Doli Armaanon Ki 26th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Doli Armaanon Ki 26th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Urmi is packing her bags. Gaurav comes there. Urmi sends Shaurya away and tells Gaurav she’s going to Goa as Samrat took Sanaya there. She needs to save Sanaya from him. Gaurav understands that is why Samrat was in Mumbai. Urmi asks him why him or Ishaan didn’t tell her about it. He says they didn’t want to disturb her. He tries to stop her from going to Goa, but she doesn’t listen. He also talks about her marriage with Ishaan, but Urmi says one marriage was enough and avoids to talk further. She tells him not to tell Ishaan about Goa.

Ishaan tries to convince his family for marriage, but both his parents don’t agree. Ishaan asks what happened suddenly? They used to like Urmi. His dad says that doesn’t mean they will make her their daughter in law. His mum says bad about Urmi and he tells her not to say anything to Urmi. She’s very good person. His mum then tells him that he betrayed them. He likes her since long and kept lying that they are friends, business partners, etc. His dad warns him that they will never make Urmi their daughter in law.

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Samrat and Sanaya are on beach. Sanaya is enjoying in water. Samrat watches her and says he won’t let anyone talk to her until they get married. He calls his lawyer to know update on marriage and the lawyer informs that he can’t do anything before Monday. Samrat tells him he’s useless and disconnects. Sanaya comes there and asks for her phone. Samrat says no. He runs in the water and asks her to join him. She keeps asking for her phone. Samrat purposely drops it in water and then tells her he will get her better one.

Urmi reaches Goa. She remembers Sanaya mentioned a beach. She decides to go there and look in five star hotels. However, she isn’t given any information about the guests. She wonders where she will find Sanaya. She receives a call from Ishaan, but she doesn’t pick up.

Samrat and Sanaya are partying. Urmi comes there and recalls her dancing like that with some guys as Samrat had intoxicated her and then she recalls Samrat’s harsh words. She comes out and thinks how her life is changed now. She wishes Sanaya had introduced Sam to her before. One of Urmi’s friends comes and forcefully takes her to the party.

Precap: Urmi promotes Zee TV’s new show.

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  1. samrath you and vishwa bhao are the most evil of all in these soaps both of you all needs to be locked away in a dungeon and throw away the key writers please do not let samrath get the chance to destroy another good woman

  2. Imagine if Urmi manages to stop the wedding but Samrat ends up with Ishaan’s sister….

  3. I find samarth should marry again and really change with some sick dieing sickness he has and urmi and ishan should get married. Hats off to samarth great acting zee TV best actor

  4. Samarat is a demon.He is about to destroy another woman.Urmi should marry and move on with her life.

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