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Police, media and fire extinguishers reach a place where a house is on fire. A crime reporter, Kabir, too reaches there. He asks the inspector (Patil) about the incident. Patil replies that they got a call saying there is a fire in a house here. We stormed inside the house after breaking the door and found a body inside which had caught fire. They have not been able to find out who it was yet but there was a girl who was sitting beside the dead body. Kabir is intrigued. Patil is sure the girl is somehow involved in the situation. Body is completely burnt. It is impossible to identify the dead person. Kabir asks about the girl. Patil says we are taking her for investigation. Just then the lady constables bring that lady down with her. Kabir shoots her video. A small girl steps out on the staircase too, calling for her mother. A lady stops her. Kabir notices them and goes upstairs to talk to them. is this girl that lady’s (who is in the police jeep) daughter? The other lady nods. I was only told to take care of the girl. rest I have no idea what happened at her home. Please don’t drag me in any of this. she takes the little girl with her. Kabir is in thoughts.

The host (Sakshi Tanwer) talks to him about the incident. This is a front page story. Readers need spice and your papers readership too will increase this way. This is your aim after all. Kabir reasons that no one will read the news otherwise. This is the only medium. How will people think about it if they don’t read it? my aim is to write to wake up people, our system. Something needs to be done. Sakshi points out how there must be some reason behind this lady killing someone so brutally. There might be some story behind it. Kabir too is sure there must be some very strong reason behind that woman taking such an extreme step. I wont sit peacefully till I find out that reason!

Kabir reaches police station. Patil tells him to wait for the post mortem report. Kabir asks him about that lady. Patil tells him about a constable named Shinde. He was in Baba Nagar Police Station earlier. 5 years ago this lady was caught as she was involved in prostitution. Kabir asks him if the lady has said anything. What’s her name? Patil shares that her name is listed as Rosy in Baba Nagar Police Station. She has not said anything yet but we will make her talk.

Red Light Area, 3 am
A guy (Raghu) is with Kabir. He points out to a lady (Tanvi) who is Rosy’s friend. Kabir goes inside a room with Tanvi. He pays her money and then asks her about Rosy. She tells him that Rosy created a very big mess before leaving from here. Her name was not Rosy. Your name changes with your life when you come here. Her name was Kajal. She was a very decent girl. she was not in this profession from the beginning. She was living in a town with her parents. Her life was not as beautiful though. She was very sad. Her mother died when she was really young. Her father brought a step mother for her who used to scold Kajal all the time for every small thing. She used to keep Kajal hungry and even used to beat / hurt her. Kajal grew up but her problems only piled up with time. Kajal’s step mother had fixed Kajal’s alliance with a 55 year old guy. Kajal had no option but to leave that house.

Kabir wonders how she reached here. Tanvi continues that Kajal had run away from a small town and had hopes with this big new city. She thought Nagpur is a very big world and she will get some work but she dint know it was not an easy task. She asked every single person on the road but no one helped her. she slept in a park finally. Policemen came to wake her up at night as this was not a place to sleep. Go and sleep at home. Kajal explains that she came in this city today only. I am looking for work. I will leave from here as soon as I get some work. One of the constables (Morey) tells her to pick up her stuff. I will get you a job. Morey took Kajal to his home. He drank alcohol and then took advantage of her. Next morning, Morey had brought Kajal to that brothel then. Kabir is amazed how she could agree so easily. Tanvi reasons that no one likes it here and they all take time. Kajal too took her time. Kajal is shown crying and begging the brothel lady to let her go but in vain. Kajal was threatened many times to do it that is why she agreed finally. She had been through so much that she had given up. She became one of us.

Kajal dresses up while thinking about her step mother, the tortures that she has been through at her home, her rape and now this brothel. She had learnt to hide her tears. She had become smart and garnered many customers.

Kajal wakes up at 4 am one morning. Tanvi tells Kabir that Kajal had tried to run away from this place lot many times but was unsuccessful. But she succeeded that day. Luckily no one caught her that day but she created a mess here as she left from here. People have been wondering about Rosy. This is her story. Kabir offers to help Tanvi in coming out from this web. Tanvi denies. I am fine here. If you want to do something then don’t tell anyone that I told you about Rosy. I don’t want anyone to make me blind and leave me on streets to beg. Kabir assures her that it will never happen. He leaves.

Kabir writes an article on the same. He is still thinking as to what happened with Kajal when she ran away from that brothel.

Kabir comes to Kajal’s neighbour’s house. She refuses to get into any of this. he asks about Kajal’s daughter. She has left the girl with Bhonsle Madam as per Kajal’s wish. All the ladies of this locality know her as they work in her factory. He takes her address.

