Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 23rd June 2014 Written Episode Update

Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 23rd June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Everyone is shocked to hear Suket telling Akshit to live separately. Akshit argues, Suket says this is your reward. Suket says that yesterday you talked about me, my anger, my forgiveness; you selected this platform to ask for me for an excuse in front of everyone, and you thought I will forgive you for what you did to me. And you said you learned everything in life from me; when did I teach you to tell a lie, it still pains me. Until you remain in front of my eyes neither I nor you will remain in peace. He tells him that he fulfilled his responsibility as a dad by giving him this house, now as a son he must leave this house in peace. Suket begins to leave, Akshit runs to stop his way and tells him to give him whatever punishment he wants to give him but not set him apart of them. Suket says you lie that you love us, you only love your wife for whom you lied to us, and so you should just leave this house. Suket goes upstairs, Pratab says this is all wrong, and goes upstairs. Akshit is upset, Arpita tells him that dad is angry so he said this all, he will forget this all in a while; don’t worry; we won’t have to leave this house. Akshit says that we will go, if he wants so we will go from here for sure. If this is our punishment, he accepts this. He tells her to go packing, and looks at the family photograph of his family. He recalls his parents appreciating him at every step f life. Arpita cries as she sees Akshit broken.
Avni begs Suket in his room, to think again about his decision. He says firmly that he took the decision thoughtfully and the decision is right. Pratab says that if something is injured, it is treated not thrown away. Pratab says that the decisions taken hot headed are always wrong. Suket says that he didn’t take the decision over night, he was just waiting for the papers of the new house. He says that none of them has an idea what he himself is going through, it is very painful seeing them after what they did to them. Bhawna cries hard, Suket says that his decision is hurting her a lot but their deed hurt them more than this that is why she is with him today. Pratab says that this will increase his pain even more, and one day he will regret this. Avni begins to speak but Suket scolds her to go to her room.
After Suket goes away Sanvri asks Bhawna did she know about Suket’s decision, why didn’t she stop him. how can she let Akshit go, if one should go away it is Arpita. Arpita listens to this.
Akshit packs the luggage, Arpita goes away crying as he looks at her. Akshit takes the luggage. Downstairs Sanvri urges them to stop Akshit and don’t let him go. Arpita comes to Avni and tells her that her family will remain the same. Akshit comes downstairs; he comes to Suket and begins to touch his feet. Arpita stops him and says that he doesn’t need take these blessings as he isn’t going anywhere. Akshit argues that they decided that they will abide by dad’s decision. Arpita says that we shouldn’t look down upon Sanvri Bua ji’s decision; she is right when she says I should go as I am responsible for all the problems in the family. She says as we decided, we should not stay together now and I should go away from this house. Akshit recalls what she said to her in the bedroom.
Arpita now speaks to all; she says that someone has been right that lies never see the right fate. She says it was me for whom Akshit took such a step, family is always larger that love. She can’t take from Akshit his family. She tried that she can compensate for her mistake but her fate couldn’t get her their love. The happiness that left their home after her arrival will return when she will go back. She touches Suket’s feet but he backs up. Bhawna also doesn’t keep hand on her head. She comes to Sanvri but she looks away, she still touches her feet. She comes to Pratab, he stops her from bending. Avni asks Bhawna to stop Arpita; she comes to Akshit and asks him to stop her. Avni stops Arpita, but she doesn’t. Bhawna calls to stop Arpita. Everyone looks at her; Bhawna comes to her and says you won’t leave alone. Arpita says that it is all her fault, she must leave. Bhawna says that you didn’t come to this home alone, Akshit brought you here. Akshit also did the wrong, why should you take the blame all alone. Arpita asks Akshit who will he chose if he has to from his family and her. he doesn’t say anything. Arpita says that if Akshit lives without his family they wont be able to stay happy ever. Sanvri comes and urges Bhawna to let Arpita leave this house if she is willing to go and accepts her fault. Bhawna says that when she came into the family we all opted her, then why shouldn’t we all share the blame of their fault. Akshit says that they should let Arpita go as all the problems in the family are because of their marriage. Sanvri urges Bhawna that there is no place for her in the house. Bhawna looks at Suket and says that if it is so then there is no place for her in this house as well. She takes Arpita and begins to leave. Suket shouts at Bhawna to stop. He asks does she understand what she is doing. She is favoring Arpita in front of him.
Bhawna says she is only fulfilling her responsibility. She says if Akshit wants to fulfil the responsibility of a son before a husband, she must fulfil her responsibility as a mother-in-law. Suket says that she must not forget that she is his wife; Bhawna says that before anything she is a woman and begins to leave. Suket says that she can leave house if she wants to but she must remove the sindoor from her ‘maang’. They were all shocked, Bhawna cries while Arpita leaves.
Avni asks Akshit how he let her go. How could he forget about all the promises they gave to each other. She says if even dad forgives him, she won’t ever forgive him. Akshit tells her to stop. Avni says that she respected him but as Bauji said respect has to be earned, he has lost it today. Akshit says that before Arpita he promised his parents never to tell a lie and be honest to them always. He can’t make everyone happy, and he preferred his family. Arpita is gone, Avni says that the right decision is yet to be taken, and she will take it.

PRECAP: Raj shouts Akshit to come downstairs. He tells him that he used to be his sister’s husband, but he has failed to fulfil his responsibilities and take the relationship with her.

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