Maharana Pratap 21st January 2015 Written Episode Update

Maharana Pratap 21st January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Jagmal finds Pratap walking in the corridor. He aims at Pratap (who has his back towards Jagmal). He notices Ajabde running in the opposite side of the corridor. He points the gun at her direction once but then again points it at Pratap. Pratap feels something and stops in his tracks. Jagmal’s hands are shaking badly. He is not able to fire and hides behind a pillar just when Pratap turns to see if someone is behind him. He loudly asks if there is anyone and walks in that direction to check. Jagmal starts retreating holding his head when Pratap asks again if there is someone. Jagmal is near a balcony. His hands are shaky and he drops the gun in fear. He has his back towards Pratap who is surprised to see him there at this hour. Jagmal hugs Pratap (so as to make sure his Dada bhai is not able to spot the blood marks on his face). I am really scared since I heard a weird noise. Pratap comforts him. you are safe now. I will go and check father. He leaves. Jagmal decides to hide the gun somewhere before he gets into a problem.

Pratap enters his father’s room and finds no security guards standing there. He scolds the guards for their carelessness. One of the guards tells him that Rana US has gone to Kumbhalgarh with his guests (Ram Shah Tanwer and his son). Pratap is relieved upon knowing that Rawat ji too is accompanying them. He hears Maan calling out for him. save me Dada bhai. He tells the guards to call Patta asap and runs to check on his sister.

Jagmal picks up the gun. I was so close to my target yet I couldn’t shoot. Wonder what happened to me suddenly and I was all shaky. He takes a shovel and digs the ground. He buries the gun in the ground and covers it up again. He hears someone approaching and is scared but then notices Chetak. Dada bhai’s horse scared me to hell. Chetak eyes the ground (where Jagmal has hidden the gun).

Maan is with Ajabde. She hugs her Dada bhai and is concerned for him. Pratap assures her that he is fine. Tell me why are you so scared? Maan thinks of the whole incident but hides it from them. Ajabde insists as she had seen Maan hiding in her room, all scared and shaken. Maan says I heard the noise of gun. Pratap says everything is fine now. She breaks down saying nothing is alright. Ajabde and Pratap are stunned to know that DB has got hurt from the bullet. Ajabde points out that Choti Ma (DB) has gone to Kuldevi’s temple. Maan shakes her head. Pratap falters for a second. Where is Rani Ma? Maan replies that Rani Ma is in Dada bhai Jagmal’s room. Pratap makes a run for Jagmal’s room with Ajabde and Maan following him.

Pratap is stunned as he finds DB lying in a pool of blood in Jagmal’s room. DB is writhing in pain. Pratap puts her head on his lap. DB recalls Jagmal apologising to her. I dint do anything Rani Ma. It all happened under the effect of that amal. You know I cannot do this. DB says it isn’t your fault. I made a mistake. Pratap takes it on himself. It is my fault. I dint know that you too could be harmed in this palace. DB notices Pratap. Jagmal needs me. I don’t want to die, please save me. Maan and Ajabde are also shocked to see her thus. Pratap sends Maan to bring Vaid ji. DB continues to cry. I don’t want to die. Pratap assures her that nothing will happen to her. He tells Ajabde that they have to stop the blood somehow. Ajabde offers to bring Vaid ji but he tells her to stay here only. She brings a clean cloth. She too is feeling weak seeing DB like that. Pratap makes her put the cloth on the wound so as to stop the blood. He brings in more clean clothes for the same. Jagmal enters inside and cries for his Rani Ma. Pratap comforts him that nothing will happen to Rani Ma. I know you are shocked and so are we. He goes to tend to DB again. Jagmal thinks that I will be shocked when this lady lives to tell the story. Why don’t these people leave her alone to die? DB holds out her hand towards Jagmal. He starts crying once again for his mother. Maan comes back with Vaid ji. Pratap requests him to save his Rani Ma. Vaid ji promises to do all that he can. You all should wait outside now. Jagmal and Maan look at each other. Jagmal holds her hand. let us go outside, let Vaid ji do his duty. He takes her with him. Ajabde stays inside to assist Vaid ji.

Pratap closes the door from outside and is in pain thinking about his Rani Ma. He is in tears as he thinks about how much she loves him.

Patta tells Pratap that their soldiers have diligently checked, not just inside but outside and in the adjoining areas of the palace too. There is no clue that indicates that there was any intruder in the palace. Pratap wonders how a new and unordinary weapon like gun came in their palace, that too in Jagmal’s room. Pratap asks Maan if she has seen the shooter. Maan thinks that she cannot tell him the truth as she loves Jagmal. Jagmal too holds her hand. Maan shakes her head towards Pratap. Pratap tells Patta to do anything that he has to but find out how such a dangerous weapon came inside this palace. You are free to question just about anyone about anything at all! Find out asap as to who shot the bullet at my Rani Ma. Patta nods and leaves to find out.

Ajabde comes out. she shows them the bullet which had hit DB on her shoulder. Luckily her heart is saved. She has lost lot of blood. Vaid ji has said that the situation is really critical as of now, he cannot say anything with surety. Pratap is sure his Rani Ma will be fine. He goes inside. Jagmal yet again fakes his tears. Rani Ma wont be saved now, right? She will leave us for forever. Ajabde cannot understand why he is so negative. Vaid ji has not given up now. He is still trying. Be strong. Jagmal hugs Maan. Ajabde leaves from there with her daasi’s. Jagmal is all composed as soon as she is gone. Maan begins to go but he warns her to keep her mouth shut. Rani Ma is almost gone. You should keep quiet in case you want to live. Maan frees her hand and leaves from there.

Pratap kisses his Rani Ma’s hand. He recalls how she was begging him to save her. He takes her swear. I wont leave that person who has been so coward so as to attack on you. he wont be able to save himself from me now. I will bring him even from hell. This is your son’s promise to you. CHetak neighs. Pratap hears him and wonders why Chetak is calling him at this hour.

Pratap goes outside to talk to Chetak. Why did you call me here right now? Rani Ma is not well. I have to firstly find out who has done this act of cowardice. Chetak looks at the direction of the corner where Jagmal had hidden the gun. Pratap is not able to understand anything so CHetak himself starts digging the ground. Pratap picks up the shovel finally and finds out the gun. He is shocked to see the gun. How did it come here? If the gun was hidden in the palace then it means that this was done by an insider. The question is, why did no one speak up about it? If Maan knew that Rani Ma was shot then why did she not try to help Rani Ma? How did she know that this weapon is called gun? No one except the army knows about it. someone else had spoken to me about it as well. He thinks and remembers Jagmal talking about the gun shot. Chetak neighs hearing Jagmal’s name. Pratap tells him to be quiet as Rani Ma is taking rest. We will have to find out the truth somehow. He thinks of Maan. Seeing her, I feel like she dint see Rani Ma in that condition for the first time. It felt like she saw her that way earlier as well. Rani Ma got shot. Why was she taking so much time in telling it? it was as if she knew something but was hiding it. what was it that she still hid from me after knowing the truth?

Pratap walks inside the palace and calls out for Maan. He stops near the same balcony, closes his eyes to recall what had happened here. He realises that Jagmal was standing there and was alls scared thinking about the gunshot. How did Jagmal know that the loud noise was a gunshot? Epi ends on the split screen of Jagmal and Pratap.

Precap: Patta ransacks the godown on the same guy who had sold gun to Jagmal and finds more guns there. Patta beats him. Pratap shows the gun to that guy. Is this yours? Who did you sell it to? The guy takes Jagmal’s name.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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