Maharana Pratap 18th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Maharana Pratap 18th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

US pays his respect to the dead person (dead body). Dear brave soldier, Mewar will never forget this sacrifice of yours! Rawat ji looks at him in amazement as he sits on the throne. US says I am alive. It is all because of Pratap.

Amar confirms it that he himself has seen Rana ji in the court. I can vow that he is alive. Jagmal thinks that he is joking so Amar suggests him to go to the court and see for himself.

US shares that yester night Pratap had come to his room. Pratap requests him father not to meet Akbar as he cannot be trusted. US says I always stick to my words. I have announced my decision. Pratap takes him to the room where the pictures of their ancestors are hung. Listen to them if not me. Not just me, but they all too don’t want you to go meet that Mughal. I come here whenever I am upset. I calm down and concentrate. These photos start talking / guiding me. I am sure you too can hear them. Close your eyes once and you will understand that they too don’t find it right. US agrees to close his eyes to concentrate. He too hears his ancestors telling him against his decision. Don’t go there. Don’t trust those Mughals. They will kill you! US cannot go against them. But there is a problem. I have given my word to Akbar that I myself will go to talk to him for peace. Who can take my place? Pratap has a solution for that too. A soldier greets him. Pratap shares that this particular soldier resembles you (US). This is why he is famous in our army too. He will look exactly like you if we work on his mustache and the scar on his face. US is surprised. Will you go to meet Akbar in my place? You may not come back alive. The soldier doesn’t mind sacrificing his life for his motherland and his King. US nods. No one in the fort should find out about this. I don’t want this news to link. Flashback ends. US says our brave soldier not just sacrificed his life to save me but for Mewar too. I wont let this sacrifice go in waste. We will surely take revenge. Rawat Ji looks proudly at Pratap. You should have killed that Akbar too just like you had killed that shooter of Akbar. Pratap denies. It would have been against our dharma. I couldn’t see him with any weapon. Secondly, I wasn’t fighting with him on a one to one basis. Thirdly, Akbar had come there to talk about peace. We are Rajputs, not Mughals. Yes I killed that shooter as that is what he deserved. The ladies reach court. US politely excuses himself so he can talk to his family members. Jagmal understands that this is all Pratap’s plan.

US comes to DB’s room. She hugs him tearfully. He assures her that he is fine. She requests him not to do anything like this again. He gives credit to Pratap for this idea. DB wants to thank Pratap. How will I be able to pay off this debt! Amar and Maan come there too. Amar had missed him. you can scold me whenever you feel like but don’t leave me. US nods. You are my life. Maan too wonders how all this could happen. Pratap joins them. DB hugs him too and thanks him for saving US. He holds her hands. Should a mother say thank you to her son? You did what you felt was right. She regrets not listening to him. pratap says my father is my guru, Mewar’s King, your husband. I did what I felt was right. That Mughal is a cheater. Many biggies cannot understand him so it is ok. Rawat ji interrupts them. Akbar is heading towards us with his giant army. It seems like he is all prepared to attack us. US doesn’t mind it. Akbar will be boggled to see his defeat. He has to lose. I too want to see how he reacts after finding out that I am alive. He leaves with Rawat ji. Pratap assures DB that everything will be fine.

Ajabde stops Pratap in the corridor. She apologizes to him for not listening to him. He walks away without saying anything.

US and all the big leaders are watching Akbar advancing towards them from above the main gates of the fort. Pratap too comes to stand there. He has a spear and a message in his hand. He ties the message around the spear. The spear lands right before Akbar’s horse. The horse neighs. Akbar and his commanders look at it in shock. Hussain Ali reads the message for Akbar. You made a very big mistake by setting your foot in our motherland. If you are a true fighter then get ready to fight with us. Akbar looks up towards Chittor with his binoculars. On the other side, Pratap too uses his binoculars to see Akbar’s reaction. Akbar is shocked to see US. I have been cheated! I know Pratap that this has happened because of you. my enmity towards you has only deepened from today onwards. Pratap too remarks that you (Akbar) wont be able to step inside this fort till he is alive. Akbar takes a U-Turn with his army. His commanders look upset. Akbar reminds them of what he had done to Aalim Khan. The army will go back. Obey my orders! Hussain Ali gives the instructions reluctantly. US and everyone else at Chittor is happy. They all say Jai Ekling Ji!


Update Credit to: Pooja

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