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Sakshi begins the epi saying the old buried stories too light the fire; walls too have ears. The truth is what you see and people will see what you will show them. Truth covered with lies; dead presented as alive! You are bound to fail in this chakravyuh at any cost!

Heavenly Hills Colony:
A lady is descending from the stairs. Her husband walking behind her prods her to walk faster. She is in pain (limping) but somehow pushes herself to walk faster. The guy taunts her over it. will you start walking faster if I will hold the hunter in my hand? You are good for nothing. He gives his intro. I am Rajesh Chopra. She is my wife Shalini Chopra. If you all think that I am behaving wrongly with my wife then you are wrong. This is just my imagination. Look at the reality.

In reality, Shalini taunts him in a similar manner. It would have been better if I would have adopted a dog instead of you. he is all meek and fumbling. I was leaving only. She warns him not to steal cash from cashbox. I wont spare you! go to police station as well. Find out about those thieves. He hurriedly walks out of the house.

Rajesh gets scared seeing his neighbour’s (Mr. Sardana’s) dog. Please keep him away from me. Mr. Sardana assures him that Tiger (the dog) is well behaved, he doesn’t bite. Mr. Sardana takes Tiger with him. Rajesh sighs in relief and goes to his shop (Antiques & Collectibles).

Rajesh immediately starts cleaning the stuff around. you feel pity on me? my bad time started when I got married. I was wrong. I thought that she (his wife) is the only child with a big house and her father’s shop. I had thought I will spend life easily but in vain. She is Schizophrenic. She only continues to doubt on me and get angry. I have become a dog. Tell me if its my fault that her jewellery was stolen? She doubts me only.

Shalini was walking on a road when two bike riders had stopped near her, had snatched her jewellery and she had got hurt in the process. Rajesh was putting hot water bag on her feet but she blamed him for the theft. You will be happy when I will die. You only sent those thieves behind me, right? I will go to police station and get those thieves. If you are involved in this then I wont spare you. You want to get hold of my property. You want to kill me. Doc had given her an injection to calm her down. She was in pain and she had a seizure too. Her condition is worsening. She will have to be admitted asap.

Back to present, Rajesh doesn’t mind getting SHalini admitted asap. She always thinks that I am after her life. It will be good if it happens one day finally. She thinks I want to kill her. she doesn’t know that I want it to happen for real. Hope someday it happens that she falls never to get up again. I really want to kill her.

A foreigner customer walks inside so Rajesh shows him the antique pieces. He likes one watch but is a little short of money. The foreigner lures him for branded liquor (a quarter is left but its worth more money he says) along with the money. Rajesh is hesitant. His other self too warns him against it as Shalini wont spare him if she smells it. you may got caught but its ok! His other self scares him of the hunters but he ends up taking it. Rajesh finishes the scotch in evening time. He keeps the bottle on the table. why are you so scared of her? Her foot is injured. She wont come to the shop for 2 months. What will she do? He is ready to go but is scared what if she smells it. He puts perfume around his neck and closes the shop. He even buys mouth freshener on his way.

As soon as he steps inside, Shalini asks him if he had been to the police station. He shakes his head. She yet again is suspicious of him. you don’t want those tieves to be caught? you only would have sent them behind me. you would have told them to kill me! She smells perfume. You used the perfume from the shop? He says I only put a little. She scolds him. that is from Saudi Arabia. Do you even know how much it costs? He is scared. I only put two drops. She smells alcohol. How dare you touch my perfume! You are good for nothing. Where did you get money to drink alcohol from? You must have stolen it from the cashbox. He denies. a foreigner gave it to me. she laughs on him. you have started begging just to drink alcohol. He explains the whole situation. She is shocked to know that he took less money, used expensive perfume. Have you seen your face in the mirror? You are useless, good for nothing and impotent too. You cannot even give me a baby. You run my father’s shop and steal from there. He asks her not to say anything more. She infuriates him by challenging him and he ends up slapping her. she hits herself on the head from the table as she falls. Rajesh cannot believe it that he slapped Shalini for real. He walks near her, apologising her, asking her to wake up but is stunned to realise that she is bleeding from the head.

He dials for ambulance but his inner soul tells him against it. This is what you wanted. She is dead. That day is finally here. She is gone and you are free now. Enjoy yourself! Rajesh checks her pulse. She is dead. His other self tells him not to act dumb. You only slapped her but she died because of her head injury. The devil tells him against it. Police will smell everything. Who will get to know of anything? She anyways never used to get out of home. Sell everything one by one and you will be rich. His saner self tells him not to act foolish. Nothing is in your name. You cannot sell anything. The devil suggests hiding the body. Rajesh stands there looking at Shalini’s dead body as the day turns to night. He drags her body to the garden area. He starts digging when Mr. Sardana’s dog barks at him from the other side of the fence. Rajesh scares him away this time. Door bell rings.

