Maharana Pratap 16th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Maharana Pratap 16th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Salima is sure that these 2 Rajput kings will now spread a good word about him amongst all the other Rajput kings. They will yearn to meet you now. Trust me, you won’t have to send any invitation this time. Rajput kings will ask for your time on their own. He asks her when she will invite him for the feast. She replies that who can stop the Shehanshah himself. Akbar tells her that they will have dinner together in her Diwan-e-khas tonight.

Guru Raghvendra addresses Pratap. A Guru is considered above God even in our scriptures. You need a Guru in anything that you decide to do. Pratap realises that it means Tulsidas ji too had a Guru. Guru Raghvendra affirms. The little kid Rambola, who used to collect food from asking people, had found a real Guru at the right time. Rambola went to took Ganga Snan one day where he noticed a Guru teaching his disciples.

Little Rambola folds his hands as he hears the Guru’s words. He ran to him and put his head in his feet. Guru Nar Haridas ji accepted him and Rambola’s Upnayanam (Upanayanam (lit. “near-sight”), also called “sacred thread ceremony”, is commonly known for being a Hindu Sanskar, rite-of-passage ritual, where the concept of Brahman is introduced to a young boy. The youngster is taught during the ceremony the secret of life) was done. After that he was guided on how to stay away from the love of worldly objects / things, as well as learn to abstain from all kind of emotions, etc. Follow the path shown by your Guru. He names the boy Goswami Tulsidas.

Guru Raghvendra says Rambola ji’s Guru taught him everything that he knew. One day, he began teaching Valmiki’s Ramcharitmanas to his disciple (Tulsidas ji). That day Guru ji realised that his disciple is an extraordinary disciple, just like I have found Pratap. Everyone feels happy. Pratap folds his hands before his Guru with gratitude. Whatever I am today is because of you only. It is all because of you and what all you have taught me. Guru Raghvendra continues the story. Tulsidas ji learnt everything from his Guru very calmly and nicely. Guru Narharidas ji felt it is time Tulsidas takes classes from other Guru’s as well.

Guru Narharidas suggests Tulsidas ji to go to Kashi to learn from other great Guru’s too. Tulsidas ji denies but Guru ji tells him that he is born to do great work. That can only happen with knowledge and good deeds. Go and fulfil the aim of your life. Tulsidas ji agrees finally. He comes to Kashi and studied all the Vedas with time.

His marriage got fixed with Deen Bandhu Pathak’s daughter Ratnawali. Pratap is confused. How can that happen when he was taught to abstain from all the worldly joys. Guru Raghvendra replies that there was surely a reason behind it. It just got clearer with time. Tulsidas ji’s wife is considered the reason behind his taking sanyas. This time Ajabde counters. How can someone blame the wife of the man who chooses to take sanyas and leaves his house? Which wife would want it? Ajabde notices the surprised faces of all the men. She apologizes to Guru Raghvendra for speaking in between. He says it isn’t worth apologizing as any other woman present here would have done the same. I will try my best to give you the best answer. Tulsidas ji never got love from anyone before his marriage. He was brought up by Jhuniya till he turned 5 and she loved him like her own son. after that Narharidas ji taught him with love. Except that he was always away from anyone’s love. this is the reason when he felt his wife’s true love after his marriage. He loved her so much that it became impossible for him to stay away from her even for a minute. One day Ratnawali decided to go to her parents’ house for a few days. She wrote a letter to Tulsidas ji to inform him about the same. she left for her parents’ house afterwards.

Tulsidas ji returns home. He looks around for his wife but doesn’t find either her or her clothes in their cupboard. He finds her letter. Tulsidas ji panics. I cannot live without you for even a minute. How will I live without you for some days? It is raining and lightening outside but Tulsidas ji walks out of the house to catch a glimpse of his wife. He took the shortest route to reach Yamuna’s Ghaat, which passes from cemetery. There were many half burnt bodies on the ground because of the heavy rain. Tulsidas ji continued walking towards Yamuna, unaware that he is stepping onto skeletons and half burnt bodies.

He asks a boatman to take him to the other side but the boatman refuses. It was a dark night and a storm was raging. The rain was not going to stop and even the level of water in Yamuna was becoming dangerous. Tulsidas ji could not think of anything else but of his strong wish to meet Ratnawali. He noticed a wooden log kind of thing in the river that was coming from the cemetery. He decided to cross the river using that. He was in another world altogether that he dint even notice that it wasn’t some wooden log but a half burnt dead body. He started crossing the river using that half burnt dead body. He crossed the river finally after overcoming every obstacle. It was midnight by the time he reached his in-laws place. Tulsidas ji thinks it is not good to disturb anyone else at this house. He looks up and notices a room upstairs. That must be Ratnawali’s room. He finds a rope and climbs up with its help. He finally finds his wife sleeping peacefully and wakes her up. She is surprised to see him there. He tells her that he climbed up with the help of a rope. She looks out and notices a snake. Guru Raghvendra adds that tulsidas ji couldn’t realise it till the end that he had climbed up with the help of a gigantic snake and not a rope.

Ratnawali suggests him to show the same amount of love towards God. I am a simple woman who will eventually age and die. You came all the way here after crossing a raging Yamuna. You came up with the help of a snake. If you would have dedicated even a tenth of this love to Ram ji then your life would have found its meaning. You would have been blessed by Ram ji. Tulsidas ji realises his mistake. I was such a fool. You are not just my wife, a housewife, a friend and have now become my Guru. Now I understand what I have to do, who I have to love. Thank you for enlightening me. please forgive me. I will only return now when I get to see Ram ji with the same love and dedication.

Ajabde too is eager to meet Tulsidas ji after knowing everything about him. Now we will surely meet him. I am sure he will not just bless you but will also guide you about what you have to do in life. Pratap nods. I want to obtain the Guru Mantra from Tulsidas ji. I want to devote my everything in Shree Ram ji’s devotion. Nothing else will give me happiness now. Ajabde starts feeling dizzy again and eventually falls on the floor. She tries to call out to him but fails. She loses conscious in a while. Patta enters and rushes to her side. Pratap picks her up and puts her on the bed. He sends Patta to call Vaid ji asap. Patta leaves. Pratap tries to wake Ajabde but notices a tear escaping from the corner of her eyes.

Precap: Ajabde gets to know that she is pregnant. Pratap tells Ajabde that he too wants to take Deeksha (he is not aware about the good news yet).

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. oh no… ajabde will hide this good news from pratap, for sure -.-

    1. Wt is dheeksha

  2. Ayesha i dont know wat deeksha is.. but basically wat Pratap wants to do in devote his life for worshipping lord ram and give us his family life and all relations.. no place for any loved ones other than his god and devotion….

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