Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 16th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 16th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with,anita opens door and manmohan comes in calling vibhuti she tells him tat he just went out to do policy for someone and then she asks tat how come he is here he tells tat anguri went to temple and she will take time to come home so he came to visit u as u r also like a godess and anita says I m no godess and manmohan says tat u are sri devi and says u r a model and anita says tat he reminded her about her modeling days she was a model in her college days and she has done many advertising and manmohan asks which advertise she tells it was ghoda chaap dant manjan and manmohan narrates the advertise that a girl comes riding on horse and tells tat whoever u r should use this tooth paste and anita gets happy tat he remembers the advertise yet and manmohan then says tat after tat advertise he purchased the color tv and he also started using the tooth paste and comes in vibhuti and says she has also done an advertise on rat kill will u also use it and manmohan asks how come u r here and vibhuti says tat the man who called him was fake and so he returned back
Manmohan then says tat y don’t u do a job and anita says yes vibhu u should do job and manmohan says tat he can help him get a job and asks him wat is his qualification is he even 5th passed and vibhuti then says tat he is first class graduate and then manmohan says ok ok he will find a job for him next day manmohan comes with sweets and vibhuti asks y r u shouting wat happen and manmohan says tat u got a jjob and anita comes out and hugs vibhuti and congratulates him but vibhuti says tat he will not do any job and manmohan tells tat it’s a job of sales executive and will pay u 15000 per month and anita insists vibhuti to go for job and next day vibhuti comes down and manmohan welcomes him and asks ready to do a job and vibhuti looks upset then comes anita and asks him to eat this sweet curd as it’s a good will and vibhuti says tat he hs some problem in his throat so he cant have it and anita asks him to smell it he smells but with upset face and comes anguri and ladu and ladu wishes him hi and anguri congratulates vibhuti and and then anita says tat anguri came at right time and she will give her sweets and then goes in while looking at anguri vibhuti in his mind says tat he will be away from her and will miss her and ladu listens to it and asks whom will he miss and vihuti says his family and manmohan says u r not going abroad but on job and anita comes and says tat ne good in office as its ur first day and tells him tat she is already missing u and manmohan then asks him to leave or he will be late and manmohan shakes hand with vibhuti when he was trying to do so with anguri and hurts a bit to manmohan .
Next day manmohan gets ready and applies a deodorant planning to meet anita and comes anguri she asks him where is he going and he tells tat he is going for a funeral party and anguri asks wat kind of party is this and manmohan lies tat my friends grandmother lived for years so is this party and comes in vibhuti and and gives sweet to anguri and manmohan comes in front and eats it and asks for wat is this sweet and vibhuti tells tat u ate the paper in the sweets and manmohan removes it and vibhuti tells tat yesterday he got a call from his uncle and he wants to order undergarments and the order is of 500000rs and he is calling u to London to final the deal and vibhuti says London how will he go to London and says may be he will cancel the order but anguri says u should not and then vibhuti says tat he should call travel agent and book a ticket to London manmohan picks up the phone to call.
Anguri then calls amaji and tells her about the London deal and tells tat manmohan is saying no and then amaji asks to give call to manmohan and anguri calls him manmohan asks have u told about the London deal to ammaji and anguri says yes and then talks to amaji she scolds him for not going to London to final the deal and manmohan says tat he cant afford the ticket to London and amaji says if she would have to go walking to London she would have went and manmohan says we cant go walking as in between comes sea and amaji says she would have swim then and manmohan says to her tat u only go and amaji says who owns the business and manmohan says I and then she says tat so u should go and hangs up and says tat manmohan is stupid and in hurry the pot in her gallery falls on the head of passer by and she says sorry and runs inside
Next day vibhuti is waiting outside and manmohan comes saying good bye to anguri and vibhuti asks have booked the ticket and manmohan says before tat he would like to talk to ur uncle and then vibhuti makes a call from his phone on the other side is saxena he has been bribed by vibhuti to talk as his uncle and hands the phone to manmohan he then says to uncle tat cant he give order on phone and uncle says no he has to come here and manmohan asks how is obama and uncle says to him this is not America this is London and then manmohan gives phone back to vibhuti and asks him is he not getting late to office and he says I m leaving and calls a rikshaw and leaves
Manmohan then goes to vibhhutis house to meet anita and sees tat she is doing yoga meditation and he then quietly goes and sits in front of her looking at her while vibhuti returns home and sees tat no ne sees him and goes to manmohans house to meet anguri while anita gets back from meditation and is shocked to see manmohan in front of her and asks tat y is he here and manmohan says to her tat she can continue with her yoga but anita says tat she is done with her yoga and asks him tat y is he here and manmohan tells tat vibhutis uncle from London has given him an order and anita says tats a good news and then manmohan tells tat he has to go to London to final the deal and anita says tat this a very good news but manmohan says tat he doesn’t know anything about London and he will miss her and she asks wat and he says he will miss all vibhuti ,u,anguri and ladu and anita says to him tat he need not worry she will teach him for the next week for 3 hours about it and manmohan gets happy and says tat y 3 hours he will come for 6 hours and gets very happy tat he will spend 3 hours daily with anita.

Vibhuti is teaching anguri English and says one sentence that I m falling in love with u and anguri asks its meaning in hindi he explains while anita is teaching manmohan London accent and manmohan asks how to say I love u and anita says it and manmohan replies I love u too and anita asks wat did u say just now.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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