Diya Aur Baati Hum 23rd June 2014 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 23rd June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sooraj saying I need to talk to you Bhabho. Bhabho says will you need to ask me, tell me. Sooraj tells her to ask Mohit to come back home. Bhabho says he can get a job and come home, I told him, but he did not come home as he is jobless, I know my love is his enemy, I got late to pull his ears. She asks did you meet him, what did he say. Sooraj says yes, I met him, Vikram and I went to him, the family is good where he is living, but Mohit is changing. He tells her that Mohit told them. Bhabho is shocked. Bhabho justifes her decision and says let him be there, lets go home.

Emily tells her mum that she did not tell Bhabho anything about Meenakshi, I will not leave Meenakshi now. She has ruined me, by shutting my parlour, Mohit lost the job and is now homeless, she made me cry a lot, but not anymore, I will make her cry now. Emily says she will celebrate happiness after she gets done with Meenakshi. She says mum I have decided something and tells her……. Meenakshi comes to Emily and sees her doing some work.

She comes and taunts her. Meenakshi says I can help you in parlour work. Emily says no need, I can do my work on my own, I have to settle scores. Emily says what you gave me, I will return you many times more. Meenakshi smiles and says make me happy with anything, I will go now. Emily says I will do what you did with me. Bhabho comes home and sees the pamphlets on the road which they have given to people to read. She scolds the man.

The man says no one is reading it and throwing it. Bhabho takes all and comes home. Sooraj too comes home. He says I went to give sweet order. He says I distributed pamphlets too, people are not interested in reading this. They get sad. Bhabho says what to do now, there is no way, what will happen now. Sooraj says I will not lose so soon, we have tried one solution, we will keep trying to help Sandhya, we will make her get her post back.

Sandhya talks to her staff and some people. She says we need support of the public, we can get good results if we work together. Sooraj too does some campaigning infront of the locality people asking them to follow traffic rules. They asks him to give this knowledge to their husband or sons, so that they can follow the rules and safe their life. Sooraj and Babasa try hard but no one seems to be interested.

The staff reads the rules board and the suggestions about following the rules, as the demerits are more. They praise Sandhya and smile. Meenakshi shows some sarees at the shop while Vikram looks on. He also does some marketing of Sandhya’s traffic rules and convinces the man. Many people see the board Sandhya made and read it.

Bhabhi and Babasa themselves go and distribute the pamphlets. People take it and throw it. Meenakshi comes to the veg market and brings Kanha with her. She thinks to have good vegs and makes Kanha sit there. She buys some vegs and sees Kanha missing. She argues with the veg vendor and other women. She panics.

Meenakshi looks for Kanha at the vegetable market and panics. The man holds Kanha and says this is not your son. Meenakshi is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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