Uttaran 13th August 2014 Written Episode Update

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Uttaran 13th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Meethi is about to say something to Khalid when Saba steps in angrily. Khalid tries to handle things lightly but Saba sends Meethi away. Khalid too leaves for his room.

Ashfaque comes to ask Akash if everything was ok. You and Asgar bhaijaan came home together. Is something wrong? I am worried about Akash. She surprises him by telling him that she had gone to meet Akash only. Asgar ji had taken me to meet Akash. Everything is possible for your brother. He has taken Akash out of the jail by fooling the police and has kept him at some undisclosed place. He did not bring him here as Ansari ji keep coming here often. Plus police is searching for Akash everywhere. Ashfaque is relieved that she and Akash would have spoken to each other. Your misunderstandings are clear now? She answers in affirmative. It was just a misunderstanding. If that wouldn’t have happened then I would not have left my home, boarded Jammu train and would not have been here in Pakistan. All this would not have happened then. He is sad but points out that she might not have met her friend then (him). she nods and is thankful to have found a friend like him. She jumps with joy as she is feeling happy but hears Ammi calling out for Ashfaque. He looks at her with a sweet smile.

Physiotherapist tells Mukta to make Vishnu do some exercises in every four hours. He will recover very soon. mukku thanks him. he has missed today’s Rakhi celebration also. I want him to be with me in everything. Doc nods. He has to feel it from inside that he is normal now. He leaves. Mukku repeats the same to Vishnu.

Khalid looks at the chip. Ashfaque had told me that it might contain something important, but what? Why will anyone hide a chip inside a taviz? There is some story behind it for sure. Ashfaque comes to ask him if he cracked the password. Khalid agrees to do it in half an hour. I am a qualified person. Your sister doesn’t trust me or I would have been employed with some good MNC today. Ashfaque trusts him nonetheless. Khalid wants a help from him too. I want to buy a gift for my sister, Meethi. Ashfaque agrees to bring it tomorrow. I want to play guitar right now. Khalid agrees to crack the password tomorrow as well. Ashfaque knows that he is blackmailing him for his Indian sister. I want to give her something that she will remember for forever. He suggests a pen as Meethi keeps writing very often. Khalid loves the idea. It will stay with her forever and she can keep writing letters to me from India. Ashfaque will be back in half an hour. Meanwhile, Khalid sits down to work on the chip.

Meethi writes about Khalid in her diary. She is grateful for the relations that have come in her life after that train journey (a friend like Ashfaque; her new brother, Khalid; an angel like Asgar ji and her friend on train, Fida). On the other hand, Khalid tries decoding the chip. He thinks of the words that can be associated with the word ‘Fida’. After a lot of brainstorming, Khalid gets the code. He checks a video on the chip wherein the boss wants to make a woman Jihadi for their every mission so that no one doubts them. she will be a suicide bomber. Our first target will be Jammu Station and second will be Aman ki Dua He gives its responsibility to Asgar which shocks Khalid like anything. Asgar bhaijaan is a terrorist? He acts to be an angel in front of all of us and this is his real face. He recalls Asgar’s reactions on the various incidents when Asgar was acting to help Meethi. they are actually using Meethi to carry out their task. He feels someone’s presence at the door and gets alert. He is all the more shocked as he realises that Asgar is standing right outside his door. Both the men look at each other. Khalid confronts him about it.

Vishnu’s baby starts crying. He tries to quieten him using rattles but in vain. He is unable to reach out to the baby as he is on the wheelchair. He calls out for Mukta and tries to move around but his wheelchair get stuck. He gets up with a lot of difficulty but falls on the floor. Mukku comes and is shocked to see him thus. She helps him in sitting in the wheelchair again. Meanwhile, Nani picks the baby. If you will hurt yourself again then you will be on bed rest once again for months. We will take care of you or the kid? Vishnu apologizes to her. the baby was crying so I tried. I wont do it again. Mukku feels bad but keeps quiet.

Khalid has understood Asgar’s motives and how he has cheated everyone. You are using Meethi as bait. You are a cheater. Asgar closes the door behind him. I don’t know what it is to love your country. I am nobody’s. I only want money. Khalid asks him if he doesn’t mind it when he kills innocent people. Asgar laughs. They are getting what’s written in their destiny. it is my duty to give all the happiness to my family members. I can go to any lengths for it. Khalid continues to talk against his work. You want to make Meethi a Fidayin? She is my sister and I wont let you do it. asgar stops him. not just Meethi but her husband Akash as well. I have two pawns now. Khalid would have gotten him arrested right away if he was not his relative. I am indebted to your parents so firstly I will tell them everything. Asgar acts to be realising his follies. Only you know it and can save me. my parents, whole family will die if they get to know the truth. I have realised that I was wrong. Will you repay their debts this way? He hugs him and shoots a bullet in his stomach. Asgar repeats it that he wont do something like this again. tears stream down Khalid’s eyes as he looks at the blood.

Precap: All the family members rush to Khalid. He tries to tell Meethi about the cheater and points his finger towards Meethi. Saba blames Meethi for everything. She only has killed my husband.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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