Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 16th March 2015 Written Episode Update

Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 16th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, dadaji says I told u ramesh don’t spoil the kids now see the results, kabir says dadaji its not the way u think,dadaji says shut ur mouth speak when ur spoken to u, dolly says I had told u lets tell elders, umesh and suku ask dolly did u know all this, umesh says unbelievable how could u hide this from us,kabir says dadaji nisha is not at fault, dadaji says I asked u to keep quite nisha u speak, nisha says dadaji actually that girl chandu then marriage,kabir says plz dadaji let me speak this is not the real truth,dadaji says then this pic is a lie,kabir says no its not the full truth we did this to save chandu and tells the full story, dadaji asks nisha is kabir telling the truth, ramesh says so its just an act to save chandu, kabir says yes,roopan says if it was a lie why did u hide,kanir says bcoz we don’t agree to it so we didn’t share it,dadi says kids are right they did to save the kids then why pull the topic.
Dadaji asks did u follow all the rituals during the wedding, kabir says yes,dadaji asks every single ritual till sindoor, kabir says yes, everybody gets shocked, dadaji says then it means that kabir and nisha are truly married and are husband and wife, laxmi starts crying, ramesh says but they are saying they don’t accept it,dadi says yes trust the kids don’t do this, dadaji says but they have married, kabir looks at nisha, dadaji says I applied sindoor didn’t I follow it was it just an act dadi says no,dadaji says similarly they have followed the rituals and kabir and nisha are now wedded, the gangwals have some standards and cukture and according to them I have decided that kabir and nisha will get married again.
Ramesh says babuji what are u saying this,dadi says ask the kids atleast its abt their whole life, dadaji walks to nisha and says nisha I have always seen my reflection in u but I never took such fast decisions like u did, for me my family and its respect is at its top and so now thinking abt all this tell me don’t u agree to me, ramesh says babuji don’t, kabir says tell nisha tell them it was done to save chandu speak up nisha,dadaji says tell nisha is kabir ur husband, nisha turns around and she thinks abt gayatri who gave news abt viraj and kairas wedding, ramesh shouts nisha, nisha is thinking abt viraj and kaira , and what gayatri said that viraj has moved on,nisha turns to dadaji and says ur right dadaji this marriage is a truth, everybody is shocked to hear this.
Dadaji looks at kabir and asks do u have any problem with this decision,kabir says no, dadaji asks laxmi to get thali to welcome the new son in law to the family, laxmi doesn’t go and is crying so dadaji says ok I will get it on my own and gets a pooja thali and hand sit virendra,laxmi says babuji I will do the pooja, she lights the diya,nisha walks off, nisha says nisha im not alone now, if u can move on even I can and if u can get engaged to kaira then even I can accept my marriage with kabir.
Ramesh rushes to nisha and says nisha I know u aren’t doing it for urself go tell babuji the truth,nisha runs upstairs and laxmi applies tilak to kabir and gives him the shagun and coconut as per the rituals, dadaji says virendra go talk to panditji abt the shubh muhrat for the wedding,virendra says ok I will and leaves.nisha in her room
Kaira us trying her new jwellery,viraj comes and says oh so good to see u here tell me which one looks good on me,kaira looks at viraj and says aren’t u happy,viraj says no im fine and both the designs are good wear whichever u wish,kaira says I know viraj u are thinking abt viraj but let me tell u one thing if u don’t wish to get engaged I wont mind but trust me I can do anything for u and ur happiness,viraj says I take decisions only once and if u want u can back off and u know that im doing this to forget nisha,kaira says yes I know.
Cousins go to nisha and says are u mad,aman says tell me one think can u forget viraj bhai I know u still love me,nisha says aman plz I don’t wish to talk and plz leave,dolly says we know u need us,aman says nisha u and viraj bhai, suku says aman bhabhi stop talking abt viraj no one wishes to talk abt him,aman says but suku nisha ,suku says the truth is viraj is getting engaged to that girl kaira.

Nisha says to kabir im sorry I heard abt viraj and kair and got very angry and so took this decision ,but now I know what to do,kabir says what now what to do.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

  1. good nisha n kabir

  2. Today epi was good..kanisha rocks….i am happy that the show is not ending..

  3. Do u know guys which show is ending and manmarsiyan is going to entry??did u c the promo..??

    1. which show is ending??kanisha rockzzzzzz……

  4. Kabir and nisha love them

  5. Today episode was nice I love kabir & nisha :-))

  6. Pls any one say this show is ending or not . because I love the show nauc……..

    1. The show is ending after 3-4 months not on april

  7. today’s episode was really very good…..very excited to see the upcomming episodes
    kanisha rocks!!!!

  8. nice episode.lov you nisha and kabir

  9. ‘best friend’ saurabh missing…woh bhi jab nisha ke life me itna kuch chal raha ho tab…. -_- how blah is that….he should come in n support nisha…n make her understand that kabir is perfect for her… 😛 😉

  10. nice epis. i think saurabh has left the show kyonki her serial mai jab koi itne dino tak nahi aataa toh yaa to badal jaayega yaa show chhod degaa but it shud not happen.

