Mahakumbh 6th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Mahakumbh 6th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rudra walking by much difficulty. Thapadiya Maai says why did Rudra not come back. Charles asks Leela when will her plan get complete. Leela says she has cut relations with Naags. Charles says she will not trust her even if Rudra gets poison. Thapadiya Maai says if Rudra does not come, she will not leave him. Leela says she would have run if she was wrong. Charles says you don’t have option, I will kill you if he does not come back. Leela says if work is getting done by truth, why will anyone lie. They look at her.

Dansh looks at Rudra in the live feeds of the cameras, and says this is called jackpot. He says no one has thought Naag head will kill Gaurda head like this, by making him run, and laughs. He asks Rudra how can he die so soon, run Rudra till your last breath. Rudra moves ahead. Bhairavi asks is there anything exciting to play. He says its really exciting, look there. She sees Rudra on the screen. Dansh says he is taking poison in his hand to save Maya, which even we Naags also can’t bear, now this poison will weaken him, and end his powers, still he will run to save Maya, the poison will reach his brain and then game over. She gets worried.

He says he will die like an ordinary bird, he is Garuda head and will die, this is Kalyug, the old tradition will change, a Garuda will die without doing his work. Shivanand wakes up and is still living in fear. He says everyone will die. Tiwari says he is in shock. He gets a message and tells Katherine, its emergency, he has to go, and asks her to be with Shivanand. He leaves.

She goes to drink water. Shivanand says everyone will die and nods. She goes to him. He says trust me, all Garudas will die. He recalls how Guru Naag and Dansh told him and hypnotized him and scared him that all 7 Garudas will die, he will be burnt, and not be able to do anything. They traumatize him. Shivanand says the same to her. She asks him to relax, nothing will happen. He gets up and says she does not know, Garudas will die in bad way. She says Rudra will come, you take rest. He walks to her and she moves back. He asks does she not trust him.

She says stop, please relax. He holds her hand and forehead. She visualizes she is standing in fire and scared. He asks her to think what he said. She gets scared and he makes her think the scary last moment. He says he won’t let that moment come, no need to protect Amrit, its of no use, why should we sacrifice ourselves, I will live and save you too, we will not die. His sign on the head turns blue.

Rao smiles and sees the Naag clan digging the ground. He tells Grierson that rats dig and Naags control it, Balivesh and Devesh are Naag’s rats, I know we will get Amrit, by Garuda or Naag, we will become its producers, after the Maha Shiv ratri, the world will have two Lords, I will take Amrit sample and make it again, I will become Lord to make them immortal, we will be immortal and most powerful.

Charles asks Leela why did she come here. Thapadiya Maai says Rudra saved you, did not care for his dad and fought with us, his life is in risk and she is silent, she is not from Naag vansh or she does not have their values. Leela says I would have died for Rudra, but I m helpless, Dansh has the Naag mani, and he controls all of us. FB shows Dansh asking Leela to save Maya. She asks why. He says Rudra will die to save Maya, you will tell him about Vishkendra, Rudra will get emotional and fall in my trap of death.

Leela tells them that Rudra will have to take poison in his body, he can’t bear it for long. They are shocked. Thapadiya Maai slaps her and says Garudas will not die by Naag’s curse, Rudra will come back and save Maya, tell Dansh. Rudra comes on the road and loses strength to walk. He says I have to reach Maya, you will live Maya. Rao is on the way with Grierson and many cars pass. Rao tells about Amrit, and some people protects it, and says about rivers, its secret, so that the process does not get any hurdle. Rudra sees the cars coming and asks for help.

Rudra comes and falls infront of his car. Rao says Rudra. Grierson gets down the car and looks at Rudra. He sees poison in his nerves and checks his breath. He says he is dead. Rao is stunned.

Rao says he can’t die, Garuda head can’t die without the fight. Grierson says Balivesh that Rudra is dead. Charles asks Leela to save Rudra. Dansh says the father who is scared of death, will be doing last rites of his son. Bhairavi worries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Wat da hell is happening here..ths rao cheatd bhairavi-cant get her plans,,shivanand becuming villain rudra dieing…i thnk its better to end it its cnfusing to da core…

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