Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 26th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 26th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Arpita tells Avni about what her dad said, she was sad that there is a tree at her own house, and she cant come here. Avni says she will do something. She takes a photo of the tree, Arpita sees the photo. Avni calls and says that God sees the intentions, she must break the fast seeing the tree. Arpita says she must have been happy if Akshit was here. Avni promises her that he will be here.
Raj indulges Akshit in the file work, as he reaches out Arpita’s house. He poses that the car has gone out of order. Raj calls Arpita and tells her that Avni is also there on the other line, Akshit comes out of the car. Raj talks on phone that Babu Bhaiya! Our car has gone out of order at the 2nd street, kindly come soon and I and the Akshit bro have to get home. Arpita asks what he is saying. Avni asks where is that place, Arpita says outside her house!. Avni tells her to go to the window, see him and break her fast. Raj makes Akshit face towards the window Arpita was standing, she doesnt the pooja from the window upstairs and breaks her fast. She thanks Raj, Raj tells Akshit that the car is well so they can go now. Avni tells Raj to come home soon now, he teases her as if she is his wife. She thinks she wont eat anything without seeing him.
Sanvri says that she told them that Arpita wont comes, Avni says she kept the fast but her dad didnt let her come here. Suket asks why? Avni tells them that he didnt want that the reputation of both family get destroyed. Avni tells Bhawna she sent her a pic of the tree.
They go for pooja, Sanvri calls Avni but she refuses to eat. She waits for Raj and as he arrives she runs inside and does the pooja from behind the door. She brings ot the dish saying Prasad, Raj takes from it.
Avni goes inside and eats in her room. Raj thinks she was telling him to come soon and now is lost.He comes to him but she doesnt talk. He snatches her plate, she insists that she didnt eat anything from yesterday night, he asks did she fast? She goes out, he stops her and asks if this was for me? He holds her hand, and asks her to say. He make her sit and offer her food from his own hands.She stands up, he comes to him and comes closer. He says that whenever it comes to both of us,you are always quiet. But you silece speaks, as I know that you also loves me.
Downstairs Sanvri blames that they have to answer for her, the ladies listen to the argument between Pratab and Arpita in which Sanvri says that all the problems are because of her, she married Akshit and urged him to lie.
She says that now she has left home, she hates to lie but had to because of her. The ladies come inside, ask the servant about the purse and calls a reporter to tell him they have super hit news for them.
At night, Avni thinks about Raj. She finds a letter from Raj saying he has thousands reasons to say I love you to her; goes to the window and sees Raj. He tells her there is a gift also, it was a bracelet.

PRECAP: Avni reads in newspaper the news about Akshit and Arpita. Suket is angry that this is what he feared.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. Well done avni and raj

  2. I wonder what suket will do if he finds abt the love story of raj and avni,i hope it won’t b a blast

  3. Mayb suket was broken hearted before thats why he hates love

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