Peshwa Bajirao 21st April 2017 Written Episode Update

Peshwa Bajirao 21st April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Malhar telling Mughal that Baji have a problem in his back bone and that it is ready to be broken, but can’t bend. Mughal man asks what he is doing here? Baji says he came here to make the enemies bend down. Malhar says that’s why he is Naser’s dear friend and that he is called here by him for fighting the war. Baji says I want to hug him so tightly so that his life comes out. Mughal man gets impressed and asks about his name. Baji recalls Naser calling Yakut to his elephant, and tells that he is Yakut. Mughal man says it is his elephant’s name. Malhar says yes, and says his dear friend name also. Baji says even I want to come closer to him. Mughal man appreciates him for his big talks and ask why did you come. Shridhar says Balaji tried to damage our artillery and that’s why Naser gave us orders to shift barood from here. Mughal man says we didn’t get any orders. Baji says if you wait for the message then it will be late, says you didn’t know that Balaji is dangerous, and have won Bhairavgarh alone, and have failed our plans to destroy Ajinkya Tara, and says he is our father…father. He says if you don’t believe then we will leave. Chimna stops Radha and says if anything happens to you. Radha says I have to go as I am worried for him. Chimna asks her to think about Baba and them.

Baji, Malhar and Shridhar are about to go. Mughal man stops them and asks them to fill the barood/gun powder to shift to place, and says till then our messager will confirm with Naser. Shridhar asks why do you want to confirm. Baji asks him to shut up and calls him betrayal, says you can become a servant for betraying your people. Shridhar thinks to escape before Naser comes. Radha prays to Goddess and asks her to protect her children and help her rescue Baji. She does her tilak and is leaving. Chimna and Bhiu looks on. Everyone is keeping the gun powder in the boxes. A messenger says that Qamer Uddin and Naser are coming here to inspect the gun powder. Shridhar thinks to escape. Baji tells Mughal Man that like he said, Qamer Uddin is protective about the war equipments and that’s why came. The mughal man goes to welcome them. Qamer uddin and Naser comes on their horses. Malhar asks what we will do now. Baji asks what did Ram ji do when he couldn’t take Sita. Malhar looks at the fire and says it is suicide. Baji says it is sacrifice for our nation. Radha asks Malhari to take her to Baji. Balaji comes and says you are risking your life without asking me. She recalls Balaji seeking her permission before risking his life. He says I can’t permit you to go to Mughals’ place. Radha says you can stop your wife, but not a mum. She says you are a sar subedar here, but I am just a mum, asks him to let her go.

A soldier spots Baji bending down to pick the box and asks how did you bend down so easily when you have problem in your back bone. Malhar silently takes firewood in his hand. Baji says if Marathi bends then to break the enemies. Malhar throws firewood near Baji. He picks it and throws on the gun powder, saying har har mahadev. All soldiers present there get shocked as the barood blast. Qamer uddin and Naser are shocked. Radha, Balaji and others see blast happening at Mughals’ place. Radha is shocked. Khaas says Baji have destroyed Mughals’ barood. Radha says Mughals will not leave Baji now. I have to go there. Balaji says I won’t let you go, if anything happens to you then what will happen to Chimna and Bhiu. Just then they see Baji coming there with Malhar on the bullock cart. Baji sees Radha and gets happy. Radha hugs him. Baji says I missed you. Radha says me too. Chimna and Bhiu hugs him. Baji comes to Balaji and says I know you are angry with me for disobeying you. Balaji says you shouldn’t have taken this decision. He says you would have told me about your plan, I would have send someone, you have come here safely because of your destiny. Baji says If we have to defeat Ravan then burn Ravan’s lanka. Balaji says your thinking will make us pay big. He says you have broken anushasan/ rules and says punishment is same for everyone. He removes him from the fighting team and says you are not rakshak of matru bhoomi. He snatches medal from his hand.

Qamer Uddin addresses to his soldiers and says Marathis have destroyed our barood, they know how to give life for their land, but we know how to kill them. He announces war and asks them to make arrangements. They say Allah Hu Akbar and stamps their feet. Marathi’s hear the sound. Baji says is it earth quake? Balaji says they have coming here to attack. Malhar says what they will do without barood. Balaji says they are 4000 people and can defeat us.

Balaji tells that Baji will not take part in the war. Baji tells Malhar that he will do something which is not thought by his baba ever.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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