Mahakumbh 31st December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Mahakumbh 31st December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rudra and Charles running from the goons. The goons have guns and run to shoot the boys down. They finally get to a safe place. Charles sees the sign on Rudra’s back and is stunned. Rudra wears the vest. Charles says we both maybe me brothers separated in Kumbh. Rudra asks what does he mean. Charles says brother can change brother and says his imp three things which I don’t want to get into…., girl, wine and friendship, and now its just two, as I got friendly with you. Charles says I don’t feel sad losing money today Papa ji. Rudra says Papa ji? Charles says I did not see my dad, and who is everyone’s dad is my dad, and shows the dollar and Hamilton on it. He says I got someone today who did special for me. He tears the note and says half you and half mine, Papa with me and number with you, if you forget me, you can identify me with this, lets sleep now. Rudra rests to sleep.

Maai sees some men following her. They are Swami ji’s men. She runs away from them and they catch her. She falls and the man kills her by stabbing a weapon. She shouts Rudra. Rudra says Maai Mui and wakes up from his sleep. He runs leaving Charles, who was sleeping by his side. Rudra runs on the road. He reaches the Ghat and looks for Maai. He goes home and is much worried on not finding her. He rushes out and looks on. He finally sees Maai arranging wood. He walks to her. He says forgive me Maai Mui. She looks at him folding hands. He hugs her while she is annoyed with him. She walks and he holds her walking. He says I won’t do this again. She moves him away and says she won’t keep him again, and asks him to go, why did he come back now when he left her. Rudra says I was afraid, first I lost Baba and then Udiya Baba and I felt I will lose you too. She says if anything happened after he left her.

She shows her hand and whats written, Chandrabhaan ki aurat….. She says I would have died when he died, but I did not run from this cemetery and stayed here, and says how strong she is. She says how much you run, will make you feel weak. She asks him to swear on her head and keeps his hand, and says don’t leave me again, you will go when I ask you, tell me, will you promise. Rudra nods yes. She cries and hugs him. She kisses his forehead and takes him home happily.

Charles wakes up and is shocked seeing Rudra gone. He looks around for him and turns to see some men dressed in formals. He surrenders to them. They check him by removing his shirt. They see the Kumbh sign and take him. Charles is brought to some old man. The man says Charles you don’t know me, but I know you, I m your grandfather/Nana, Dr. A P G Rao. He hugs Charles and says your parents died in your childhood, and I was searching for you since then. Charles sees the old pics on the wall and also his childhood pics. Rao says I know its hard to understand this, but the life is there, I got my heir and you take rest, we will talk in evening. He leaves shutting the door.

Charles says my Nana and rests on the bed. He says either he will be my Nana or I will make him my Mama, Rudra was very lucky for me and kisses the half note. Rudra is with Maai. Ek taraf jeevan…………..playss…………….. He takes care of Maai. The leap takes place and the scene shifts to Poland, after 12 years. Shivanand is still captive in the jail and in bad state. He recalls Rudra and writes his name on the wall with coal piece. He touches his name and feels upset. He sees the coal marks on his hand and rests.

The scene shifts to Banaras, India…. Punnu comes to Maai and keeps her hand on his head to take her blessings. Maai asks why does he come to take blessings every morning. Punnu says he is always clear in this matter. He says you are my mum and Rudra is my brother. She ticks him and he says sorry, I m leaving to meet Rudra. She smiles and sees an utensil seller running. She asks why is he running. The man says the shoplifters are attacking the market and not caring for anyone. Punnu calls Rudra Bhaiya.

Finally……..!! Grown up Rudra is shown standing shirtless on the bridge, as before, and ready to jump. (100 Stars to Gautam for this look!!)Rudra hears the train coming. His back sign is shown. The train passes and people throw the coins. Rudra hears Punnu calling him and visualizes him by his powers. Punnu comes to him. Rudra jumps in he river. He emerges from the waters and shows his well built body. (Give a round of applause for Gautam’s brilliant entry!!) Punnu says there is problem in market. Rudra wears the Kurta and runs there. Maai sees the people running away and police catching some people and scolding them. Maai argues with the inspector. She sees the police taking advantage of the innocent people.

Maai scolds the inspector and defends the boy. Rudra is on the way running to her. The inspector Chobey scolds Maai and beats the man. Rudra comes there and shouts………….. like roaring….

Maya’s entry is shown and asks Maai who told you to leave Rudra as a free bull, he is always ready to hurt people. Rudra beats the police and holds Maya’s neck saying you got me caught first and now she is scolding my Maai Maai. He gets angry and Maai and Punnu try to stop Rudra.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. yes Amena ur right 100 kya 1000 claps for gautam ka entry.finally my fav hero saras ka gautam has entred the show.iam impressed by the way rudra ka gautum entry iam sure the show will hit the rock.waiting more scene of gautum.welcome back saras.i got my new year gift by this way.finally the day has come.thanks for fast update amena.and wish u all a very special happy new year guys.i wish all welcome 2015 with a broad smile and may god bless u all for a bright future.once again thanks amena and happy new year yaar.

    1. Amena

      Happy New year to you too dear.

  2. guys wish u all very happy new year.welcome 2015 with smile and happiness.may god bless u all.happy new year.lets celebrate.

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