Maharana Pratap 16th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Maharana Pratap 16th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Episode starts with uday singh gets angry on maldev ji and says, how dare you to speak like this with my wife? Uday singh ji and maldev ji open his swords. Maldev ji says, now nothing will happen with mewar. Only war will happen. Phool cries then maldev ji says, dont cry, you are lucky, so dont stay here. Maldev ji with his family gone to marwar. Pratap tries to stop them but uday singh ji stops him.
Uday singh ji stops all the ranis but all ranis annoyed with him. DB says, why you did this? You fall in love with that girl. Uday singh ji says, i really didnt do with my choice. Uday singh ji tries convince their wives but he cant. Then uday singh ji see pratap and says, i really hurted you. I said you to forget ajab for mewar and marwar relation. can you forgive me? Could you believe that it was incident. Pratap says, i will always trust you because i am your son. I will fight for you with anyone.
JB comes for welcoming newly bride and pratap ask, what are you doing rani maa?
JB says, i am welcoming your new mother. Jb welcomes veer baiji and give blessing to her from goddess.
Veer baiji takes blessings from JB. JB says, it is moral duty.
Uday singh ji goes to meet with JB and says, when nobody trust me then at that time, you trusted me. So you forgive me. JB says, i have no right to forgive, it is all right to Goddess.
Hukum singh gives messages to jalal then soldier calls to him. Rana ji says to pratap, now this is our exam time because mewar will fight with me. Pratap says, calls our neighbour states for help, for fighting with mewar and we will try to ceize fire the war and what about suleman’s killer. Rana ji says, i ordered our spy for investivating and soon, we will get killer.
Pratap ordered to write letter for bikaner for help and here maldev also writes letter to their neighbour states. Pratap gets rejection from every neighbour states and maldev gets positive response.
Jalal gets the message that was sent by hukum singh. Bahram khan ask, what are you laughing? jalal says, now mewar and marwar is fighting with each other.

Precap:- Jalal ordered to nearby states that you will sent positive letter to pratap but you will not sent force for him and blacksmith inform to pratap that he gets ordered to build armored dress.

Update Credit to: Tushar

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