Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 23rd June 2014 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 23rd June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Adi telling Ayesha about their wedding anniversary tomorrow and they will spend the day together. She says I don’t remember so I won’t celebrate. Adi gets emotional and says fine, I will not force you. He goes to sleep. Ayesha thinks Adi is mad, I don’t have right on Pankhudi’s anniversary. I don’t like hurting Adi. Nilofer scolds Nani for bringing Adi’s proposal for Ayesha. Nilofer says she is doing her duty towards humanity, she does not love Adi. She says I will not force Ayesha to marry Adi, if she says this herself then I will think. Ayesha comes there and asks what happened. Nilofer asks Ayesha to pack her bag. Nani leaves.

Nafisa sees Sheela alone and comes to talk to her. She greets her and says shall I make breakfast for you. Sheela says no. Nafisa says Payal can make it too. Sheela says no, she does not get time from parties, she did not come from gym till now. Nafisa fills her ears against Payal and says I did not see Rubel happy, I feel sad for him. Sheela says you understand him well, he is in his room, go and meet him. Nafisa says yes, I have some office work. Ayesha tells Nilofer that its Adi and Pankhudi’s anniversary and Adi wants me to be with him all day. Nilofer says no need now.

Ayesha says we are going, can’t I fulfill his wish. Nilofer asks why do you worry for him. Ayesha says why not, I worry for him. Nilofer asks do you…. Ayesha says no, if you think I love him, no, its nothing like this, you know its not for me, my career is important for me. Nafisa comes to Rubel’s room and says it looks he is in washroom, this is the right time. She says sorry Rubel, I will use the perfume which you gifted me. She puts it on his shirt.

Rubel taks his shirt and says did anyone come here. Payal comes and sees Nafisa going. She asks Sheela what was Nafisa doing here. Sheela says she came to meet Rubel. Payal goes in her room and smells the ladies perfume from his clothes. Rubel says I m getting late and leaves. Payal says strange, Rubel came from washroom now and how did his clothes, it means Nafisa, she came here, is it she wants to create misunderstanding between me and Rubel. She thinks of Nafisa coming in between them.

Adi says he will plan for the anniversary. He tells Harish that he will go with Ayesha to London, how can she change so much. Harish says she is not Pankhudi, but Ayesha. Payal comes to Adi. Adi asks what happened, why are you tensed. Adi says I m sorry but I feel Nafisa should go from our house. Adi asks why. Payal says she is trying to take my Rubel away from me. Adi thinks of Rubel’s words.

She tells them everything what Nafisa is doing. Adi says don’t be tensed, I will not anything wrong happen to you and Rubel’s relation.Harish asks Adi whats all this. Adi tells him everything. Harish is shocked. Adi says I think I should meet Nafisa. But I can’t ask them to go. Harish says what if Rubel’s life gets ruined, I have to take action and make them leave this house. He tells Adi that he will handles this. Nafisa acts sweet to Ayesha and reminds her about Adi.

Ayesha says but I have to go one day, I can’t be Pankhudi all my life. Nilofer scolds them and asks them not to think. Harish comes there. Ayesha says mum was angry so she was saying this. Harish says she is right, I took a wrong decision. He asks Ayesha to go and meet Adi. She leaves. Harish asks Nilofer and her family to leave as its high time now. Nafisa is shocked. He apologizes to them and is thankful for their help. He tells about Rubel and Nafisa, and asks them to leave. Nilofer says I was thinking the same, we are leaving after three days.

She says don’t feel bad, but its Rubel’s mistake too. Harish says yes, we should end it here. He says I will do the arrangements. Nilofer says we also wish to break our ties soon and can go tomorrow itself. Nafisa thinks its because of Ayesha, why did she tell anyone, I won’t let anyone be happy. Adi tells Nani that Ayesha is refusing to celebrate the anniversary. Ayesha says I can’t lie to him. Adi says I will wait for you. Nani says I promise we will not force you to go there. Nafisa hears this.

She comes to Payal and taunts her. Payal scolds her. Nafisa says I know all the details of your relationship, as Rubel has told me, you are ruining three lives. Payal says you are coming in between us. Nafisa says Lord will not forgive me, but the truth is Rubel loves me. Payal is shocked. She says get out of my room. Nafisa says Rubel is trying to hide the truth. She leaves. She thinks she has made Payal doubt, but if her mum takes her then she will lose Rubel. She sees Ayesha and says if she stays here, then I can also stay here. She smiles.

Ayesha comes to meet Adi and talks about Kullu. Adi is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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