Hello Pratibha 6th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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It was morning, Peehu opens the door to see her friends standing out. Her friends say her mom invited them all here, she might know their truth. Pratibha comes and calls them inside, she tells Peehu she invited them for lunch. Peehu makes face for that. Another girl comes there and introduces them to her cousin Aparna. Pratibha invites them all inside. Peehu’s friend says it seems Pratibha doesn’t need anything. Peehu asks Shalini if Aparna knows about it, Shalini says no. Peehu changes the topic saying her mom should tell her she invited them. Aparna says her mom is really sweet that she surprise Peehu. Aparna says she is performing in school for solo-singing. They all ask Aparna to sing something for them. Pratibha brings the cold drink there and listens to Aparna’s song. Aparna forgets it in the middle, Pratibha takes it from there. Peehu asks her to stop please. Pratibha says she was just trying to correct Aparna’s song. Aparna asks her to sing further, it will make her correction too. Pratibha says no, but all the kids insist. Pratibha sits with Aparna and sings. Mahen also come there and smiles. Pratibha also watches him standing there, Mahen gives her a thumb up and goes inside the room. Aparna joins Pratibha. Peehu is frustrated with it, but all the kids gives her a standing ovation. Aparna appreciates Pratibha’s singing, she asks Pratibha to teach her this type of singing too. She asks Peehu to ask her mom do this favour. Peehu requests, Pratibha agrees to help her do the practice. Aparna hugs Peehu saying her mom is a rock star. Peehu whispers to Shalini that she must also come tomorrow so that they may plan to get rid of this black mailer.
At night, Pratibha comes to room. Mahen says he has to agree upon her patience, what she is doing to get a place in Peehu’s heart. Pratibha says with time, children’s thinkings and habits as well as their point of views change; this led some differences between them. Today, she agreed to help one of Peehu’s friends in singing practice, such small steps will remove the distances between her and Peehu. Mahen says there is one more thing, Pratibha’s smile is beautiful and he wants this smile there always.
In the morning, Mahen was in his shop. Aditya Narayan’s manager calls Mahen. He says that he wants Pratibha to participate in a talent show taking place, they have already send through courier an audition invitation for her.
Sunidhi angrily watches Pratibha helping Aparna practice, Kaashi says Pratibha sings so well. Sunidhi says this was only left now, there would be singing and dancing in the houses of innocents. Peehu and Shalini get a message saying they must remember his next message and call will come to their parents. Peehu asks Shalini to go back home soon, what if he calls her landline. Peehu tries to get Aparna’s attention who was indulged in singing, then thinks about and idea and drops a glass. Pratibha comes out worried and is concerned if they are hurt. She goes to get something to clear it. Shalini asks Aparna to go, as they got a call. Shalini tells Pratibha they are now leaving. Aparna tells Pratibha she must have won a reality show as she is really talented. Mahen comes from behind, Pratibha says had there been any reality shows then, she would happily participate. She wishes them luck and turns to see Mahen. She asks Mahen when he came. He says just now.
At night, Pratibha comes to bed. Mahen says he was thinking that these talent shows these days are good, people get chance to polish their challenge. Pratibha says at their times, they didn’t happen. Mahen says had she participated in them. Pratibha says she thinks a lot but they are invain. He asks will she participate now. Pratibha says no she wont, she is happy in her life wherever she is. These talent shows are for children not them. Peehu gets a call from Private Number, the man says he knows all their names, they must give fifty thousand to keep his mouth shut. Peehu notices Pratibha coming and poses to sleep. Pratibha caresses Anmol and kisses Peehu’s forehead before switching the lights off.
In the morning, a courier comes at home for Pratibha. Pratibha receives it, she turns to see what it is when Peehu comes worried. Pratibha is shocked to read it, she reads aloud ‘invitation for Super Singing Contest’. She looks at smiling Mahen.

PRECAP: Pratibha was worried and says to Mahen she told him she doesn’t want to do it. Mahen says Aditya Narayan did it all. Pratibha leaves the room, saying she can’t do it.

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