Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 21st January 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 21st January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Karishma coming to everyone and apologizing. She hugs Devyaani and Bhabhimaa and accepts her mistake for not listening and understanding them. Akshara smiles. Karishma says sorry to all and cries. She hugs Akshara and says I have hurt you the most, you always tried to explain me, and I did not. Akshara says don’t cry, everyone is upset seeing you sad. Naksh comes and says I m sorry too. Bau ji asks what did you do. Naksh says maybe something, as everyone is saying sorry, so I also said sorry. They all smile. Karishma hugs him. Devyaani asks about Naman, did anyone happen between them. Karishma says no, he is annoyed, I will make up to him, don’t worry.

Jasmeet plays a song and asks them to sing along. Shaurya says its very interesting, we will celebrate Lohri. Jasmeet says it will be fun. She says Karishma and I used to celebrate together, its our fifrst Lohri tomorrow. She gets upset. Bhabhimaa asks Akshara to drink juice daily. Devyaani asks Karishma where did Naman go. Karishma says he went for some work, he will come. Akshara tells Naitik that Karishma is lying. Naitik says her face is saying truth. She says we should something for them. He says no, let them handle, we don’t have right to talk between husband and wife.

They talk about Sankranti. Bau ji is glad and says its Dadda ji’s birthday on that day. Akshara says yes, but Karishma and Naman’s Lohri is before it. Karishma smiles. Devyaani says its first one, we will celebrate it well. Bhabhimaa asks about Jasmeet’s Lohri. Akshara says yes, but I won’t go. Naksh says call them here Akshara says no, we will celebrate at own home. Naksh says you are strange, you said uts good to celebrate together and now you are refusing, why are they not coming. Karishma thinks. Kaki tells Rajshri that Jasmeet was emotional. Rajshri says yes, they are childhood friends.

Kaki says if Akshara does not come here. Rajshri says I know she won’t come. Jasmeet says its my first Lohri, please call her. Shaurya blames Karishma for spoiling all relations. Akshhara tells Devyaani that Karishma went to buy Lohri items. Devyaani says I wish everything gets fine, you got divided in Maayka and Sasuraal because of her. Akshara says it happened many times, and always got solved, I hope it gets solved this time also. Varsha asks won’t we go on Dadda ji’s birthday. Vishwamber says no, we have to go. Shaurya says if I know this, I would have not hired Karishma. Karishma comes and says you are right, I m sorry for creating rift in between old relations. She apologizes and says she wants to do her duty, she has realized her mistake and she wants to rectify it, its possible if you give me a chance. She says sorry to everyone. Shaurya and everyone forgive her.

Rajshri hugs her and blesses her. She says you got smart now. Karishma says its because of Akshara, she always explained me, I have a request to come to celebrate Lohri for Akshara’s sake. Vishwamber nods yes. Rajshri smiles. Jasmeet says we will come. Karishma hugs and thanks her. She says don’t tell anyone, it will be surprise for them. Muskaan smiles and messages Alok. Akshara comes and asks what happened, why are you smiling alone. Muskaan says nothing. Akshara leaves.

Devyaani waits for Naman. Akshara says I m worried Naitik. Naitik says he is not a kid, he will come, don’t worry. Naksh says the lesson is boring. Akshara asks him to study as his exams are coming, and he won’t study on Lohri and Dadda ji’s birthday. Rashmi and Raman come and greet them. They all are happy seeing her. Devyaani says sorry, we cancelled party as Naksh slept. Naksh says I kept cake for you, I will play with Gayu. Rashmi says go and study, I came to understand business, then we will go. Gayu cries. Rama says she has seen Nikhil’s pic and crying for him. She asks Rashmi to do her work and she will take care of Gayu. Akshara explains Rashmi.

Alok comes and greets everyone. Muskaan smiles seeing him. Naitik says you at this time. Alok says I have some work, I have to discuss something. Akshara says I understand, you came for some other reason. Alok and Muskaan get tensed. Alok says no. Akshara says I was joking. Alok says good joke. He ask did I disturb you. Akshara says no, Rashmi came to ask about business, and asks her to discuss with Alok, he is finance master, and will help. Alok sits to explain her. Muskaan says I will get tea. Alok talks to Gayu and sits with Rashmi. Raman says I will tale Gayu. Alok says its ok and makes her sit in lap.

Muskaan gives tea to him, and smiles. Rama sees Alok, Rashmi and Gayu together, sitting like family and smiles. Rajshri makes the dupatta for Jasmeet and Karishma. Varsha says I m giving this a modern touch. Dadi likes it. Jasmeet comes and they hide everything. She asks what are they doing. They say nothing. Jasmeet says no, there is something, tell me. Rajshri says no. Jasmeet leaves. Kaki says there is surprise tomorrow or Jasmeet and Akshara. They smile.

Naman comes home and sleeps. Karishma is hurt by his annoyance and cries. Akshara and Naitik talk about the families. Everyone pray at home. Karishma thinks Akshara is sad, but she will not tell her, as she has to give surprise. Even Maheshwaris pray and decide the menu. Akshara prays that everyone’s annoyance ends in Lohri fire.

Akshara and Naiti dance in Lohri function,

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