    1. ya…he was sooo good…aisa bestie sabka hona chahiye…he was kind of an ideal best frnd… 🙁

    2. haan sumit bhi badal gya

  11. Today’s episode was awesome

  12. hello am-isha whatsup epi. achha laga na ?
    mujhe toh lag raha hai ki kahi is me leap na lele aur happy happy ending karde kyonki mujhe nahi lagta ki koi aur serial finish hoga plzz aisa na karna varna hum dharma par baitth jaayenge kyonki ye nauc pe attyachaar hoga . haina guys am right or wrong ????????????

    1. heyya!!! n ur right….they shouldn’t take a leap…it would b so horrid… -_- >_<

  13. yrr bechaari kbir ki maa 🙁
    kta sochengi ki uske dono beto ne usse bina poochhe shaadi karli
    so sad for her ::–((

  14. kta** :- kyaa

  15. but i like nisha and viraj..

    1. so what!! nothing will happen according to u’!’ evry thing will be acordng to drctor only

  16. oh my my !!!! ## !!!!
    what have u done Nisha , again u have spoiled ur fmly name I think u r mde for this only €:={} !!!!!!

  17. have any budy seen suvreen guggal???? i just loved that show √°_°√ …… u know that kirti and saurav was in that show. but suddenly that serial finished when i started liking that and now i don’t want to happen that again with this or these lovely cousins

  18. when this jealousy will finish btwn viraj and Nisha??
    only bcoz of this they r marring. I want real love btwn kiraj ( kiara&viraj ) and nibir . but by seeing da tears I don’t think so that they will forget each other . but pllllllllllzzzzzzzzzzxxxxxx director do something . See the majority is also telling that Nisha shud love kabir so where is the democracy????? where??? where??? where???

    1. are aap toh kuch zyada hi serious ho gae…ab democracy ko beech me mat kheecho…already democracy ko bohot problems hai…n chillax…NIBIR/KANISHA will UNITE…VERY SOON!!! 😀 😀 :* :* <3 <3

    2. plzzz whatever u have said vo sach ho jaaye

    3. woow i like ur comment sooo sooo much ….. and ya totally v want NISHA >3 KABIR / KABIR>3NISHA ………. badly ant their love story…..

  19. u all know guys that in nauc there r 7 cousins but in my family there r 9 cousins and no one is married. I’m like jwala. she is 6th no. cousin and i’m the 7th no. cousin but the problem is that we don’t live together. so sad na. 🙁 ……. ???????

    1. same here v cousins dont stay togethr even talking once in a blue moon meeting……….. thts y specially i c this show as i love to c all cousins together……. atleast not in real life so c it in tv………. dont worry kanisha

  20. u know.amyra u r the 1st one jisko maine dekha bhi nahi aur friend bhi ban gaye. mujhe bht achha lagta hai jab tumse baate karti hoon. pahle toh mujhe pata bhi nahi thaa ki epi. written bhi hote hain aur comment bhi dete hai…… sacchhi!!!!!!! but from 1 year i have got to know many things

  21. To amyra
    u know.amyra u r the 1st one jisko maine dekha bhi nahi aur friend bhi ban gaye. mujhe bht achha lagta hai jab tumse baate karti hoon. pahle toh mujhe pata bhi nahi thaa ki epi. written bhi hote hain aur comment bhi dete hai…… sacchhi!!!!!!! but from 1 year i have got to know many things

  22. i used to think that here all r from colleges but no most of them r from skools. waise schooli life ka maza hi much aur hota hai hainaa ???????????

    1. yea shool life ki maza kuch alag hi hey …….. bahuth maza aatha hey school life mein……….

  23. Saurabh was good in nature but not in looks…… frm beginning im hating him bcoz of looks*** … there should be kabir in place of saurabh and niraj should be the couple……..# so it becomes kabirti and niraj

  24. yesterday episode nice…….. kabir and nisha is best pair for this serial …….. viraj is tooo boring yar …….. so make it nibir pair

    1. viraj is looking old and booorriinnggg…………

    2. Sorry to dissapoint you but I heard from some where that nisha will marry viraj in the end that’s nisha’s big plan

    3. no noooo way not like this she is already married ……. and atleast in show want some importance for marriage……..plzzz nishu dont do like this ……….
      and peter how do u knw this….. i mean frm wer u heard this so called nisha’s plan…………sorry if i sound rude…. just did not like tht another marriage for nisha coz no show has the INDIAN culture’s importance for marriage……….. i hope these show makers r Indians ………… wat evr just want KABISHA / NIBIR pair

  25. Hi am- isha can u make as ur frnd here ……. U two were so nice. 🙂

  26. we r …….. not were … haina amyra

  27. tell me na plz…. is any budy have seen suvreen guggal [V]…………???????

  28. Hi kanisha

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