Rajesh cleans the dirt off his face, leaves the dead body there itself and goes to open the door. nisha greets him. She comes inside and asks about Shalini. Dint she tell you I will be coming? I had messaged her day before yesterday and she had told me to come! He lies that he forgot. She calls out for Shalini but he asks her to sit. She can see that he is worried but he assures her that he is fine. He goes to bring water for her but is jittery. Nisha had to come here now only! She is walking around, checking the house. He calls out for her loudly just when she nears the door (that leads to the backyard). She drinks water. I have left my uncle’s house. He is a little lost so she tells him again. I left a note for him before leaving that house that I was going to commit suicide but it doesn’t matter to him. he wont look for me ever. I had told Shalini everything. She called me here. I am thinking of staying here for a month and then I will start afresh. Rajesh is scared / worried. You had a word with Shalini two days ago, right? She had a seizure yesterday. She has gone mad. Doctor has told me that she will have to be kept away from everyone as she turns violent. Nisha dint find anything amiss when she had a word with Shalini. Rajesh lies that it happened yesterday. Don’t even think of meeting her. she can throw anything at anyone at any point of time. Nisha still wants to see SHalini once but Rajesh tells her against it. It will be tough to handle her if she loses her calm. She gets super angry if she notices a woman with me. she has started feeling that I am having an affair. She gets violent within a second. It doesn’t matter who is that person then, even if it is her own best friend (Nisha herself). Yesterday Mrs. Sardana had come over. I forgot to close the door. Shalini saw her and threw a bottle at her. he points out at the table (where there is blood). I dint even get a chance to wipe it clean. Nisha is shocked to know that Mrs. Sardana had four stitches. Rajesh suggests arranging another room for her to stay. Why should we risk our lives?

Nisha follows Rajesh upstairs. She still wants to see Shalini once but Rajesh tells her to let Shalini sleep. It will be tough to put her back to sleep if she wakes up. He keeps her luggage in the room and goes to cook. He comes out and is worried thinking what if Nisha goes to SHalini’s room (adjacent room). He takes keys from the cupboard and heads upstairs again. nisha was just about to open the door of Shalini’s room when Rajesh calls out to her. please don’t trouble Shalini as she is unwell. Go and change. She nods. Rajesh locks the door.

Rajesh starts digging in the backyard. Shalini’s dead body is kept nearby only. He digs deep, puts her body inside and covers it with soil again. he keeps pots of plants over it so as to make things appear normal.

Rajesh is setting the table. he keeps looking at the door (that leads to the backyard). Nisha joins him. why dint you admit Shalini till now? She would have received proper care at the hospital. He talks about his duty as a husband. I will take care of her. You should eat. I will go and feed Shalini too. He picks up the tray of food and goes upstairs. He goes inside his room and looks around worried. This Nisha had to come here tonight only? I will have to continue this drama of keeping Shalini alive till Nisha is here. He eats the food.

Downstairs, Nisha is eating food when Rajesh starts his drama. He breaks the empty bowl on floor. What are you doing Shalini? NIsha is your friend. He breaks the plate too. He explains Nisha’s condition. You know her situation. I assure you there is nothing going on between Nisha and me. She had messaged me, you told her to come over and she came here. Calm down I will take care of Nisha just like I take care of you. Nisha is in tears hearing everything.

Nisha talks to Rajesh about the whole thing. it will be really tough for you. He talks about how people can bear anything when they are in love. she is my wife after all. After finishing coffee, they both head to their own rooms.

Next morning, Rajesh is watering the plants when Nisha greets him. he tells her that these flowers are Nisha’s favourite. She had put them here and I take care of them now. Nisha feels Shalini is really lucky to have a husband like him.

Rajesh takes the food upstairs once again. Nisha walks closer to the door to hear them. Rajesh tries to cajole Shalini to eat a little. I too will eat with you.

Next morning, Rajesh is heading to the shop when he stops. I will be out of the house for the whole day. What if Nisha tries to meet Shalini in between? He finds Tiger all quiet today. why isn’t he barking? He is looking as if he will give his statement right away. He rings the bell and is mesmerised seeing Nisha. She just had a bath and even her hairs are wet. He tells her about Dr. Chitnis who will be coming to see Shalini. He has the keys of her room. She gets excited thinking that maybe she too will get a chance to meet SHalini but he tells her against it. Don’t worry doc manages Shalini well. Nisha nods.

This time Tiger barks on Rajesh which scares him like always. At his shop, Rajesh wears a fake mustache, a wig and disguises himself as the fake doc.

Nisha opens the door and lets him in. He opens Shalini’s room. She tries to walk in too but he gestures her to stay out as Shalini might throw things at her. he pretends to talk to Shalini, praises Rajesh and talks about NIsha too. He pretends that Shalini got upset / hyper hearing Nisha’s name and lies that Nisha has left from here. Rajesh has sent her back. Calm down! He peeks from the door to see if Nisha is still there. She is going downstairs just then. he sits on the sofa in relief but jumps in shock as he hears Tiger barking. He checks from his balcony. Tiger is at the exact spot where he had buried Shalini. He shoos away Tiger somehow.

