Maharana Pratap 23rd June 2014 Written Episode Update

Maharana Pratap 23rd June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

episode starts with Pratap horse saving him and hukum singh singh gets surprised to see it. Pratap scolded hukum singh. HUkum singh says, we always scabbing. HUkum singh then tries to cut the rope and he cut the rope and pratap again drown in water.
Here Anuj is dead. Everybody gets mourned with his death. Phool thinks about pratap and his grand father decision. Dassi brings letter of ajabdehi for phool.
Phool’s mother came and says, why dont you read her letter? Phool says, i dont want to read any letter. Pratap put hinge on hukum singh and came out from ditch. Guru ji says, now we have to restrict the way of mughal. Uday singh ask about pratap then rawal ji says, pratap has gone to peragarh. JB says, he has informed me. Uday singh says, why he always does of his own? JB says, i had given permission to him. Uday singh ji ordered to bring back pratap. Hukum singh calls for help to mughal soldier but they denies. Pratap throw hukum singh in ditch.
Kheta ji says, we will definitely get killed but i want to kill mughal soldier. Ratan singh says, i will also come with you. Kheta ji says, you come later because after me you will get chance. KHeta ji killed so many mughal soldier.
Pratap also killed mughal soldier. Kheta ji battles very well but unfortunately he gets killed.
Jalal gets information that pratap killed hukum singh and our mughal troop. Jalal says, we have to fight against mewar on this occasion. Jalal tells an idea that we dressed some soldier as marwar soldier and we will killed them and show maldev ji then he will gets angry on mewar and then marwar and mewar will fight with each other. Mughals break the door.
Guru ji’s and chakrapani gets injured. here jalal killed his some soldiers and ratan singh with some student battles with mughal soldier. Guru ji injured badly and pratap goes to peragarh very fastly.
GUru ji fall down and here everybody gets killed. Pratap reaches there and gets surprised to see all this.

Precap:- Mughal soldier ask from chakrapani about pratap and pratap reaches there and here jalal says, i want to defeat pratap with politics. i want to see war between mewar and marwar.

Update Credit to: Tushar

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