Swasan-Hatred Love (Part-5)

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Asalaam alikom dosto

Here we gooooooo

Tat Chapter for SwaLak lovers?

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Epi. 5: My Saviour


At this point I couldn’t hear anymore and I was about to leave those devils to think well in my revenge when I heard so familiar voice.

……………: u filthy little bustard.

Aman: me? who are u little shit?

Laksh: I’m swara brother and I ll smash you.

I turn around, OMG ….. what laksh is doing here, all I see laksh run to them and hold Aman so badly, other boys try to hit laksh, but I knew well they were no match to him, he had compact courses, soon three of them ran away but he grape Aman

Laksh: what u say ah? Bed na? u dirt piece of shit? Huu…huh…huh….Hw dare u do that to swara? Ah ah …. How dare u???? Ah bolo? (pinching and hitting all over)

(Laaaaaksh, please stop) I said since I couldn’t stand anymore, laksh was only hurting himself more than Aman

Laksh was shocked to see me (swara) was all he managed to say.

I don’t know what to do, run to my savior or run from him ashamed and embarrassed coz he was right, then my legs act by themselves and ran away, I could hear laksh following me and calling, but never had the dare to stop till he caught me, I fought him, didn’t want him to see me weak and teary, but he was strong to turn me around

Laksh: swara, listen to me I know ur angry to follow u but what else I could……..

He stopped talking when I hugged him, this time my heart moved, so I hugged him and silently tears fall of me, I just cant stop it

Laksh: swara! Swa….. Swara!! Bas bas Dnt cry shshshsh! All is set now!! Shshshs (laksh hugged her and close his eyes)

Swara: why did this happen to me laksh? Y?? I’m no toy!

Laksh: shshshs …. damn nahi swara.. shonna, he is just a fu….. Bad person, forget it, shshs I’m here now. (laksh cupped her face and kiss her head and weep her tears)

Swara: wont u say I told u so.

Laksh looked painful to her, did she really thought he ll b happy by this: nahi swara I won’t. Let’s go home.

Both reached home, luckly there parents weren’t there yet, at swara room,

Swara: its ok now laksh, u go rest, im sorry for what I exposed u to.

Laksh: ur not serious swara, I would have done that at any time I knew he even thought to think bad of u.

Swara blush to his protective, it was first time she feel his kind: thanks laksh, but now I really need to b alone.

Laksh: but swara…

Swara: laksh!!!!

Laksh: ok, but I ll come and cheek u later, no run from that. (then laksh left)

Swara close her door head to shower and open water while her dress on, she just all what happen this night, she needed it.

Laksh gone to his room, he was so angry from that Aman, he wished to go back and hit again, his filthy words about swara kept hit his mind that he off his shirt showing his fit muscular body and start to hit his hitting bag as Aman, remembering his words, her tears, her broken eyes, her shout, at tat point he broke hit bag chain and fall down, he was breathing heavily, he ll go mad, he love swara to death, she is all to him, then y he cant tell it? He speak to girls all day and night but when it come to swara, its like cat got his tongue, then he remember their moments together ever since they were kids through their life,… got irrupted by door knocking, he wasn’t thinking so he open door just as he was, sweaty and bare chest.
it was swara. Moments of eye contact were just parts of second but pretty long for each other to analysis each other.

Swara wet hair due to shower, pink kurta, blue pant, and so distracting coconut shampoo scent (swara fav, shampoo). Swara got turned her face away immediately and laksh ran for his shirt

Laksh: sorry swara, I was…..

Swara: its ok, I just came to cheek u and let u see I’m full fine now, deko

Laksh thinking(just hw on earth can she do that, all her sad go… all her tears no more like nothing happened): yea I can see

Swara: so all set na, good night. (she was leaving when he called)

Laksh: swara! Y u stopped me from hitting Aman? He worth it na? then kyu? did u fear on him?

Swara didn’t look at him: yes he deserve it like hell, but y loosing u on scam like him, lucky bhaaaai???.

Laksh: aaari swara……… (but swara ran and close the door), just wait more swara, I ll get the courage and make u mine.

Next morning went smoothly till swara met ragini and told her all yesterday events while walking to there classroom,

Ragini: that busterd!!!!!! I swear I ll reveange him.

Swara: no need ragini, he got enough from laksh

Ragini: thank god that laksh was following u!

Swara: but hw knew I would b there?

Ragini: I told him before I leave ur home, he asked me and said just in case he had to pick u up, thank god I told him, and what about that…..

Then they found some students running toward the class room they r heading to, and some students are already there and all r photoing something, they got there and try find out what is it, then both girls got eye out of their place

Just on the board of the class Aman was tied over there from his wrists above his head and wearing woman sleeping dress while sure his face still has laksh marks on it, and on board some bad nasty statements are written.
(sorry to write this girls.. just to get my point)

*I am s*xy gay..rape me please* *if you want fun..call me and pay me*

Everyone were shooting him pictures that way, swara and ragini couldn’t belive what happen to him.

Swara shouts: hay all of u stop and help him, y u stand like that? Its not funny, he is ur friend?

Some boy reply: actually it is fun and s*xy, hhhhhhh

( some boys laugh, while others moved and covered him and untie him, followed by teachers and security and dismiss everyone, also teacher dismissed swara and ragini class). Both girls start to walk away when surprice no.2 hit their phone as MMS tone,


What u think about Surprice n.2

Did Aman desereve what happen to him??and hw it happen

Waiting ur guesses

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  1. hiiii I reading this ff for first time and I’m confused whether it is swalakor swasan

    1. Rajkumari

      Its swasan… just wait little bit

  2. Scooby

    Superb.. Its sanskar i think… Mms no idea ?

  3. nice one..tc..

  4. Nice……

  5. Awesome part swalak & Aman deserve the hell .

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