Tumhari Pakhi 16th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Tumhari Pakhi 16th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Anshuman applying sindoor to Pakhi while Rohan looks on. Bol dil se ……. plays………. Anshuman brings the Lord idol and shows her. She thinks she gace it to Anuja for her son. She asks how did it come to you. He says its yours, you always did his puja, he gave me strength, I prayed to him that I can get you, I got you today so I m giving this back to you. He thinks sorry Pakhi, I can’t tell you I m Anuja’s son. I don’t want to come for any other reason, I want you to come for us. Rohan says get ready Pakhi, we have to go for the competition. Saiyyan…………plays……….. He says I know you won’t go out without the puja, but I should get a gift in return.

She says but…… He says if you don’t value this gesture of mine, then leave it, I m asking for a gift, it will be between us, are you afraid, thinking what will I ask. She says no. He says then trust me. He says 20mins left now. She says fine, what do you want. He smiles. She says tell me. He says I have to think and I will tell you later. She thinks of her words and smiles. He gives her the Lord. Bol dil se…………plays……….They pray together.

Anuja misses Anshuman and Pakhi. Lavanya and Girish come to her. Girish says I promise I will bring Anshuman, don’t worry. Anuja says I m not worried, I want you to take care of Lavanya. They have a laugh. Girish says you can ask her. Lavanya says yes, he takes much care of me. Anuja says then what are you doing here, you have to go in party. Girish says she said she wanted to meet you, so I brought her here. Anuja asks them to go in party. Girish gifts a dress to Lavanya. Anuja asks her to wear a loose fitting dress as she is pregnant.

The first round starts. They are given 45 mins to show their art. Anshuman wishes all the best to Pakhi. She holds his hand and wishes him too. Pakhi says the buzzer played, lets start. They start making the Rangoli. Rohan gets a call and says what? He tells everyone that there are harmful chemicals in these colors. He asks her not to touch any color, as the powder is very dangerous. Pakhi asks which color, how to know it. Pakhi says we have to start making rangoli.

She is about to touch the color and Anshuman stops her. She says but we have to make it. Anshuman says I will check the colors. He opens all the packets. Pakhi stops him from checking. He says we don’t have any choice. She says if anything happens. He says don’t worry and puts his hand in the packets. 10 mins passes. Rohan looks on. He finds the chemical as his hand burns touching blue color. She says but we need this color as we are making peacock. He says I will bring blue color you start, I will get it. She says we have only 30mins. He says we will win and leaves.

Rohan says he won’t come back in 30mins with right color, he came here to take you, if you lose, you will have to go back, he won’t leave this chance. She says no, I saw truth in his eyes, we promised each other that we will play this competition honestly, I m sure he will come. Rohan says his truth will come out soon. Pakhi starts making the design. Rohan says I don’t trust Anshuman and sends Sarah to bring the color. Anshuman looks for the colors everywhere. Rohan says I can’t lose this competition.

Pakhi waits for Anshuman. Rohan says just 5mins left, he did not come till now. He says I told you he cheated you. Pakhi says no, see there. Anshuman comes running and gives her the color. She says just 1 min left and they make the rangoli. The time ends. Anshuman and Pakhi do it well. She hugs him happily. Everyone claps. Rohan looks on.

Anshuman and Pakhi buy. Anshuman says I want a thing and will give you clue. He says don’t ask anything what I want. He says its in your hands, just decide you want to give me this right or not.

Update Credit to: Amena

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