Maharana Pratap 19th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Maharana Pratap 19th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Everyone in the palace is glad to get the good news. DB knows that it all happened because of Pratap. Raja Jaimal too appreciates Pratap. US hugs his son proudly. Rawat ji too remarks that Chittor is safe today because of Pratap only. We made a mistake in understanding you. we should have listened to you. I am sorry. Pratap tells him not to say so. You are my Guru. Please don’t embarrass me this way. You did it all for Chittor and its people. Rawat ji chants praises in his name and the others join him.

In his tent, Akbar is boiling in anger. One of the commanders feels that Akbar is not able to take out his anger at the right people so he is hurting the non-living things in his tent. Have mercy on us Allah. Akbar wonders how Pratap could be so sharp always. My plan was so good. I couldn’t have lost. I was almost about to get Chittor but Pratap understood my this move too. This has not happened for the first time. His inner soul laughs at him. Pratap won this time too. You have lost again. How many times will you lose? You went to attack them twice but returned without even touching them both the times. I can see that you are defeated in your attempts. You have lost. You are not worth becoming a Shehanshah. He shouts at his inner voices to be quiet. Outside, the commanders listen to him and are tensed.

Akbar says I will attack again. 400 years ago, Sultan Mohammad Gauri had lost to Prithviraj Chauhan. He was dejected. He saw an ant taking something inside its house. The food item weighed more than the ant. The ant fell when it was trying to climb up but it tried again and again until it succeeded. Mohammad Gauri learnt a lesson from it. He continued to attack that Rajput. He won in the 17th time. I too will continue attacking Chittor even if I have to do it 100 times or more. I will surely win Chittor. I know that I only will be called Shehanshah-e-Hind in the future. You can demotivate me but I only will win in the end. A commander comes to tell him that another troop of 4k soldiers have come from Jaunpur. Akbar says we are growing in numbers day by day. We will be able to surround Chittor in a much better way with this much people. Go and start working on it. Today we will force them to close another door of their fort. Soon, they will have to close all the doors because of us.

Rawat ji is sure that Akbar is not going to give up. He will attack us once again. Our soldiers were demotivated / dejected when they found out about your (US’s) death. It is important for us to protect you so the citizens and soldiers of Chittor don’t give up. US says you don’t have to do it. Being a King, it is my responsibility to protect you all. Rawat ji nods. You can do so when you will be alive. No one knows till when it can be possible. It is true that Akbar will certainly try to kill you. That Akbar must have been sitting in your place if something would have happened to you today. I propose you and your family to leave the fort asap and go to some safer place. US gets angry.

DB doesn’t want to go. All the women cannot leave as men wont be able to do everything on their own. I too have some responsibility towards our people. Who will look after their food and lodging if I go too? A lady says we women too will make a group just like the men do. Bhagwati ji (Dodiya ji’s wife) and Ishar Das Chauhan’s wife will help us in this. Raja Jaimal’s wife (Sarda Bai Rathore) is excellent in such things. Bhagwati ji agrees to take care of the people staying in the palace. We will make sure that everyone gets all the kind of help that they need. The lady (I am not getting her name) will lead us. DB is emotional. This is our house. It is better to die here than leave from here. Ajabde agrees. Choti Ma has been living here since so long. I have been here for a lesser time yet I am attached to it. How can we forget all those memories so easily and walk away? The lady can understand their sentiments but they have no choice. It is a matter of a few days. you can return once the war is over. Rana ji and Pratap will be worried constantly if you aren’t safe. They will be able to fight in a better way in that case. You can leave the responsibility of the fort to us. Our dharma too says that we have to go with our husbands. Sarda Bai says we can even do Jauhan if we have to but we wont give up so easily. You will have to go with Rana ji.

US questions Rawat ji for suggesting this cowardice act. I would have killed the person if it was someone else in your place. Rawat ji says I too am a Rajput, a brave soldier. US reasons that he wont be able to look in his ancestors’ eyes if he runs away like this. Rawat ji asks him if he will be able to face them after facing defeat. Your experienced courtesans are thinking so. US calls it his personal views. No one will listen to you. Rawat ji remarks that he wouldn’t have made up his mind like this without asking my courtesans if I was in your place. US asks everyone one by one. He is taken aback when they all agree with Rawat ji. Pratap too is surprised. Only Jagmal is happy. Ishar Das says we had started talking about Jauhar and Saka as soon as we got to know that you are dead. We all agree with Rawat ji. US cannot believe his ears. I feel like I am seeing a nightmare. I am a King. How can I leave my fort at such a time? He asks Pratap to explain it to everyone else. Pratap thinks of his Nani’s Jauhar; how the soldiers had refused to fight when they got to know that US is no more; Akbar killing the soldier (while thinking him to be US). He too finds logic in Rawat ji’s words. I too support him!


Update Credit to: Pooja

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