Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 31st December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 31st December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Suhasini getting a letter from Radha’s bag and asking what is this? Radha and Sudhakar get shocked. Sudhakar takes the envelope from her hand and says it is script of his old play. Radha says thank god as Suhasini didn’t see the divorce papers. LD speaks to Jhanvi and says he can’t wait anymore. He does poetry. Jhanvi thinks his poetry is good. LD dances happily with his family on the song Dil Ne Dastar Khan Bichaya…………….Dawat E Ishq Hai…………He imagines Radha on the terrace and rushes to her. He then sees Radha dancing and smiles. He dances with her on the same song and imagines roaming with her on the streets of Mathura. LD comes out of his imagination and continues dancing with his family. Everyone is shocked to see Dada ji standing right infront of them angry.

Radha tells Suhasini that they can’t take more luggage with them. Sudhakar says he will send the remaining bags by road. Suhasini says let them handle. Dada ji scolds LD and asks him did you leave your shame in Mumbai’s lake. LD says he is happy as Radha is coming. Dadaji says let her come first. I know her. I saw her avatar in Mumbai and seeing you changed before she comes. LD assures him that Radha will fit in their home and rituals. He promises him. Jayshree hears them and thinks let her come first. She says tsunami will come after her arrival. Dadaji tells LD that they don’t leave any opportunity to welcome the guest. LD leaves.

The neighbor asks Suhasini to do the rituals before sending Radha to her inlaws’ home and says do everything according to the ritual. Suhasini goes inside. Dadi Bua come to Dada ji and says can you do my work? Dada ji asks her to say….Dadi Bua says she wants to hear Ramayan Path from him. Dada ji says I understands well that you want to calm my heart. She says LD is your son and we have to be happy with his happiness. Dada ji is unsure about LD’s happiness. Jayshree thinks she has to check their level of happiness and comes there. She says LD was asking her shall he bring Radha on the ancient palanquin and band. Dada ji gets shocked.

Rupa hugs Radha. Radha signs something. The neighbor asks what is she saying? Sudhakar says Radha meant that she will come. Suhasini says she never thought that she will do her bidaai this way and asks her to throw the rice while leaving the house. Suhasini tells her about her new responsibilities towards her new home. Dada ji tells Jayshree that Radha is just a guest and says they shall not do any rituals with her. He says ancient palanquin is for our bahu and not for a guest. I think I shall make him understand.

Jayshree gets tensed as she has been lying all the while. She says no, old man. Radha throws the rice backwards while leaving the house and gets emotional. Sudhakar imagines her in bridal attire. Mere Rang Me song plays……………She steps out of the house. Rupa hugs Sudhakar and cries. Radha stares at her house for the last time. Suhasini too gets emotional. Radha cries as she sees her father and hugs him. Sudhakar cries. They cry hugging each other.

LD leaves to receive Radha and Suhasini from the airport. Dada ji comes out and sees LD already left. He prays for his children’s well being. Jayshree thanks God. Suhasini asks Radha why did you wear this dress. Radha says it was spoiled so I wear this. Suhasini says they will come by train next time as she didn’t like to travel by plane. Radha gets stunned and thinks this is first and last time. Suhasini comes out of airport. LD sees and greets her. He introduces her to his brother and sister in law. She asks about all.

His brother says they are waiting for you at home. Suhasini says we will meet them after going home. LD stops to bring Radha. LD smiles and waits for Radha to come.Radha comes out wearing jeans, top and sun glasses. She looks at LD. Mere Sawalon Ka plays……………………He welcomes her. Radha asks him to hold the trolley and come. He looks at her clothes and gets shocked. Even Shyamali and her husband get shocked. Shyamali gets scared. Her husband thinks Mahabharat will happen today at home. LD imagines Dada ji slapping him and holds his face shockingly.

LD sings I love you………………..while Radha looks at him surprisingly.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Nice episode cant wait for tommorows episode 🙂

  2. Can anyone please tell me which film the song which was played while Radha did the ritual of leaving her home

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