Veera 26th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Veera 26th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Episode starts with plan take off. baldev says to veera that dont you think that i am frightened to travel in plan. If i will drive car then i jump out from car but i dont know to fly then how will i jump from plane. Baldev ordered for some drink. Veera shows anger. Then baldev says, i am going to foreign first time, it is necessary to do party.
sonia see her childhood photo then banari ji comes and says, why did not you come to home. Sonia says, i was busy in hospital. Bansaei ji says, ok, let me give tea please. Sonia says, i have to go to hospital right now, i will come to your home tomorrow. Bansari pick up her phone from photo then sonia put her phone onto it. bansari ji then gone from her home.
Veera and baldev reaches to poland. Baldev and veera see some sights of poland.
Veera gets call from sahil then sahil tells her address and says, come fast because sir doesnt like late comers, veera says, ok, we will reach on time but she sees that baldev is not there. Baldev does photo session with foreigners.
Veera ask about street address but she didnt get address because nobody knows english. then she thinks that buy city map and then they will go.
Biji calls veera for breakfast then biji says, i forgot that veera is not present here. gunjan ask from biji that our timing is different from foreign timings. Dashrat ji comes and he says, i want to tell a good news that we have opened a school for girls. Biji gives compliment to him. He says, i will be honoured for us that you will come as chief guest. biji says, why will i ? Dashrat ji says, you are a role model for girls. Biji says, thanks for honour, i will definitely come. Veera search street address in map. Veera says, how will i read this map, it is in polish. Baldev says, i will read this map. go there. Veera then says, i will decide, follow me!!!
THey didnt get the address and move here and there and reaches on same place, from where there they started.
Baldev says, now you will follow me but veera didnt give map. they get an address but baldev see a girl and gone to help her. Veera says to baldev, lets go otherwise we will be late but baldev doesnt go from there. Baldev says, you dont know the heart feelings because you dont love anyone.

Precap:- Baldev and veera gone to lovers bridge then veera says, love couples write their name on lock and throw into water then their love will become immortal. Veera says, this is all faq. Baldev says, it is truth, you are saying this because you dont love anyone.

Update Credit to: Tushar

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