Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 21st April 2017 Written Episode Update

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Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 21st April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raghav calling Naina fat and round like a moon. He asks Dadi to explain Naina to be discipline, Khuranas called us for puja, Pam called ten times, come with me, I have no time. Khurana talks to Harjeet and says I got this lady home, she fainted in the temple where I went to do Ahana’s puja, I don’t know her, she came there to do puja for her daughter, I have seen someone’s broken heart after a long time, did I do anything wrong to get her home. She asks can my son do anything wrong.

He says I got her today when I went to do puja for Ahana, even she was helpful. She says yes, Ahana could not see anyone in pain, till this girl gets fine, she will stay with us, you go and get ready now, Mehras will becoming. He goes. Pam cools down. Sudha asks is everything okay. Pam says Raghav and Naina did not come till now, why to give importance to them. Sudha says don’t worry, they will come. Pam says you know Raghav, he is mad, Naina and Raghav always ignite fire in our happiness. Sudha says relax, they will come, this rasam can’t happen without Naina. Pam asks is everything fine. Share your problem. Sudha says nothing, Ira’s jewelry. Pam says I forgot that, I will see jewelry. She goes.

Sudha says someone else will burn when right time comes. Naina asks Dadi to sit with Raghav, I don’t want to mood my spoil. Dadi laughs and sits in front seat. Raghav sees Naina in mirror. He jokes on her. Naina asks Dadi to see his jokes. Dadi laughs. Raghav gets call and says yes we are coming. Sudha says come soon Naina, I can’t wait more. Raghav drives. Naina says I don’t feel anything right, what’s happening. They leave.

Ira asks how do I look. Pam says great, we will get rich after your marriage. Ira says I wish Veer was here, everything looks incomplete without him. She hugs Sudha and asks what’s this, two chunris. Pam says Harjeet wants Naina to sit in rasam. Sudha says you look so pretty, no one will see her in rasam. Ira likes the red chunri and says this will suit me. Sudha says no, this is not for you. Ira says its my function, I should get it by my choice, give other one to Naina. Sudha says Harjeet will feel bad. Pam says its just chunri, its so lovely. Harjeet comes and takes chunri. She scolds Ira and asks her to wear what she selected for her. She gives pink chunri. Sudha says she was just trying, she will wear chunri which you chose for her, come Raghav and Naina will come. Harjeet goes. Sudha says I told you Harjeet will feel bad. Ira asks why this drama for just chunri. Pam says it was because of Naina.

Raghav, Dadi and Naina come to Khurana house. Harjeet stops them. Naina asks why all this, its Ira’s function. Harjeet says yes, but you both will be given respect too. She does tilak to Naina and Raghav and then aarti. She says the person gets a chance to make wish to Lord. Naina asks can I make two wishes. Harjeet says ask three. Naina prays for her baby, and prays to meet Renu’s mum to help her. Harjeet thinks this was your last wish, I did much work to make that chunri, once you sit in front of havan, the chemicals in chunri will catch fire, then your baby will die. She asks them to come.

Dadi says you got good arrangements, I hope you forgot our arguments. Harjeet says you are elder, I won’t feel bad. Dadi says I took pandit’s suggestion, he said me to keep kalash to have peace in the house where havan is happening. Harjeet says according to vaastu, you can keep it in guest room, but someone is there. Naina says don’t worry, I will silently go and keep this. Khurana gets Raghav to Armaan and says its a new start, Armaan will make a promise to you. Raghav asks what. Armaan says Khurana wanted me to promise you, I will take care of Ira. Raghav says try to win my heart by doings, not words, Ira is my sister, I m serious about her safety, if anyone hurts her, I won’t leave him. Khurana signs Armaan to shake hands. Raghav and Armaan shake hands. Khurana says don’t worry, he can’t break promise, he has to stay in my house. Armaan says of course, and goes.

Khurana says I m glad seeing you protective about Ira, she is not your own sister, if you had your own sister, you would have done a lot. Raghav says I could not do anything for her, I have a sister. Naina comes to guest room and sees Renu’s mum. She prays for her. She goes to keep kalash and few things fall. She picks the things and bends to pick Renu’s pic. Sudha comes and asks her not to bend in such state. Naina says it was not imp. Sudha asks her to come for chunri rasam.

Harjeet makes Ira wear chunri. Ira gets annoyed. Harjeet makes Naina wear the red chunri. She prays and acts sweet. Naina asks what’s this strange smell. Sudha says you are pregnant, maybe that’s why. Harjeet says I asked tailor to stitch it by gold string, so that smell is coming. Raghav asks Naina to remove chunri if she is feeling uncomfortable.

Harjeet says you see how Raghav will see his wife and child dying. Sudha looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. What rubbish is this
    How can one watch someone keeps trying to harm a baby – an innocent baby. This does not look good.
    I stopped watching this show since the beginning of surrogacy track and just read tellyupdates.
    This would have been a lovely story but got mashed up along the way.
    Sudha, Pam and their family should have been kicked out when Raghav bought the house, then they would have learned what it means to be poor and live without.
    This is rubbish the people who treated you like rubbish, kicked you out – you bought their house and kept them with you and moved with them to another country – it does not make sense – this is stupid
    I feel so frustrated for the lead actors – this hasn’t done justice to their talents


      Totally agree.. even I stopped commenting even…

  2. Missy are you the same person from yeh rishta kya kehlata hai telly updates??

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