Bond through HEART!!! Part 5

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after om left gauri entered and ruhi and gauri conversation
Ruhi : So bhabhi tell me
Gauri : What
Ruhi : Bhabhi how did u enter bhai’s life
Gauri : I was forced to marry a goon named Kaali thakur he blackmailed me that he will smash my belongings and said that he will kill my mom soo.. (started crying)
Ruhi : Bhabhi fine and next please be strong we can’t change what happened so please
Gauri : I know I must be str… but what to do matter is about my mom and omkaraji omkaraji..( cries but try to control herself )
Ruhi : Haa bhabhi please tell what happened next
Gauri : He said me that I should do as he said or else he will kill my mother so I did as he said during my marriage with that goon omkaraji came to barely about some work with kaali thakur at that time I was forced to move close with him or else he frightened me that he will kill my mom
Ruhi : and what next
Gauri : Kaali thakur wife jhanvi thakurain died because her husband is willing to marry me
Ruhi : So bhayya thought u are reason behind destruction of their house
Gauri : Haa Omkaraji thought I manipulated Kaali and I was marrying him for money many times I tried to make him understand my helplessness but he refused to listen me listening is next atleat he don’t want to see my face
Ruhi : Bhabhi Om bhayya had experienced this his house almost got destructed because of that Swethlana so he requires sometime
Gauri :After coming here I understood it first we have to make her out and hope u will also be part of it
Ruhi :Yaaa sure I am waiting for the day to make her out and how did u enter this house
(They both heard pinky calling ruhi and ruhi left saying I will be back then gauri also went away)

Prinku, rudra, shivika, om
Om : I am sorry darling
Prinku : Hmm
Om : Still upset on me
Prinku : About the situation but leave it
Om : So ur mood is off
Shivay : So that I have chocolate shake for u
Prinku : No I don’t want it (and tried to move away)
Shivay held her hand and Om stood opposite to her not allowing her to move rudra held chocolate shake glass glaring her to drink it while Anika was watching the whole
Om : I know I always make u upset sorry again pakka this night of mine will be only urs
Rudra : I know u always pamper her only I too planned so much this evening in fact I drunk more protein shake to look dashing (saying this he made puppy faces)
All given a look like he can’t change
Om : please prinku I promise I will never disappoint u
Shivay : we will make sure that nothing will happen against ur wish again
Anika, rudra : Now common my bestie / princess is not so stubborn like tadibaaz sso/ Shivay bhayya
all laughs except Shivay Shivay glares a fake anger on them
Om : hey did u notice this duffer also became responsible about prinku
Prinku : (Proudly smiles) and hugs rudra
Shivay : we are also there ( and make sounds like Ahem Ahem)
Om : Still.. (acts like he exhausted)
Prinku hugs both ShivOm tightly
Prinku : I love u guys..I can’t live without u ppl
Rudra : U forgotten me

Shiv Om Prinku extend their hands they calls anika also
Anika : So let’s have a moment
all five hug tightly
they broke hug
Prinku : U know what bhabhi u r d best bhabhi
Anika : because u all are d best
Fine now let’s go to sleep
Om : Guys u go he gave an expression that he want to be with prinku
they all understood it and left
Om and prinku hugged each other
Prinku : Bhayya it’s all right I am well now haaa not well extremely well

Om : I know it but still I said na I want to be with u
Prinku : Sorry to say this bhayya but still u are answerable to bhabhi also
Om : fine if u think so but sometime just to satisfy myself I would like to keep up my promise
Gauri came to call prinku and heard the last part of conversation
Gauri : fine baby if u think so then listen I to want omkaraji to spend time with u .whatever is wrong and we don’t want to disappoint u have sometime with ur bhayya and even I will go to sleep with dadi because u have seen today also she is feeling ill
Om felt something good about gauri and gave a satisfactory smile
they smiled and gauri left

Continuation tommorow….

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