Ek Nayi Pehchan 16th June 2014 Written Episode Update

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Ek Nayi Pehchan 16th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Servant brings a gift for Pallavi. She gets happy thinking that Suresh has sent it for her but it is a patola saree sent by Sharda. Pallavi finds it beautiful and decides to thank Sharda.

Suresh is on phone with Mr. Verma when Sharda’s phone starts ringing. He is distracted by the noise and calls out for Sharda but she isn’t around. He ends his call and picks it himself. Before he can say anything, Pallavi introduces herself. Suresh looks shocked and somewhat angry / worried. He hastily disconnects the call. Suresh is confused and leaves Sharda’s phone on table before he goes out of the room. Just then Sharda comes there asking him if he said something but he is gone by then. She notices that her phone is switched off. There is a missed call and she calls back on the number to check.

Pallavi thanks Sharda for her gifts. You are really an expert in patola sarees. Tell me what’s its price? Sharda replies that gifts are priceless just like relations. A relation has anyways developed between you and me. You liked it, this only is its price. Pallavi is touched by her words. It is impossible to find friends like you in this professional world. I am really lucky. Sharda wants to meet her personally. They fix it for tomorrow. As Sharda ends the call she makes up her mind that she won let herself lose this new Sharda come what may. I will talk to Pallavi.

Next morning, Sharda is waiting for Pallavi at a cafe. Pallavi shakes her out of her thoughts. My arrival has brought a shock for you. Sharda affirms. I wasn’t expecting that someone would come the way you came. Pallavi apologizes as that wasn’t her intention. Sharda asks her about her intentions. Pallavi has come to pay the price for her saree. Sharda says what you have taken from me is invaluable, priceless. You wont be able to pay its price. Pallavi agrees about the saree being beautiful. But Sharda has never taken any money for patola sarees from anyone till date, not even from Meeta. I haven’t deposited her cheque in bank. I make them for weddings as they symbolize the good fortune of a married woman. They cannot be bought for money. People like you are very rare to find in today’s time, Pallavi says. You have so much faith in marriage. She believes in marriage but not in thinking about her husband as her God. I feel that a husband and wife should be more like friends; have faith, trust and respect. Sharda nods sadly. Pallavi gets a call from Suresh (she calls him Mahesh). They plan to have dinner outside in case she gets free early. I miss you too. Sharda is worried how she will ask Pallavi about Suresh. She loves her husband so much. But what about what I have seen? No, I will have to talk to her. Pallavi tells her about her husband, Mahesh. He keeps calling me time and again to hear my voice. She finds Sharda looking at her blankly. Sorry as I started talking about my husband. They resume the topic of marriage. Sharda agrees that marriage is all about respect. If it breaks then a person loses his own self respect. Pallavi again gets a call from Mahesh. He wants her to come right away so she takes her leave. Sharda is troubled what to do now. I will have to explain it to her that she should put an end to all this or else both the families would break which I will not let happen. She looks determined.

Sakshi serves lunch to Dadi who is surprised that Sharda isn’t home yet. Sakshi knows Sharda has not gone to school as her bag is in her room. But where is she since morning? She dint even tell anyone. She always serves Dadi but she is still not home. She is behaving strangely these days. Enough let her come back and I will ask her about it. Dadi finds her lost in thoughts. You sit and have food as we have no idea when will Sharda come. Sakshi nods.

Sharda comes to meet Pallavi but is told that she is not at home right now. Right then Suresh reaches there in his car. The guard indicates at the guy in suit. You can talk to him as he is her husband, Mr. Ajmera. Sharda is stunned to see Suresh. She tells the guard that he must be mistaken as he is Mr. Suresh Modi. Guard denies. I have been working for them since many years and know them well. Mahesh Sir works outside and comes here often. His wife too comes here sometimes. Pallavi Madam is his wife only. Sharda cannot believe what she is hearing. Finally the guard shows her Pallavi’s family pic. He is all praises for them. Suresh sits in his car again and drives off even though Sharda runs after the car in an attempt to stop him. She loses him. She stands in the middle of the road recalling every single word of that guard with tears in her eyes.

Sakshi feels something and drops a bowl. She feels that something wrong is happening (with Ma). Is she alright?

Suresh calls out for Pallavi as he reaches home. She hides the album she was holding in her hand. Pallavi surprises Suresh by gifting him their wedding photo. He smiles looking at it. She tells him that she found the negatives of these photographs while cleaning the house so she gave them to Mumbai’s best lab and got them framed. He is shocked by this piece of information. They reminisce the old days. Her dad was his boss. How could I ask for your hand from him? Its good that you told him about us or I would have remained a bachelor only. She dint knew that her dad would agree for their wedding. I am lucky to have found you as my husband. You love, respect and care for me so much. You truly are my soul mate. He too praises her. He asks her about Meeta’s daughter’s wedding. He also indirectly talks about her recent friend Sharda. She begins to tell him but then ask him why is he so curious. He lies that I was worried if you got bored there as I dint go with you. She hugs him happily. He looks worried though.

Sharda is sitting in a park. Is the identity with which I was living till date a lie? She recalls guard’s words. Mahesh Ajmera? He changed his name? Just to marry her? Is Pallavi also clueless about her husband’s other identity? He changed his name to marry Pallavi. She remembers all his lies and her meetings with Pallavi at various places. She cries while sad title track plays in the background. He married second time. Why did he cheat me like this? Epi ends on her tearful face.

Precap: Latika wishes Sharda-Suresh a happy wedding anniversary. He feeds cake to Sharda. Dadi and Sakshi notice and point out that Sharda is crying. Suresh tells them that these are the tears of happiness. Sharda is very happy as I have fulfilled her every small or big happiness. This way I am her perfect husband and she is my perfect wife.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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