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Maharana Pratap 26th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

DB is feeling bad. I did everything for him that no mother in this world will do for her son. I built so many dreams for him. I have shown him so many unimaginable dreams, even (have done so much with) PRatap. Ajabde gets curious. What did you do with Pratap? DB goes quiet realising it and looks at AJabde. What are you doing here? Ajabde replies that she was about to fall so she had to run and hold her. I was going to fetch water for Pratap. DB tells her to resume her work. Pratap needs you. Ajabde suggests taking her to her room first but DB denies. Ajabde is confused / a little pained seeing her thus.

Jagmal is wiping the blood off his pain and is groaning in pain all along. In the mirror, he notices his mother standing behind him holding a knife in her hand. He gets up in shock. Rani Ma you have come to kill me? I am your son; you have given birth to me. how can you kill me then? He sits on his knees and begs forgiveness. DB has only come to tell him that she loves him so much that she cannot kill him even if she wants to. I love you so much that I can go to any extent for your happiness. If you get happy by killing me then take this knife and kill me. Jagmal eyes the knife. He gets up and takes it from her while she wipes her tears. I am only scared of one thing that you will kill all those dreams that we had dreamt of together along with killing me (your coronation, Pratap’s destruction). He recalls how they both have been planning for the same since he was a kid. If you kill me now then Pratap wont give you another chance. In our fight (between him and her), why do you want to give him the right to punish? You also know that my hatred for Pratap is way deeper than any blood relation.

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Jagmal has been looking at the knife curiously till now but drops it suddenly seeing Pratap in the corridor (DB in unaware). He starts acting again. Please forgive me Rani Ma. I am really ashamed of myself. Pratap stops near the window hearing his voice. I am not even worth your forgiveness. I apologize to you as you atleast tried to understand my anger; the reason as to why I had to aim the gun at you. DB is confused. Jagmal blames her and her beloved son Pratap for his misery. Pratap is taken aback. DB insists that he (Jagmal) is her beloved son but he denies. These are mere words. The truth is you only love Dada bhai as your son. if he too was here right now then I would have said the same in front of him. meanwhile, he signals her through eyes and she too notices Pratap in the mirror. He hides the knife under the bed using his foot. DB nods at Jagmal. Jagmal says I would have told him as well how you have been away from me always because of him. I used to wait for you in my room hungry but you were engrossed in either making his favourite dishes or in making sure his stuff is properly put. In all this you never realised that you were only becoming Dada bhai’s Rani Ma. What’s my mistake in this? I had a mother yet just because of Dada bhai I spent my childhood as if I dint have a mother. DB apologizes to Jagmal. Jagmal continues his act. A child spends his entire childhood without his mother’s love. When he raises question over the same his mother just says sorry? DB replies I know it but what can I do. I love Pratap so much that I cannot love you equally. I know you went through different emotions. You even took to a wrong path and aimed the gun at your Rani Ma. I know everything that it all happened because of my mistakes but you must not blame your Dada bhai. You know how your Dada bhai is. He loves everyone so much. Don’t let anything negative come in your heart regarding him. don’t change your attitude towards him. Hate me as much as you want to, not your Dada bhai.

Pratap comes inside now and addresses his Rani Ma. Jagmal is scared seeing him. Pratap says I was trying to understand Jagmal’s reason behind his act. I have been thinking what prompted him to do that. Now I have understood that all this has happened because of me only. I only am the real culprit behind Jagmal’s act. DB denies. Jagmal only is responsible for it. you can punish him. Pratap nods. I will do that. He starts walking towards Jagmal. The punishment given to him will transform him into a better man. He was kept away from motherly love in his childhood because of me. I cannot bring back those days but I will try to help him get out of what all he has lost because of me. from today onwards he is my responsibility. I myself will see to it that he walks on the right and truthful path. Jagmal touches his feet. I am not even worth your forgiveness. You should have killed me then only. Pratap says I would have done that for real but Rani Ma saved you at the right time. DB is worried about Rana ji’s reaction. Pratap assures her that father wont get to know that Jagmal had shot her. I promise that I will protect brother Jagmal till my last breath, even if I have to sacrifice my life for that. They are distracted by a noise and notice Ajabde on the door. she dropped the glass on floor after overhearing their convo. She walks inside the room. What kind of a promise was that? Pratap is surprised seeing her there. She replies that Rana ji has entered the palace. Pratap thinks of hiding the gun somewhere. Jagmal requests him to save him. Pratap begins to go when Ajabde stops him. He says the most important thing to do right now is to save Jagmal. Ajabde tries to stop him but in vain. DB is holding Jagmal’s hand. Ajabde shakes her head at them upset and then leaves from there.

Pratap picks up the gun. Keeping it here would be like inviting trouble. I will throw it outside. Ajabde tries to talk to him but he heads out of the room. He notices his father walking towards him only and adjusts the gun behind his back (in his cloth tied around his waist). He bends down to touch his father’s feet when the gun falls on the floor. US is taken aback. Can I know what this gun is doing with you? Pratap stands quietly which infuriates US. My faith in you is shaken seeing this (coward) weapon with you. This is a weapon using which people attack on their enemies without even looking in the eye. Our ancestors have not even touched such weapon. You are so brave and fearless. Why do you need such a weapon? What is this gun doing in the palace where Bappa Rawal and Veer Sangha’s swords are kept? Which is that enemy of yours for whom you need it instead of your bravery? Look in my eye and answer me! Vaid ji greets US which makes him curious. Who is unwell in this palace? Rawat ji too comes there. He is shocked seeing the gun too. US holds out his hand for him when he starts saying something. He repeats his question for Vaid ji. Pratap tells him about DB getting shot. US and Rawat ji are stunned. Vaid ji assures them that DB is completely out of danger now. US eyes the gun angrily yet again and then looks at Pratap. He walks off from there. Rawat ni tries to ask Pratap about the gun / incident but Pratap requests him not to.

Jagmal promises to take care of his Rani Ma and vice versa. Daasi comes to tell them about US approaching this room. DB asks her if Rana ji has got to know everything. Daasi nods. Rana ji has seen the gun in Pratap’s hand. DB dismisses her. DB tells Jagmal to hide somewhere.

DB pretends to be sleeping when US comes there. He sits down beside her. I wont spare who has dared to shoot you. I will find that person and punish him (/her). Jagmal realises that his father has no idea about the shooter. He gets up to go when DB calls out for him. I only want to tell you that I am the luckiest woman in the whole world. He is not impressed. You have been shot in your palace and you are saying this? DB replies that I was only praying for one thing while I was hanging between life and death – to see you once. God has heard my prayers. I can die peacefully now. He denies. nothing will happen to you. Vaid ji has said the same thing. She too tells him to forget the whole incident like some bad dream. He thinks for a while but then shakes his head. this was not a bad dream. I am not ready to accept it. I will find out the culprit for sure. I will be thankful to you if you will help me in this otherwise I have my own ways to find out the truth. Did you see the shooter? DB says I only know that my son has not done anything. He cannot shoot at me. US knows it already. How will he pick up a gun to shoot at you whose hands get all shaky to even hold a sword! Jagmal is relieved. DB adds that he doesn’t even look me in the eye. You know that his code of conduct is his identity. US gets confused.

Precap: Jagmal is impressed by how his mother twisted things. You created doubts in father’s mind against his beloved son only! US tells Rawat ji that the culprit is from their family only. Rawat ji asks him if he has a doubt on someone. US thinks of DB’s words and how the gun was with Pratap.

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