Maharana Pratap 15th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Maharana Pratap 15th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Uday singh ask name from phool kanwar. Phool kanwar says, ohhh!!i didnt tell my name? you identify my name? Uday singh guess name for phool kanwar. phool says, you just identify my name and where is my room. Soldier says to uday singh, rawal ji came back from field. Pratap says, you really did better against gohar jaan. All rajputana queen gather around pratap and fall down their plates then pratap calls dassi and says, today is gravity is more thats why their plates are falling. Sajja bai goes with phool kanwar to show her room and phool see DB’s room. Phool ask about room then sajja says, we cant talk about this room. Phool ask about uday singh then queen came and says, i want this room then phool gets angry and says, i have more luggage thats why i stay in that room.
Uday singh ji gets angry on rawal about war. Rawal ji says, i really dont know that jalal was there.
Pratap and ajab reaches to see Lord Krishna’s statue. Pratap thinks about meera maa and jalal’s remembering.
Pratap and ajab pray to God. Uday singh reaches there and show anger. Pratap says, i didnt say you because i know that you believe in me. Uday singh says, i was frightened to hear this. Here bahram khan reaches at Agra, maha manga gets worried about jalal. Jalal’s mother came and says, i know that where is jalal? He is gone at his father grave. Jalal cries and here pratap takes blessing. Uday singh says to his ancestors that pratap beaten down jalal, so give him blessing. jalal’s ancestor says that jalal you let us down. Pratap says, have you heard their voice. jalal will come back and fight with us.Ajab does preparation for gangaur. Ajab gos to meet JB and says, maa said me to give that lehanga to you. JB ask, why you hesitate to come in. Ajab says, you are really big queen and my father is small in front of uday singh ji. Jb says, i am like your mother. You just call me mother. pratap then call JB and give his jewellery. Dassi calls to JB and says, everybody is waiting for you.
Uday singh ji announces all the king for meeting then phool reaches there and phool says to uday singh ji, do friendship with nearby states. Uday singh ji says, why are you give me advise? Phool then run away from there.
JB take oath from pratap and JB see jewellery stitching and give compliments. Phool ask from ajab, is someone more beautiful than me, one of my competitor is uday singh ji. Ajab says, put your mind on Puja.
JB reaches there and says about gangaur pujan. Ajab says, listen phool, so you have to concentrate on puja. Darban announces that pratap is coming. Pratap came into temple.
JB says to pratap that i will introduce you with every queen. Everybody gets introduced with pratap. Phool gets tensed and says, if pratap choose someone else. ajab says, if you want to introduce yoursself then go. JB says, whose thaal is this ? Pratap says, i know whose thaal is this. Ajab dehi!!!! Ajab bring thaal from pratap and give thal to phool. Every queen follows pratap and phool says, why all these queen follow him, you tell me where is he? Ajab says, he is practising in field. Phool distract all the queen in finding pratap.
Pratap says, i dont know why will rani maa call all these ranis. Phool meets with pratap and says, i came here to give a gift but it is not here right now. All queen gives gift to pratap. Phool spoils all gifts then pratap moves from there.
Jalal takes oath from his father grave that i will win against not only on rajputana but also on complete india.

Precap:- JB says to uday singh that i have find bride for pratap. Pratap denies about ajab and in response ajab also says, i am not interested to marry with you.

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