Udaan 26th January 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Imli taking to Billu. She asks Kaki to give her yellow dress. Kasturi and Dadi cook food happily. Chakor and Lakhan come there with Saraswati Maa idol. Chakor removes the chunni from it. Kasturi says the idol is very beautiful. Bhaiya ji asks Vivaan and Ragini are they ready to come. Vivaan says I m ready. He asks about Tejaswini. She is annoyed and asks him to go alone. He says he always need her, come. She refuses. He says fine, as you wish, I will go alone. He sees Baa ready and says its miracle that Baa is coming with me. Baa says don’t be mistaken, just walk with my ethics. She leaves alone.

The kids ask Chakor about the puja. She says once Bhaiya ji comes, you will know. Bhaiya jo comes there Vivaan meets Imli and Chakor and smiles. He says you did good decorations. Everyone greet Bhaiya ji. He talks to all villagers and apologizes for what happened in Sankranti function, so he has come himself today to talk to them. He says he hopes that whatever happened and all differences will end. The people talk that Bhaiya ji has changed, maybe its his plan. Bhaiya ji says I have come here to do a promise. Chakor says stop. Bhuvan tells Kasturi that Chakor is talking to Bhaiya ji, is she not scared.

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Chakor says you do promise later, first tell them who is Saraswati Maa and what happens by the puja. Bhaiya ji says Maa Saraswati is idol is education, art and music. He says everyone has right to study. Imli recalls Chakor’s words. Bhaiya ji says education opens door of prosperity, and we get chance to go ahead in life. He says the importance of education. He says everyone should get this chance. Chakor smiles. Imli says Chakor said education is bad and you are saying its good thing, who is right between you two. Baa comes and claps saying this is a great question, now answer it.

Kasturi says Imli is also smart and more bold than Chakor. Bhuvan says yes. Vivaan asks Bhaiya ji to say. Bhaiya ji says whatever Chakor told that day was wrong, I had back the promise taken from Chakor before. Mutti me hawa ke jhoke hai…………….plays…………… Everyone smile. Bhaiya ji says Chakor can study from today. Chakor can’t believe this and smiles. Bhaiya ji says I m saying this. Yeh hounslon ki udaan hai……………..plays……………..

Bhaiya ji says all village kids will go to school and take a flight towards education, but this will happen when I win elections, when you give your valuable vote to me. Chakor asks him to promise and gives her hand. Bhaiya ji promises her holding her hand. Udaan hai………………..plays…………. Everyone smile and cheer for Bhaiya ji. Bhaiya ji says now Chakor will talk to you all. He asks her to come. Chakor asks what shall I say. She thinks and says I know what I have to say. She asks everyone to vote for Bhaiya ji and make him win. They all agree. Bhaiya ji smiles.

Ranjana comes and sees this. She asks Lakhan’s wife Kishori about it, and says Bhaiya ji is acting, he will not educate the village kids, I m part of his house, he will ruin them after winning elections, he will not let you all come near haveli, he knows if they get education, then they will lose the fear. Kishori asks what will I do now, I have to send Chagan to school. Ranjana says yes, go to them and tell them to vote for me. I will educate all the kids, and if I win, I promise your son will get admission first. Kishori says fine, as you say. Ranjana smiles. Bhaiya ji asks where is pandit ji and asks him to come to play shank. The pandit ji plays the shank and everyone prays. Chakor asks Baa what happened. Baa says my selfish son is benefitting others for the first time. She laughs and says it looks a miracle to me, its done by you Chakor. Chakor smiles.

Bhaiya ji asks Lakhan to paste his and Chakor’s poster everywhere. Ishwar comes there and is shocked seeing Chakor pic on the poster with Bhaiya ji.

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