont be able to do anything as she is around. Sharda understands Pallavi’s situation well as they are in the same boat. I can understand her pain. Her anger is worth it. she is right in calling my identity fake. I was never his wife. Latika is adamant she wont let anyone snatch their rights….neither her (Pallavi) nor her ill mannered son (sorry for the mistake yesterday, heard it wrong). She leaves in a huff while Sakshi comforts Sharda.

Aarav comes to Chirag’s room. Chirag is listening to music. Aarav removes his headphones which makes Chirag angry. Aarav has chosen this room for himself. It is up to me decide what I want and what not (he throws Chirag’s books). Chirag warns him not to touch anything in his room but Aarav again throws some of his things on floor which infuriates Chirag. He holds Aarav by the collar. Karan comes to Aarav’s rescue. Aarav yet again speaks badly with Chirag but Karan stays the mediator. Suresh comes to see what’s happening and is shocked to see Aarav. Aarav tells his dad he is not talking to him. he sits on Chirag’s bed with his shoes still on. Chirag cannot take it. Karan tells him to take his room instead. I anyways don’t need it. Chirag is not happy about giving his room to Aarav but Karan takes him with him.

Suresh picks Chirag’s stuff and keeps it on the side table. He asks about Pallavi but Aarav tells him off as he is feeling sleepy. Suresh walks out of the room. Aarav opens his eyes as soon as his dad leaves and appreciates the room.

Suresh asks Pallavi what she is doing here. She talks about her rights as a wife. She wont let him live the same life he was living earlier. You ruined my life and want things to be like they were before? Two worlds, two names and two identities? It cannot be so. You will have to bear the brunt of your mistakes. He doesn’t like it but she says she has actually made his life easier. No more double shifts! She tells him to close the door as he leaves. Suresh takes his cue.

Chirag sleeps on the couch in Karan’s room. Sakshi talks to Karan about what’s happening in the house. I cannot believe there can be a woman like Pallavi. She has actually come over to claim her rights. Karan doesn’t find anything odd with it as she has right on things. Sakshi talks about the rights of the family members of this house including ma. Karan understands her point. But at times many people get punished for one person’s mistake. Nothing can be done now. Sakshi does not like it here. Karan has decided to leave tomorrow itself. Sakshi supports him. Dadi is feeling better than before so we can go.

Next morning, Sharda briefs the maid (Lata) about food habits of her MIL, her husband, Diya and Chirag. Maid listens sadly. Sharda is scared as she has never left anyone alone. When I used to leave for 2 hours even then everything used to get haywire. But today I am leaving this house for forever. Don’t know if I will be able to bear it even. Lata doesn’t want her to go but Sharda says I am here only, in your hearts. Lata nods. Pallavi has heard everything as she was standing outside.

Sharda comes to talk to Chirag. He shares his anger towards Aarav. He too is upset as his mom is leaving. Take me with you. I act stubborn or make demands but I love you more than anything else. I cannot live without you. Sharda gets emotional. I know it but I cannot take you with me right now. There are many problems outside this house. He compares himself to Karan. She tells him that it isn’t easy for his brother even but he has to make his own identity for which he will have to cross many hurdles. Once he gets a house of his own then I myself will come to take you. He wonders if that woman (Pallavi) will snatch everything from them. She has no answer for that question but she knows one thing that his dad loves him very much and will take care of him. Chirag denies. I used to think the same thing earlier but now I am not at all sure. She tells him to trust God. Everything will be fine soon. They share an emotional hug.

Sakshi is packing her bags. Latika wonders what’s written in their future. Sakshi trusts Karan completely. He will find a job very soon. Meanwhile we will manage. Latika tells her not to act like a fool. Atleast you understand. If you all leave then Pallavi will take away all our rights. Sharda comes there. She explains Latika that there are a lot many things in life which hold a greater importance than money and rights. Money can be earned time and again but self respect can never be regained once you lose it. Latika tries convincing her mom but she has made up her mind. Don’t forget your family while doing your work. Take good care of Diya and Pratik. Your family is very nice. May God keep it together always. They hug. Latika doesn’t want her to go. How can I let you go out at this age! You can come to my house as it is yours too. Sharda says we cannot even drink water of our daughter’s house. I trust Karan completely. He wont let me or Sakshi bear anything.

Precap: Dadi ties rakshasutra on Sharda’s hand. This will save you from any trouble or anything. Go and find yourself. Make your own identity. Not of Sharda Modi but of Sharda only!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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