Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 16th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 16th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Arif’s mum telling Ayesha and her family for Arif and Ayesha’s marriage. Ayesha refuses to do the Nikaah. Adi looks on hearing everything. Arif asks whats the problem, he really loves her. Ayesha says how so soon. He says I really love you. She asks can you die for me. He says what? She tells about Adi who risked his life for her. She says the people who love don’t think but give away everything in love. Adi thinks of his words that Ayesha is saying. Adi smiles. Nilofer says what are you saying. Arif’s mum says its ok, she has a right to say. She says I don’t know anyone has your answers or not, but yes, I know my son loves you a lot and will keep you happy forever.

She asks Ayesha to think wekk and they will wait for her reply. They leave. Arif’s mum Farida says I like Ayesha, give her some time, she will understand, don’t be upset. Adi meets them. Arif says he is Adi, biggest industrialist of Mumbai, this is his house. Farida goes to the car. Adi says I m very happy right now. Arif asks about his health. Adi says I m saying about my heart. Arif leaves. Nilofer scolds Ayesha for refusing to marry. She says do you get such a good guy and home anywhere. Nafisa says Ayesha was mad about Arif, now what happened.

Ayesha justifies herself. Adi comes and asks why will Ayesha marry someone else. Everyone is shocked seeing him. Adi says we are married, she is my Pankhudi, you know everything, then why are you doing this. Nilofer says but she does not remember anything, don’t know she will get her memory or not. Adi says I don’t care, my love and commitment won’t change for her. She was my wife, is and will always be. Ayesha says I m not marrying anyone, why did you come here, go back. She takes Adi from there.

Nilofer thinks till when will this continue, we have to go from here, Ayesha is favoring Adi a lot. Rustam comes to check Adi and Nani scolds Shanky. Rustam jokes seeing Nani’s anger. Adi comes with Ayesha. Nani scolds them for being so irresponsible. Adi says relax, I m sorry, but I need to talk to you, come. He tells her that Nilofer wants to make Ayesha married, go to her and explain her that Ayesha is mine. Nani says fine, go for the checkup. Nani thinks sorry, I can’t talk to her.

Nilofer says she is going out with Ruksaar, but she should not meet Rubel. Nafisa says how will he come there, he is in office. Nafisa is happy getting Rubel’s call. He asks are you ok, why did you not come today. She says she is not well. He asks her to come tomorrow, and asks her fav color. She smiles. Payal says Rubel lied to me, but why, I need to find out. Nafisa says I m very lucky that I will spend my whole day with you, this will be my best birthday. He says can’t I do this for my friend, I also want to spend my day with you. Nafisa thanks him. Payal says if I question Rubel, he won’t say, but I have to find out the truth.

Rustam laughs seeing Adi and Ayesha’s arguments. Adi makes Ayesha hear his heartbeat and flirts. Nani comes and she leaves. Arif sees Nilofer and Ruksaar and offers them lift. They go with him. He drops them to Diwaan Mansion. He talks to them about Ayesha. He says Ayesha has a point of view but I will still love her, I will pray that I get her one day. He gets a call and shows his goodness to them. He says I want Ayesha to think again, if she refuses, then fine, we can work professionally, she is very talented.

Nilofer says but we are going Dubai in few days. He asks her to think again and gets tensed. Payal talks to Rubel and he is annoyed with her. Payal says things changed between us. She asks can’t everything be like before, can’t we spend time without fighting. She says just one day, can we go out tomorrow. Rubel thinks and says I m sorry, I have important meeting in office. She says everytime your meetings come in between us, can’t you cancel it. He says no, and leaves to meet Adi. Payal thinks is she thinking right, Rubel is not telling anyone what he is hiding.

Nilofer comes home and talks to Ayesha about Arif. She says he is a very good guy, educated and from good family, where is the problem now. She says if you marry him, you won’t have to go to London and get free from this drama. Ayesha says you are right, but I want to accept someone by heart. Nilofer praises Arif. She asks whats wrong in Arif. Ayesha leaves.

Ghalib comes to Diwaan Mansion. He brings a lady with him. He thinks Ayesha this time I brought proof, now I will get you. Pankhudi’s drama will end now. Ayesha tells Harish that he is going out to meet Arif. Nani asks what. Ayesha tells them everything and says she does not want to marry Arif. She is shocked to see Ghalib. Ghalib smiles seeing her. Ayesha gets tensed.

Ghalib gives the proof to say this girl is Ayesha. Adi takes the documents in his hands.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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