Maharana Pratap 13th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Maharana Pratap 13th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Everyone notices the lost / sad face of Pratap when he joins them outside again. ajabdeh is in tears to watch them go from her balcony. She recalls their fun moments of this time and his invitation for her in his wedding. Uday Singh notices Pratap looking upstairs (towards Ajabdeh’s room) and understands his situation. He has to keep reminding him that they have to leave. Ajabdeh breaks down as they finally leave from Bijolia palace.

Hansa Bai comforts her. ajabdeh calls herself an emotional fool. I had thought that after reading every possible topic I will gain stability of emotions and mind but it isn’t so. After studying so much and even after being this religious she couldn’t control her feelings. I know that Kunwar Pratap and I cannot be together ever. Whenever he comes in front of me I start seeing dreams which can never come true, but my heart is not ready to understand it. At times, I want these dreams to come true. I want him to marry Phool as these dreams will stop atleast. Mine and yours dream will stop then. Hansa Bai kisses her on her forehead. Everyone sees dreams. You shouldn’t blame yourself for it. it is destiny’s game but this time I feel that the last decision has been taken. Don’t know what fate has in store for us. Phool’s letter is still lying on the floor.

Uma Devi shows Phool all the preps that she has done for her wedding. I am sending them to your in-laws place. She has got special clothes for everyone except VB. I want them (Rani’s of Mewar) all to be happy with you. She shows her the jewellery as well. Phool stops her. why are you doing all this? Uma Devi tells her about her wedding with Pratap. Phool tells her not to send it to Mewar. I want you to wait for a while as I am waiting for someone’s answer. She recalls her letter to Ajabdeh. Uma Devi is confused and so is Phool (for her own reasons).

Uday Singh and Pratap are welcomed in Mewar palace by Rawat ji. VB is happy that Uday Singh lived his promise. Flashbacks of the war and Pratap’s triumphs are shown. Pratap seeks blessings from all the Rani’s. JB does Uday Singh’s aarti. He is pleased to see her well. She tells him that all her happiness is interconnected with his happiness. DB talks about preps for Pratap’s wedding. The atmosphere gets tensed. Pratap tells his Rani Ma that he got two chances to kill that Mughal but she came in between. She is pleased that he followed his dharma or else she wouldn’t have forgiven him ever. You can leave your enemy 100 times if you have to think about your dharma. He nods knowing it fully well. JB only wants to bless Pratap but she wont do his tilak today which surprises him. She wants VB to do his tilak this time. DB is unhappy but hides it. after all she is a part of our family too. VB does Pratap’s aarti. DB talks to Pratap about the preps that she has done for him inside the palace.

Uday Singh (US) and Pratap are surprised to find a gift from Maldev ji. He wants to thank you for the same with gold. Pratap makes it clear to his dad that he dint give Ajmer to Marwar for some gift or something. I did what was supposed to do. DB requests him to consider Maldev ji’s feelings as he is going to be his FIL. US tells Pratap to sit in the weighing scale. Pratap obliges but then tells Rawat ji to distribute it amongst the people of their state. Rawat ji nods and chants praises of Pratap.

JB cleans US’s feet with rosewater. DB thinks that she made a mistake by talking about Pratap’s wedding in front of him which is why he dint give a right answer. I have to send invites to the entire Rajputana states. I have to make a list for everything. US tells JB that he is surprised to know that she agreed for this alliance so soon. She talks about how it is beneficial for the entire Rajputana. How can I go against Rajputana? She leaves from there. DB yet again talks about the invites but US interrupts her. I am happy to see your excitement but I want to rest right now. DB is worried about his reactions. He should have been happy about the alliance but it isn’t so.

Bairam Khan shows Akbar their rebellions. Akbar wants to prove his worth here and take as much Gujarat under him as he can. This will help me in gaining maximum Rajputana. It will give a lesson to all those Rajputani Raja’s who have supported Mewar always. Bairam Khan gets thinking. I dint know that you had such a big plan. Akbar is all about big planning when it comes to winning over Rajputana. I am out on a hunt for the lion then I should take care of his entire family too. Why to leave anyone! bairam Khan guides him as to where to start from.

Pratap sharpens his sword all the while recalling the recent happenings at Bijolia. He picks up Ajabdeh’s gift. He stops midway as he remembers her words about how their closeness has affected the relations between people and states every time. Pratap wonders about the problem / dilemma he is in.

Precap: Chakrapani tells Pratap that it isn’t too late yet. You should tell your family how you feel about things. US quizzes JB about her change of heart. JB appreciates Phool, but US points out that she likes Ajabdeh more. Akbar beats the rebellious soldiers mercilessly. He hopes to do the same with Pratap one day.

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