Dr. Chitnis praises Rajesh. He is a very good guy. He takes care of Shalini so well. Nisha affirms. Dr. Chitnis says such guys too need support. He is managing everything alone. Nisha nods.

Rajesh changes his clothes. He imagines spending some romantic moments with Nisha. A customer shakes him out of his reverie by enquiring about a bell.

Rajesh finds police at his door. They are talking to Nisha. He gets scared thinking that they have got to know everything. I am gone. Police has come to meet Shalini. Tell her to meet me at the police station. It is regarding the past incident where she got looted. We have nabbed those thieves and have recovered the jewellery too. Rajesh thanks him. she is extremely ill at this moment. She is mental patient and is on complete bed rest for now. I cannot tell you when she can come for sure. Inspector is irritated. She continuously called me and dint let me live in peace. Rajesh agrees to bring her with him. Inspector leaves.

Rajesh brings dinner in his room upstairs. It is just a matter of another 2 weeks. Nisha will leave and this drama will come to an end. He notices someone going downstairs and drops the tray from his hands thinking that it is Shalini. Nisha comes up to see what happened. she dint have night clothes so borrowed Shalini’s clothes without even asking him. he says I thought that it is Shalini only. She apologizes to him again. she begins to go but he holds her shoulder. You are very pretty. He touches her face. Are you feeling the same way? She is feeling guilty of cheating her best friend. He says Shalini has lost her sanity. She cannot think or understand anything anymore. They get intimate.

Next morning, Rajesh opens the door to pick up newspaper when he hears someone crying. Mrs. Sardana is crying for Tiger. He is dead. Some fellow might have driven over him. Rajesh is relieved that the lone eye witness of his crime is dead. Mrs. Sardana calls out for her husband. She is relieved to see her Tiger with her husband whereas Rajesh is shocked. He is alive. He is staring at me as if he would have told everything if he could just speak. Mrs. Sardana kisses Tiger. Rajesh thinks of the whole thing. Someone who looked like Tiger died and Mrs. Sardana thought that Tiger died? Another murder to hide the first one? Who will anyways know if it was NIsha or Shalini? Nisha had anyways written a suicide letter before leaving her uncle’s house. Rajesh rings the doorbell. Nisha has been looking for him in the house. He straight away asks her if she will marry him. she is pleasantly surprised.

Rajesh brings food upstairs. He makes the plan. This room will catch fire. Nisha will die in the fire. Everyone will think that it was Shalini. How will the room catch fire but? He takes out a diary and smirks.

At night, he writes a note for himself on Shalini’s behalf. I have troubled you a lot but I am tired of life now. I want to go away from you and life. All the best in life. Whatever is mine, is yours from now onwards. I know you will take care of everything nicely.

Rajesh brings kerosene oil from the backyard. He takes out SHalini’s lehenga from the cupboard. Nisha wakes up and finds him looking at her. she smiles. He keeps the bridal dress in front of her. she recognizes it to be Shalini’s. I only had made her wear it. He nods. You will wear it now when I will take you to meet her. I have made her agree. She wants to meet you. she is not well but she is sure that this is not wrong. Earlier it was just me who used to take care of you, now both of us will do it together. Wear it after lunch. I will take you to meet her then. she asks him if Shalini has agreed for real. He affirms. She offers to cook lunch today. They share a hug. Rajesh smirks, this is called hitting two birds with one stone!

Rajesh smiles seeing Nisha cooking happily. his inner selves are at war again. she loves you genuinely and you are just using her! the devil one tells him to think practically only. Don’t even think of backing out now. nisha goes to change while he takes the lunch upstairs. He puts pillows on the bed and covers it them with the quilt.

Nisha is getting ready but is in some thoughts. Rajesh finishes his lunch. Nisha goes downstairs while Rajesh pours kerosene in the whole room. Nisha will walk inside the room till the bed when suddenly the whole room catches fire. He keeps the suicide note with himself. Nisha is wearing Shalini’s clothes. Nobody will doubt even once that she is not Shalini. Everyone will think that Shalini is dead. Plus NIsha went back.

Nisha is waiting downstairs. Rajesh compliments her. She is hesitant but he talks nicely. Shalini is really happy that now we both will be there to take care of her. Nisha declines meeting Shalini. I have really fallen in love with you in the past few days. I wont be able to take it if Shalini goes against our relation now. She is moody, crazy. You never know when she goes against her words. He gives her his word. She cannot change her decision now. Nisha agrees. I have made arrangement for that. He is confused. She says I cannot live without you, even if Shalini is there or not. She can never come in between us now. I had mixed poison in her food. He looks at her in shock. She explains how the whole world thinks that Shalini never comes out of her room. No one will even get to know whether she is alive or not. no one will get to know that I have killed her. I cannot live without you. he starts feeling uneasy. He falls on the floor and foam is coming out of his mouth. She shouts in shock.

Police comes there. They even find Shalini’s dead body with Tiger’s help. They also find the suicide note prepared by Rajesh on behalf of Shalini. The kerosene in your room told them everything. Tiger did his job brilliantly. You fell in the chakravyuh!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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