Mahakumbh 26th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Mahakumbh 26th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rudra walking towards Pandey and he runs away. Rudra runs after him. He runs into the forest to save his life. He falls on some tree bark which pierces his body. Rudra sits near him and shows his angry face. Rudra asks Pandey why did he kill Maai Mui and Udiya Baba. Pandey says its bigger game than you think, its just my hand, but someone else’s mind, I did not have any animosity with your family, its related to Mahakumbh. Rudra asks who is it. Pandey says save your family, and looks at Swami. Swami signs no. Rudra turns and looks at Swami. Swami says nothing will happen to your family, tell your Swami’s name, don’t be afraid, for whom do you work. Rudra looks at Pandey and drops him. Pandey dies. Swami ji says Pandey got punished for his sins. Rudra leaves. Swami says where can Rudra go, I have the knowledge about it.

Rudra goes to Pandey’s house again, and opens the door. Swami takes Pandey’s pic. Maya comes there and sees Pandey dead. She is shocked and Swami hugs her, saying Rudra did not do anything, Pandey died on his own, Rudra is innocent but his revenge is fulfilled. Maya says but Rudra…. He says its fine, he will come, go and prepare Poornima Samaroh. Rudra is shocked seeing Pandey’s wife, brother in law, and all goons dead and the house ruined. He recalls Swami’s words that his family will be fine and Maya’s words that her Mama has found Pandey.

Rudra walks out in anger. Maya is upset in her room. She goes out to see Rudra and waits for him. Thapadiya Maai sees her and asks what happened, stop, why are you worried. Maya says Rudra has gone somewhere, he did not return all night, I m worried. Thapadiya Maa says we will find him together and goes. They try finding Rudra and he walks on the streets. Swami and Grierson meet and talk about Rudra. They ask each other about hiding things. Grierson says you have hidden Rudra. Swami says you have hidden the purpose of all this. Grierson says I don’t think its imp to tell anything. Swami ji shouts and his men aims guns at Swami, while Swami’s men aim trishuls.

They both argue, and Swami ji says he rules in Allahabad, its his city and he can’t do anything without his permission. He says you were trusting Pandey and now he is dead. He shows Pandey’s pic in his mobile and says I got all the books which you will need, you decide now, tell the full truth about this game, else I will not support you. Swami and his men leave. Rudra comes neat ghat and sits alone. Kuch bhi na kaho………………plays…………..Rudra sleeps there and dreams….. Maai comes to him and waking him up. She asks why is he sleeping on sand and covers him with a blanket. He says Maai Mui., where were you.

She says its so cold today and sits near fire lit. She asks what was he saying. He says whom should I trust, all the world is like cemetery, our cemetery was better, it did not have any illusion like its here. She takes the sand in hand, and says about some saint, who used to ask for food, he used to say that sand used to be stone years ago, and after thousand years, it became sand. Rudra asks the meaning. She says it means stone also turns into sand. She says if you roam with fire, you will be burnt, forget everything. Rudra asks why is the world so small, why is it like this. He sits with her. She says I don’t know, I just know you make fun of world, don’t get it over head. Rudra says I can’t do this. She hugs him and asks is he hiding anything. She says tell me the truth. He says I don’t have courage to say, how to tell you that you trusted Maya, she is…. Maai says no, not so soon, without knowing truth, don’t blame Maya. He asks truth? She says yes, its not easy what you want to know, you yourself is a secret puzzle, know yourself first.

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He says Maya can’t be wrong, that’s it. Rudra looks at her. She says fine, don’t go on my words you solve this riddle, I will go, Chandrabhaan is waiting. He holds her saree end. She says let me go. He says take me along. Maai says so soon, who know you are drinking the world’s poison to save Amrit, who knows you will clear the poison. She says I will come again and goes far in fog and disappears. Rudra wakes up by his sleep and says Maai Mui.

Maya comes to Rudra and asks where was he. She cries and says she knows you have one aim to come here, your revenge fulfillment, Rudra you don’t care for me right. She says Pandey is dead, I know what he has snatched away from you, can’t come back. I can’t fill this loneliness, but I can heal your wounds, give me a chance, come home with me. She forwards her hand. He looks at her and says you go, I will come. She says I won’t go leaving you alone, come. She holds him and he removes her hand, asking her to go. She talks and he says enough I won’t repeat, go.

Grierson tells Swami about Amrit Kalash and seven protectors come for it. Rudra smiles and looks on. Maya asks him what was he thinking. Aaji talks to Rudra and names Swami Balivesh and Chote Mama. Maya asks whats all this. Rudra says I have known it for the first time today who is mine and who not. He hugs Maya saying she is his fate.

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