Saath Nibhana Saathiya 6th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 6th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gopi tells Ahem he cannot leave pooja in the middle, else it is an insult of daadji. Ahem calms down and continues pooja.

Vidya comes out of temple and sees Meera talking to some man. Before she could reach, man leaves in his car. Vidya asks who was it. Meera says someone was asking address and takes her in to timple. She is shocked to see Gopi sitting with Ahem for pooja. After pooja, panditji asks Gopi to serve prasad to everyone. Meera gets a call and leaves. Vidya thinks who is calling her repeatedly. Gopi gives prasad to Mansi. Mansi says she is taunting her. Gopi says prasad is given to everyone here and she does not know to taunt anyone. Mansi says she is in Ahem’s heart now. Gopi asks her to stop acting fool and says Ahem is with her since 10 years, but did not even get engage to her, so she should understand her value now. She says she will sit with Ahem in pooja as his wife always and nobody can snatch that right from her. She asks her not to think relationships as game and even if she wants to play, she knows how to win. Mansi again asks her to leave Ahem as he is only hers. Gopi says when she could noget a place in his heart since 10 years, then how can she tell that. She says a day is very soon when she and Ahem will sit in a same room and same bed and as a couple. Ahem asks her to stop dreaming and says he sat quietly in pooja as he did not want to insult baa and bapuji. Gopi says whatever the reason is, she is happy that she sat for pooja with her. Mansi says his family don’t even waste a single chance of insulting her. Ahem asks her to stop her daily drama as she is tired and walks out. Kinjal says they should go from there now. Urmila stops them and starts dancing around them. Pari joins her and tolu/molu take their pics. They both angrily walk out. Pari asks where is Meera. Tolu says she left long ago. Pari says they should also leave now.

Mansi comes back to her room and angrily starts walking. Kinjal asks her not to feel sad and says she has a solid idea. Mansi says she does not need her stupid ideas as she has accepted that she will not get Ahem and is tired. She asks Kinjal to leave her alone and says Ahem is right, she has to go back to Mumbai.

Pari hears Mansi and Kinjal’s conversation and thinks of informing Gopi that their mumbai guest is going back. She sees Meera’s phone rining, calls her, does not find her around, and picks it. Meera snatches phone and asks how dare she is to touch her phone and yells that all family members are shameless. Pari reminisces Gopi asking her not to tolerate Meera’s misbehavior, so she askss her stop her rubbish and says her phone was rining, so she tried to pick, she does not have any interest in her phone. Meera continues her misbehavior and asks her to mind her own business. Jigar hears that and asks her stop misbehaving with Pari as she is staying in Pari’s house and has to live in displine here. Meera asks how dare he is. Jigar asks her to low her tone. MAnsi comes and asks him not to scold Meera as she is still a kid. Meera asks her to back off as she told she is modi family kid and not her daughter, so she will handle her issues herself and and does not need her help. Mansi runs crying.

Tolu calls Gopi and informs her about Meera and Mansi’s fight since 2 days and gives phone to Pari. Pari says Mansi will run back to Mambai soon. Jigar says Pari is right and credit goes to her. Gopi is surprised to hear that and keeps silent. Pari asks her to speak and says this is her win. Jigar says Pari is right. Gopi says in this win, she is also defeated as her daughter is suffering. Truth is Meera gave her position to Mansi and considers her mother. Jigar says Meera has to understand who is dear one and who is stranger. Gopi says Mansi took care of Meera as a mother and it is not right to trouble her. She asks Tolu/molu not to trouble Meera again and make her feel alone. Tolu asks her not to worry as Meera is his elder sister and will take care of her. Pari asks her not to worry about Meera. Gopi says Meera has kaaka and kaaki who will take care of her.

Precap: Vidya tells Gopi when papa does not need her back, why is she trying to force herself. Kokila asks wh is she misbehaving with her mom. Vidya says Gopi is not her mom and her mom died 10 years ago.

Update Credit to: MA

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