Nadaan Parindey 15th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Nadaan Parindey 15th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sameer leaving a letter for Bebe. He leaves with Purab. Bebe comes to the Dargah and looks for Sameer and Baba, She gets the letter and reads it. He writes he is leaving Pind, to become responsible and will be back when he becomes responsible, be happy. Bebe says what did you do this Sameer. Purab brings Sameer to the bus stop and tells Sameer that Avtar Singh is a good officer, he will take care of you. He asks Sameer to go and work hard. Sameer says yes, I will work hard and you will see a changed Sameer.

Purab says a uniform wearing Sameer. He asks him to board the bus. Sameer says do you think I can become army man. Purab says yes. Sameer says I will come and marry Meher, but how much time will it take. Purab says not much, now go. Sameer leaves in the bus. He sees a man from whom he took Rs 300 loan. He hides from him and asks the Lord to save him for his beating. He thinks he will return the money once he earns and meets the man. The man scolds him and asks for money. Sameer says I will give your money in few days. The man says I feel you are not lying. Sameer says I swear on Bebe. The man says fine.

Sameer thinks people are respecting me as I m becoming responsible. Bebe shows the letter to Meher. Meher reads it and is shocked. Bebe says so many mistakes by him. Meher says how can I go, I will see at the bus stop. Bebe holds her hand and stops her. Bebe says don’t stop him, maybe this is good for him, maybe he can change his fate by his try, this will be good for him, we won’t stop him this time. Avtar Singh scolds the trainee cadets and asks them to give their best. He acts very rude to all making them strong. Purab calls him and says my brother will be reaching there, he is very irresponsible and you have to make him a human.

Avtar says I will make him a human. Purab says it will be fun, Sameer can’t come a army man and I won’t let him come back, even if he comes, it will be late, Meher will be mine. Sameer is sleeping in the bus. The conductor says your stop went back 20 kms. Sameer is shocked and says stop the bus. The conductor asks for Rs 15. Sameer thinks about Avtar, and how will he reach on time. Sameer says stop the bus and runs from there. Bebe and Meher come somewhere. Meher says we should not go there. Bebe and Meher sees some women who taunt Meher and Sameer.

Bebe says she is my daughter and soon I will do her marriage, and find a son in law like diamond. The women says who will marry her. Bebe scolds them and says Sameer is no one to me. Meher says lets go home. They leave hearing taunts and their laugh. Bebe asks Meher not to worry as she will not let Sameer back. Meher says let me go, then no one will tell anything. Bebe says where will you go, where to send her now, you don’t need to go anywhere, I have to do something, now there is one way, come with me. Mangal asks Minty about Meher.

He feels restless and says I m feeling lonely without her, did Meher not call you. Nimmi says don’t take her name. She argues with him and asks him to repair the cooler which her mum has given her. Meher says why did you bring me here, come lets go. Bebe says no, lets go inside. Bebe brings Meher to Mangal. Mangal and Minty smile seeing Meher. Nimmi gets angry seeing them. Minty walks to Meher and Nimmi stops her.

Nimmi asks them why did they come here.Minty says atleast let her come in, we all missed you a lot. Meher smiles. Minty says dad also missed you. Bebe says Mangal, forget everything, she is your daughter, take her back. Mangal smiles. Nimmi comes between Mangal and Meher. Nimmi taunts about Sameer. Bebe says I will punish him, but don’t punish her. Nimmi says we got insulted because of her. She asks Mangal to think of their insult. She asks Bebe to leave from her house. She raises her hand to slap Bebe and Meher holds it.

Meher says don’t touch Bebe, else I will forget everything, lets go Bebe. Bebe says Mangal you are doing wrong with Meher, stop her, she is your blood. Nimmi shuts the gate. Bebe cries. Meher says are you happy now by getting insulted, don’t beg here for me, else I will die. Bebe cries and Meher takes her home. Minty and Balli have a talk and promote Yo Yo Honey Singh program coming on Life Ok. Sameer gets into the army camp and meets Avtar Singh.

Avtar asks who are you. Sameer says his name and falls. Meher sees Bebe upset and talks to her. Sameer wakes up by Avtar puts water on him. Sameer says Purab sent me here, make me responsible. Sameer follows the instructions. Everyone look at him and smile. Avtar is strict to him but sees Sameer’s stupidity. He says disgusting. He asks someone to do Sameer’s medical. Sameer thanks him.

Avtar asks Sameer why he wants to join army. Sameer says to become responsible. Avtar asks him to polish his shoes. Sameer thinks so this way a man becomes responsible.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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