Dilli Wali Thakur Girls 20th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Dilli Wali Thakur Girls 20th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Dylan asking Dabbu to have the lemon, it can be of use for her in future. She leaves angrily. Dylan smiles. LN asks Mamta about Dabbu and asks why is he mood off. Mamta says Dabbu does not tell me anything, she has told Aseem that she needs time to think and did not tell me the same. LN asks her not to get annoyed with Dabbu. He asks did she feel bad that she took time or her not telling her. She says whats the need to take time. LN says we can’t pressurize her, Dabbu wants to see can she stay with Aseem lifelong. Mamta says she will invite Aseem and his family today, they don’t have any problem with his proposal, and we can answer Binny’s inlaws. He says fine, invite them.

Aseem gets Mamta’s call and says to be mum in law’s call, why is she calling me. He answers the call and acts sweet. She invites him for dinner and asks will he come. He asks her to order and not be formal. She says fine, then its order. He says I will come and ends the cal. He gets glad that says aunty likes me.

Dylan asks Dabbu to come with him to see the footage. She says fine, I will get my phone. He says will your phone run away, come right now. They get inside a lift and she thinks to ask him about Chadda. She asks him about the story. He says I will think and say. She says truth does not reach people, why are news reporters corrupt. He looks at her and says you are calling me corrupt. She says no, you are misunderstanding. He says no, I understood what you said. The lift jerks and she says it stopped, and asks for help.

He says drama queen and calls the security, and asks how much time, what 30mins, you gone crazy, what will we do till then, call maintenance fast. Dabbu says I will die. He says I will die, I got stuck with you, what happened to my fate, I got unlucky now a days. Dabbu sits chanting mantras and sees him removing his coat and loosening his tie. She stops him and asks why id he doing this in lift. He asks did you got crazy, can’t I feel hot, don’t worry, I will not attack you, infact I should be scared of you. She says she is claustrophiac, she can’t breath.

She falls down and he holds her. He gets worried for her and makes her lie down on his coat. He calls security and says they are not taking the call, what to do. He says don’t know when will they come and tries to open the lift. He opens the lift door by much power, and gets Dabbu out, lifting her. He asks staff to get water and sprinkles on Dabbu. He asks is she fine. Aseem comes and sees them. Dylan holds her face and asks is she fine. Dabbu opens her eyes and looks at him.

Aseem asks is she fine. She says I m fine. Dylan tells everything and says he had to open the lift and they came outside, I m glad that she is fine now. He cares for her. Aseem says its fine, I will manage. Dylan says we guys are fine now and asks staff to resume work. Dylan says take care. Dabbu says she will go for work. Aseem says forget it, lets go home, take rest. Dylan leaves. Aseem insists and says he is coming for dinner tonight, Mamta invited, so they can go together. She says I did not know this.

He says its fine, I can help Mamta in cutting salad. Dabbu thinks Dylan went to his cabin and leaves. They all sit for dinner and Dabbu tells how Dylan saved her. Aseem says he was worried for her and brought her home. Mamta says he did good. Vicky says its good they are working together. Chandi says he saved your life twice. Dabbu says yes. Aseem says whats great in it, I would have done the same.

Chandi says Aseem is jealous of Dylan. Mamta thanks Aseem for supporting Dabbu. Aseem says we are family, no need to thank. Mamta says be good always and serves him food. Dabbu looks at everyone and thinks about Dylan. She starts missing him.

Dabbu thinks everyone is happy with Aseem, but she is not feeling the happiness. She thinks why is she thinking about Dylan, why is this happening, mind and heart are not in sync. Aseem comes to her and says I think you does not wish to get sweets. She says no, my leg was numb. He says fine, I will get it. She says you sit, I will get the sweets. He goes. Dylan’s mum asks him why did he not eat his fav pasta and makes him eat it by her hands. He asks whats this plan. He says guess it, its your home, I m renovating it.

She asks why is he after that bungalow, its tension thing. He says she has memories there and he will get it for her, I m trying so hard for you. She says fine, don’t get angry, I m worrying for the animals. He says I m not their enemy, I m doing this for you. He says the animals will a place and he will help NGO. She says fine. Dabbu talks to LN and Mamta. LN asks Mamta not to pressurize Dabbu and let her decide. Chandi and Eshu ask Dabbu her decision.

LN gets a call and gets angry. He tells them about Chadda troubling for getting the home. Mamta says what do they want. Dabbu looks on. LN says he will not agree, and whats guarantee that Chadda will not leave this house if we leave it, no one can snatch our home, its our home.

Dylan calls Dabbu and asks is she fine. Dabbu thanks him for saving her. He says I did not expect you will thank me. She says I did not expect that you will ask about me. He says don’t get touchy, its court hearing tomorrow which will be in my favor. They meet in court and she cries, asking is he happy now, he did think about the animals.

Update Credit to: Amena

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