Maharaja Ranjit Singh 25th April 2017 Written Episode Update

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Maharaja Ranjit Singh 25th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Ranjit apologizes Veer. Veer says I am sorry I couldn’t help you. Ranjit says no I should apologize. I can understand how you feel. At least I can see these things but you can’t. Veer says its not like that. I could see. Someone took my vision. Ranjit says who did that with you. Please tell me. This is so wrong. Veer says I can’t stop to be sad. This blindness has made me more powerful. He catches the hen. Ranjit says I am so lucky to have a teacher like you. He leaves the hen again and Ranjit runs after it.

Mehtab is learning sword fighting. She breaks a water melon. Sada says it is easy to kill big target but not small. She places an apple there. Mehtab tries but she fails. Sada says what happened? Scared of the sword or the target? She turn and takes the sword. She cuts the apple.
Mehtab says I couldn’t come cut it because it is small. Sada says thinking is small not the target.

Ranjit is training with Veer. He runs after the hen. While Ghulab is in training camp. Ranjit goes to jungle and falls.
Ghulab defeats four people. He says four more come and get defeated.
Veer catches the hen. Ranjit says isn’t there another way. Someone blindfolds him and says its about time you should go. Veer says unless you don’t catch this hen you can’t move to next task.

Scene 2
Lakhpatrain says there is nothing on Afgahn border. Mahan says is this a symbol of an upcoming storm? Inform Jai and Gurwaksh.
Raj comes to Mahan and says I wanted to talk about Sahib and Mahan.

Mehtab shows Ranjit she is learning sword fighting. she couldn’t hit the target. He giggles. She says you are making fun of me? He says no no I am proud of you and even more proud that sada is teaching you. She says I wish you had continued training too. He says whoever wants to learn finds a way. She says who is teaching you? He says I can’t answer. She says okay tell me when you feel. I can teach you as well.
Raj says we should send Sahib and Roop invitation of besakhi. Mahan says even after what he did? She says but we are not sending invitation as a sardar to him. Roop is your sister and for her we have to do this. He says you are right. Ranjit says we respect those who deserve it. Raj says we should never stop giving respect. Mahan says she is right. This is for Roop as well. Raj says keep politics and relationships separate. Ranjit says I am sorry.
Raj says why is there sand on your clothes? He says I can’t tell you. I will tell you on right time. Raj says okay.

Gurwaksh gives Sada a knife. He says for my brave wife. Teach Mehtabfrom this sword. He Mahan and Raj went to Sahib’s place to invite him. Sada says after all that happened? Gurwaksh says Mahan forgets the past. He leaves.
Sahib grasps Roop by hair and says you brother is here. show him only your shining face. He would mind. He forces her to smile and says this should stay in front of them.

Raj and Mahan come in. Raj says we have heard Ghulab is performing very well. Sahib says he is my son. He only succeeds. Roop says lets go in Raj. We will talk.
Sahib says keep in mind, she shouldn’t have any trouble. They go inside.
Mahan says whatever problems are between us can be solved with discussion. Sahib says when did I say no to that?
Roop’s hands are shaking. Raj says is everything okay? Why you look so scared. Roop says yes everything is fine. Raj senses something is wrong. She says what os this on your neck. There are scars. Roop says nothing. Raj stops her and says what is it. let me see. She sees the scars on her neck.

Precap-Someone comes inside Mahan’s palace.
He comes in and says I just shook hands with britishers to ruin you Sikhs.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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