Kabir talks to Bhonsle Madam. Kajal met me and told me that she has run away from her parent’s house. Her mother was dead, her father married again and her step mother treated her badly. She was desperate to get a roof over her head and earn some money too. I dint have a place to offer to her but I gave her work. She worked very sincerely day and night. Our incharge (Vilas) had started liking her. he was after her for many days. One day, Vilas had told her to go home as it is very late. Can I drop you home? She sits there quietly. He tells her that he has started loving her. I don’t want to make you my girlfriend. I will marry you. I am an orphan. I will keep you very happy. will you marry me? Bhonsle Madam too had tried to make Kajal understand after which Kajal agreed. Kajal and Vilas got married. They were really happy together. Kajal gave birth to a baby girl after a while. All three of them were very happy in their small world.

Kajal returned home one day and found the whole house empty. A watch (Vilas’s) was on the table. Her daughter is also clueless about her father’s whereabouts. Kajal asks Bhonsle Madam. She gets to know that Vilas has taken all his pending salary from her saying that he is going out. I thought you both were going somewhere together. Kajal says Vilas left us. He took everything with us.

Bhonsle Madam says Vilas disappeared somewhere. Kajal continued with her work as if nothing has happened. I had trusted Kajal a lot, gave her work, a house to live in and I am shocked to read it in the paper today that she was a s*x worker. Kabir nods. I can understand what you are saying but it isn’t right that what you are reading is hundred percent true. I promise I will find out the whole truth and tell you. you can make an opinion then.

Kabir comes to police station. They still have no clue about the dead person. The whole body was completely burnt. We found a watch but it is also burnt. We are waiting for post mortem reports. That girl is married. Kabir tells them about Kajal’s husband Vilas who had left her around a week ago. Patil is all the more surprised to know Rosy’s real name. She is not saying anything except that she has killed that person. Her planning of burning down the person completely is good as it removed all the evidences. Kabir wants to talk to her once. Patil agrees.

Kabir calls her Kajal. Nothing will happen if you wont speak up. You think that you will accept things quietly and spend your life in jail? What will you get by this? think of your daughter atleast. All the newspapers have published that you are a s*x worker. This will surely affect your daughter’s future. Your life isn’t over yet. Plus your daughter’s life has not even started yet. Speak up if you want to save her. Everyone outside is saying that you are still a s*x worker. Kajal declines. I was very happy with my family. I was living a decent life. I was trying to live even after Vilas left me. One day, Constable Morey came to her house. Everyone has been looking for Rosy and you are here? I took money for you. pack your bags and come with me. Kajal shakes her head. I am living a simple life now. I cannot go back there. Morey tells her that he had met Vilas. I told him about your background. Your daughter can be of anyone right? Your husband left you after hearing all this. how will you live this simple life now? Get ready. Kajal begs him to spare her as she has a daughter to take care of now. Morey promises to get her good money for her daughter. Kajal agrees to do anything that he wants her to. Please leave my daughter. Morey agrees. Kajal leaves her daughter at her neighbour’s house. Send her to Bhonsle Madam later on. I have some work, I will be back. Kajal looked at her daughter one more time and then went to her house.

Kajal gets ready as Morey is waiting for her. She pours alcohol for him. He is impressed by the changes in her attitude suddenly. She calls him closer and he starts feeling dizzy suddenly. She stabs him multiple times with a knife as she thinks about how he ruined her life completely. Police, fire extinguishers reach there and find her sitting in front of a burning dead body.

Kajal says I burnt that Morey. I intended to kill him and wait for the fire to spread so that I too get killed but my destiny was yet again not in my favour. I lost one more time. She cries. Kabir promises to whatever he can for her. Kajal breaks down.

Kabir and Bhonsle Madam are with the ACP. He has cross checked all the facts and is ashamed at what Morey has done. I assure you, a new curriculum will be included in the police training so that no one dares to do such thing in the future. But Kajal too has broken the law for which she will be punished. I will make sure that her daughter wont have to go through something like that. I will make arrangements for her to get admitted in a good children’s home. Bhonsle Madam says that wont be needed.

Kajal gives legal custody of her daughter to Bhonsle Madam. Kajal is relieved.

Kabir writes a story on prostitution and how people are being forced in this profession. There are laws to stop it but the same law is instead making a joke of it. why are such innocent girls being targeted for such crimes? The question is for all of us. I can only raise a voice, you all will have to be my echo so that prostitution is wiped off from our country. The article asks the question – should Kajal be punished?

Update Credit to: Pooja

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