Jamai Raja 31st December 2014 Written Episode Update

Jamai Raja 31st December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Sid reminiscing Ghafoor telling that he still has a snake/betrayer in his house and then he seeing Rajveer with Ghafoor outside court and getting tensed seeing him. Roshni asks him why is he awake till now and takes him to sleep. Roshni falls asleep. Sid gets call from his associate who informs that he did what he told. Sid says now Ghafoor will call who bailed him and he will easily identify him. Associate asks how will he come there. Sid says he will somehow and thinks he will find out who is snake at his house.

DD calls ACP and asks how can he allow Ghafoor’s bail. ACP says he cannot stop his bail, but Ghafoor is under house arrest as DCP himself is taking care of his case and got pressure from higher ups. She thinks who is her well wisher that is pressurizing even ACP and DCP.

Ghafoor calls Rajveer and asks him to get him out of house, else he will get into jail again and will tell his truth to everyone. Rajveer thinks he can think about DD and Sid later, first he has to get Ghafoor out from there. He gets ready and is about to leave when he hears Samaira’s cough and stops. Sid passes via his room by then. Rajveer walks silently, Pratima sees him and asks Bablu where is he going. Bablu says he has smoking habit and must have gone out to smoke. Sid waits for lift in lobby and while Rajveer comes out, just then sid gets into lift and leaves. Rajveer comes and also leaves via lift.

Sid meets his associate outside Ghafoor’s house who says commissioner has beefed up security and Ghafoor cannot get out. Sid says Ghafoor’s rescuer will come there and he can easily find him out. Rajveer comes wearing a hooded jacket, sees constables outside and throws money on floor. Constables run behind money and Rajveer enters Ghafoor’s house. Sid follows him. Rajveer realizes someone is following him and turns back, but Sid hides. Rajveer gets into Ghafoor’s house and locks door from inside. Sid hears Ghafoor asking Rajveer to get him out of here. Rajveer says police is outside and they cannot go out easily. Ghafoor says he does not want to listen anything. Rajveer takes him and opens door. He takes him out of house and mingles with marriage baaraat crowd. Sid follows him from behind. Ghafoor escapes in crowd. Both Sid and Rajveer start searching him, but don’t see each other. Rajveer suffocates due to cracker smoke and removes his hood. Sid is shocked to see that Betrayer/snake is none other than Rajveer, reminisces all the incidents, and thinks why didn’t he realize it first and thinks Rajveer betrayed his sasural. Rajveer walks out in front of Sid without noticing him.

Precap: Sid promotes new year dhamaka episode tonight. Sid inquires Rajveer’s friend about his company. Friend informs Rajveer about Sid inquiring about him and asks to kill Sid before he informs about him to the family.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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