Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 26th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 26th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dadda ji coughing and feeling unwell. Akshara saks what happened, and sees choc wrapper. She says Devyaani that he ate chocs and it stuck in throat. She informs the doctor asking him to come soon. Bhabhimaa is shocked. Akshara makes him rest and says she has to do something to make him spit the choc. She beats on his back and asks Dadda ji to sit it. Dadda ji spits the choc on the floor. Akshara says its out, don’t worry. Bhabhimaa cries. Naitik gets Chitti’s call and comes to know about Dadda ji. He asks Naman to come fast and Naman apologizes to clients and runs out.

Rajshri and everyone talk about things done well on Dadda ji’s birthday. They talk about him, and how he has cut the cake like a kid. Rajshri says Devyaani said Karishma and Naman solved differences. Dadi says a small apology makes everything fine. Jasmeet says I wish our family happiness always stays. Naitik and Naman come home. He asks Bhabhimaa what happened to Dadda ji. She says toffee was stuck, doctor is checking now. The doctor checks Dadda ji. Naitik asks him is he fine. The doctor says he is fine. Your wife has saved him. Akshara says but I have beaten a lot by force, will this harm him.

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The doctor says no, that was the only way, you did good. He leaves. Akshara cries. Bhabhimaa thanks Lord and Akshara as she was tensed seeing Dadda ji, but Akshara has done good thing. Devyaani says yes. Naitik says thanks. Bhabhimaa says Akshara always takes the right decisions, I m sure your decision can’t be wrong for us, whatever you will decide will always be right. Naksh hugs Dadda ji and Naitik asks him to let him sleep. Naksh says I will be here, and prays to Lord.

Bhabhimaa says she stays worried for Dadda ji, and fears to lose him. They all cry. Rajshri shows the selfie and her pout. Everyone see it and laugh. Dadi asks Rajshri not to be shy. Vishwamber says yes, but you don’t look yourself. Rajshri sees the pic and is shocked seeing Muskaan and Alok behind her. Akshara thinks about how she has beaten Dadda ji and cries. Naitik comes to her and brings juice. She says she does not want. He asks her to have it for the baby.

She says I don’t want. She hugs him and cries. She says if anything wrong happened with me then. He says you can’t do wrong. She says anyone can do wrong, what would I tell Bhabhimaa if anything wrong happened. He says everyone knows you well. You can’t do this that anyone has some harm, I know it was tough for you, and if I was there, I would have not done anything, you have done right. She hugs him and says I don’t want to do any mistake by mistake. He says I trust you.

Vishwamber talks to Rajshri. She says she feels Alok and Muskaan have something. He asks why does she feel this. She shows him the pic. She asks him do you know Alok. He says I came to know in Alok’s party. She says you did not tell me, maybe he is trying to come in Akshara’s life. He asks her not to worry. Dadda ji wakes up and talks to Naksh. They have a talk. Akshara brings tea for Dadda ji and Naksh. Dadda ji says its great to see family infornt of me together. They all sit and have tea. Naitik asks Naksh about his hand. Naksh and Dadda ji lie and say its very aching. Dadda ji says I m fine, and Naksh says yes, so he don’t want any kada now. Bhabhimaa says see, how they are saving each other by lying.

Dadda ji and Naksh say we never lie. Akshara says she knows everything, and asks Dadda ji to get reayd for school, and ask Dadda ji to have kada. Varsha and Jasmeet talk to ladies and say they will give discount. Jasmeet says you can take it for 15% less. The lady says she will send money later. Varsha says its fine. The lady leaves. Jasmeet and Varsha hug as they did good sale today. Rajshri says yes, they took it happily.

Naksh makes excuses and Akshara sends him. Dadda ji thanks Akshatra and says he has seen everything how she has saved his life, he was having much pain, he felt like its his last moment. Naitik says don’t say this. Dadda ji says let me say, everyone knows death comes one day, even I know, but I have got afraid since yesterday, about pain. He says if anything such happens again, save me from pain, not death. He says I have bear much pain till now, life has given me much pain, but I can’t bear it now. He says just make me rid of the pain. Akshara cries. He asks her to say. She nods yes.

Jasmeet, Varsha, Rajshri and Sunaina Kaki come to do shopping. Varsha parks the car and few guys taunt her on wrong parking. Rajshri asks them to come. Varsha shows the necklace a lady is wearing like their designs and thinks she might have got it online. They hear a lady is selling them on low prices. They are shocked. Muskaan talks to Alok and says she did that day what she felt is right. Alok says Naitik and Akshara are my good friends, I can’t cheat them. She says I will tell them later. He says we have hidden it, what will they feel if they love this.

Muskaan says I m sorry, I love you Alok ji. Akshara hears this and is shocked. Naksh calls her crying, and says his hand is hurt. Devyaani asks why did he color the bandage. Muskaan says she will color it. Akshara looks at Muskaan. Naitik comes there and sees Akshara. She does not tell anything. Muskaan says drop me and Karishma, we have some work. They leave.

Alok tells Akshara that he wants to tell something, and tells about Muskaan. Rama tells Bhabhimaa and Devyaani that she wants to get Rashmi married.

Update Credit to: Amena

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