Swim Team 16th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Swim Team 16th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

As the Race is about to start ..Rewa jumps and kanika jumps…Rewa swims and is ahead of all,,priyanka chears for Kanika….Jai tells Umang what happened??Umang tells why Rewa didnt said that Coach already offered her,,,Jai tells stop being insecured..Rewa shouts and tells she cannot able to see..Jai tells to focus..Coach TK gets worried..Priyanka tells that Rewa didnt took training tells that she weak..Umang tells to shut up…Kanika goes ahead of Rewa..Umang tells REwa need to feel..Jai shouts REwa…Rewa and Kanika swims…Rewa is ahead of kanika..Finally Rewa reaches the finishing line…Jai and umang gets happy..Coach TK tells Rewa that he will understand Talent everytime..
Jai and Rewa comes..One reporter comes and asks how at last minute Rewa changed the game.. Rewa tells that she learn from her father..Reporter asks picture of Rewa.Jai tells that Rewa have to drink her protein shake..Jai and Rewa goes…kanika sees the swimming phootage.. Umang asks what she is seeing?Learning from mistakes??Kanika tells shutup and get out,,Umang laughs..Reporter asks Rewa after winning the race..DId Rewa is the new girl of TK’s team,,Rewa tells no as Umang is the charm,,Reporter tells that already Umang has be banned from team,,After the bhartia khel awards there is a big change..Rewa tells that there is A reason that Umang did that,,
jai tells that Lets party As her parents went for marriage..Umang tells JAi to take Rewa alone on party As he is the coach..Jai tells Umang to shut??Rewa tells Umang should also come..JAi tells Umang to come in the party and sit in a corner..Umang smiles and says yes..At night Priyanka,,Umang rewa and jai does party…Kanika’s father talk to TK and tells to meet him..Kanika gets happy..TK call Umang and tells to come tommorow at 10’o clock..Umang asks what hapeend??TK coach cuts the phone..Jai tells Rewa to drink..Rewa tells she is done.JAi gives tells she will feel better..Rewa drinks..Jai tells he will never forget!! Rewa asks What Jai is telling?Jai tells what If Rewa wanted to known she can come..Rewa smiles..Jai Sees Rewa..Rewa gets shy..Umang comes and takes a selfi…Next morning Umang and Rewa wait for Coach,,Rewa tells why coach called her she is eager to know,,Umang tells may be Coach TK is giving new tshirt..Coach comes tells there is an announcement tells that there is a mistake in yestarday’s Race,,As Rewa was not the winner..Infact she was disqualified..Rewa gets shocked..Umang too gets shocked..Coach shows the videophootage and tells that there was a big mistake..Rewa tells that she will not do any mistake as she is perfect…Coach tells somthing happened,, Coach tells sorry to Rewa..Kanika’s father comes and tells that all board have agreed to take kanika in TK”s team..He tells that gold medalist is in the team and silver medalist is out..Rewa gets upset and goes..Umang tells Priyaka that Video is been edited..Priyanka tells no as it is clear that Rewa loose.. Umang tells kanika’s father that he is a cheat,,And tampered the video so that Kanika should be in the team,,Kanika’s father tells that kanika is her daughter and he will do anything So that she will be in team,,,tells that Friendship is not important..and tells that he will fullfil Umang’s dream of participating in olympic of 2016..Umang gets shocked..

precap::Rewa tells Coach TK that he is wrong,,Coach TK tells Rewa to get lost..

Update Credit to: Ansari

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