Maharaja Ranjit Singh 21st April 2017 Written Episode Update

Maharaja Ranjit Singh 21st April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Ranjit says thank you for showing me the way? Mehtab says what way? Ranjit throws a stone at rock. But nothing happens. He says see no matter how many stones you hit this rock with nothing would happen to it. My dad is strong like this. He can bear anything. I need to be strong for him too. Like the sand beneath him. I have to become his strength.
Ranjit looks for Mahan everywhere.
Sahib comes home. Roop is getting the dinner ready. Sahib comes inside in anger. He says I want to talk to you. She says what happened? Eat something first. He shoves her and throws away all the food. Sahib says I hate you and your brother. I am sick of his games. He wants to become king of all of us. Roop says there is some misunderstanding. He throttles her. He says your brother wants to make me his slave and you are taking his side. She says my brother really respects you. Sahib says I don’t respect him or you either. Your place is there in my feet. You will pay for you brother’s mistake. He leaves. roop is crying.

Scene 2
The british lord is shooting Indian slaves. Brandson tells him that sikhs are divined. He says I want to choose someone between them and give us all the news. Who could it be? Brandson says I will find you that person soon. The lord keeps shooting people.
Ranjit is in jungle. He sees a dead body. Ranjit gets worried.
Ranjit finds Mahan.

A man with face covered comes to lord’s place. He shoots one of the Indian’s. The lord shouts who are you?
Mahan says I feel helpless. Enemy is getting stronger and we are getting weaker.
Its Ghulam. He takes of his mask. Brandson says this Ghulam Singh.
Mahan says I can’t beat them alone. I don’t know what to do. Ranjit says perspective sir. You think you are alone but I don’t think so. I will become your strength. I won’t let you fight alone.

The lord says I am glad you came here. But why you want to shake hands with us? Ghulam takes off his coat and shows them bruises. Lord says how did this happen? Ghulam says I punish myself for not being able to take revenge from Sikhs. I have to take revenge Mahan. He says you and I have same intention.. To ruin Sikhs. The lord says you are right, we are on same page.

Ranjit says see these woods and this cloth. what you do with them. These woods are five lakes of Punajb and they combine to make our lands fertile. Without each other they are weak. He ties the woods and says now nothing can separate or break them. You are this cloth. That doesn’t let the stems go away from each other. Mahan smiles. Ranjit says your son will make your dream of unity come true.
Ghulam says they will never unite. Ranjit says I vow I will protect my land. Ghulam says now they can’t survive. ranjit says I will unite all the sikhs and bring them to battle field. Mahan says there comes a time when a son becomes his dad’s bride. When he comes out of his dad’s shadow and stands next to him. Your time has come. Wisdom is your power. You are the hope of tomorrow. No matter what is in front of you never be scared of it. You have to protect your land. Walk on the right path. Ranjit says even if I get beheaded I won’t let this dream break. They both vow!

Precap-The lord says to Ghulam to beat Mahan we have to play politically. Ghulam says I didn’t get it. Some men beat Ranjit in the jungle.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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