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The Episode starts with Ashok talking to Shagun about Chinese food. She says but you like Chinese. He says my brother came after many years, why did you not ask his choice. She says I will order something else. He says I fulfill all yours and your son’s wishes and you did this with my family. She says relax, I will change the menu, don’t spoil your mood, its your birthday today, just trust me. She looks at Suraj and thinks he is smart, he just came and created problems between us. Raman talks to someone asking details about Suraj and sees Parmeet and Simmi together in the apartment compound. Raman scolds the watchman for allowing Parmeet. He asks him to kick out Parmeet. Simmi scolds the watchman and argues with Raman defending Parmeet.

Parmeet laughs and asks Simmi not to tell anything to Raman, and says I will go, as I have to attend Ashok’s birthday party. He says Ashok’s brother Suraj has revoked Ishita’s license, what did Raman do. Raman asks is Suraj Ashok’s brother? Parmert says I m going as Ashok and Suraj are waiting for me. Raman asks Simmi to go home. Parmeet leaves. Raman says Suraj Khanna, Ashok’s brother, so he is jumping so much, I will not leave them. Parmeet drives his car fast and Raman moves.

The menu is changed and Suraj eats some. Shagun says I hope you like it, I m so sorry, Ashok likes Chinese so I ordered it, but then I ordered Moghlai, enjoy, I hope you like it. Mihika comes with the boss. Ashok looks at her and compliments her. Mihika gets Mihir’s call and says Ashok has ignored me, I think I have him attitude that day, so he understood I won’t agree. She says cake is cutting now and I will leave soon. Ashok cuts the call while everyone sings the song. Raman comes there.

Shagun wants to bite the cake first but Ashok makes Suraj have it first and then her and Parmeet. Parmeet applies some cake on Ashok’s face. Raman takes the whole cake and puts on Ashok’s face mashing it. He says happy birthday Ashok Khanna. Ashok says how dare you. Raman taunts him and Suraj, that he will bring them on road, don’t use my wife to take revenge from me. Everyone is shocked. Raman taunts Suraj and leaves in anger. Ashok fumes and says Raman Bhalla, I won’t leave you.

Romi is finding out his birth identity. Mr Mishra says two boys were born, and Bhalla and Birla. Romi is glad thinking he is a Birla, who became a Bhalla. He says its decided I m Romi Birla. Romi says I knew I m rich ad gives fees to Mishra. Romi is super excited. Romi leaves. Mishra says he is mad, that Birla is different, not rich one. Raman tells Ishita that he has put whole cake on Ashok’s face. She asks is Suraj Ashok’s real brother. Raman says yes, I would have understood. He says he is not afraid of them.

She says now they will take revenge. Raman says I want to see what they can do. She says you are not understanding. He says it can’t get worse, they revoked your license and I will bring it back. He says I want to see how low can they fall. She thanks him. He asks why. She says for giving instructions to Mrs. Bhalla to make me busy. He says yes, if you are busy, I can be happy. He says its time ti show them now, don’t worry, I will take care of it.

Ashok is fuming. Shagun calms him. Ashok says I know your ex husband very well, how he gets deeply wounded, I know, I will break his ego, Raman Kumar Bhalla, just wait and watch, this time you crossed your limit, you don’t know whom you messed with. Ashok drinks. Suraj looks on. Its morning, Ishita gets ready having a bath. She finds the hook loose. Raman and Ruhi are sleeping. The blouse hook breaks and she has to stitch it. She stitches her blouse hook closing the main door. Raman turns and she continues stitching. Raman wakes up and sees her sitting and stitching. Hasne laga sehra……………plays………….. She turns seeing him looking at her. Raman closes his eyes acting he is sleeping.

He then opens his eyes again and looks at her. She sees him staring and is tensed. Yeh hai Mohabbatein…………..plays…………….. Raman makes Ruhi get up as she has to go for school. Ruhi says 5mons and goes to sleep. Raman tries to get rid of this awkwardness and leaves. Ishita says its so embarrassing.

Romi comes to the breakfast table and shows rich attitude. Mrs. Bhalla asks him to have it. Simmi asks what happened to you. He asks her to leave this poor things out, and says he does not like this food and tells rich people have five star breakfast. Simmi asks is his mind well, they are born here in this house, and not any Tata Birla. Mr. Bhalla asks him not to have this food and asks him to give account of Rs 1000 given yesterday. Romi says what 1000, he will play in crores. Raman comes and hears this, ticking on his head . He asks Romi how many zeroes are there in crore. Romi says 5, no 6. Romi does not know how many zeroes are there in crore. Raman scolds him and asks him to work in office. Romi thinks when he is proved to be Birla’s son, he will show them. Ishita comes and Raman looks at him.

Mrs. Bhalla asks Ishita to have breakfast. Raman says I have meeting in office, and asks Romi to come soon. He leaves. Romi tells everyone that he wants five dishes in dinner and with sweets, else he will not touch the food. Mrs. Bhalla laughs and says he is talking strange. Mr Bhalla says he was talking like he is not my son, but someone else. Mrs. Bhalla thinks does anyone have a doubt about me. Ishita thinks is this matter behind Romi’s behavior, I have to talk to Raman.

Raman comes to the lawyer and sees Ashok, Suraj and Shagun. He taunts Ashok and Shagun. Ashok says you and your wife will have to hide face now. Raman asks whats your problem. The lawyer asks them to sit and talk. Raman says I did not come to sit, I want to reissue my wife’s license. The lawyer says Ishita can get license back, as Suraj will take the complaint back, but on one condition. Raman asks what. Ashok thinks he will teach Raman a good lesson by this condition and smiles.

Raman gives a bathrobe to Ishita as a gift, asking her to wear it when she wants to become a tailor in morning.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. it was so sweet of raman .ashok deserves this.great job raman.and u and ishu r so cute yaar

  2. raman only u can give such raman wow

  3. aiyoooooo…… so funny 😀 ramannn.. 😉

  4. Nice episode and ashok face was very nice i wish one day ishitaa / raman also but cake like that in shaguns face

  5. Raman’s character is the best on TV so far. Very manly and potent character ever. he is hot headed, genuine and ethical person who just believes in doing the right thing. He is 75% complete now and once he realises his love for ishita, he will become a complete man 100% perfect. Y was ishita uncomfortable infront of he husband. he was her husband after all. one day he will see her fully. so, y shame and embarrasment.

  6. Bcoz now ishu is not ramans wife……
    she is ruhi ke maa ………
    ie why she is uncomfortable…imtiazzzz

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