Mahakumbh 25th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Mahakumbh 25th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Maai thinking about Rudra and how he saved Udiya. She looks at Udiya’s current state. He is all burnt, but still has confidence and strength. He says the Dohas and she smiles listening to him. She asks why did he go there. He asks did she keep wood for him or not. She asks him to tell her who did all this. He says Pandey. She gets angry. He says don’t say this to Rudra. She asks why. He says he has his heart already burdened, if he knows I have taken his death, he will lose from within. She cries. He asks where is Rudra, call him, I want to see him once and maybe I can… She says stop, I will get him.

The scene shifts to Poland’s church. Cuba and his mum sit in the church for long, and pray. They start leaving. Shivanand stops them. She asks what do you want. He says I want a small help, make me meet Indian consulate, I want to go back to my country, I understand you are with your husband only for Cuba, and I m doing all this for Rudra. She says fine, I will take you to Indian consulate. Rudra sits alone. Tiwari says doctor said to keep Udiya in hospital, but Maai wants to keep him here. Maai comes to him and says Udiya is conscious. Tiwari gets glad. She asks about Rudra. He says he is sitting at Ganga bank. Maai goes to Rudra and sees him crying. She says your Baba got conscious. Rudra runs to meet Udiya.

Udiya takes his son’s name and is in immense pain. Rudra comes to him, and says Baba…… Udiya says Rudra, people leave families in Kumbh, but you have held my hand in Mahakumbh, as if Lord has forgiven me for leaving someone’s hand. Rudra asks whose hand. Udiya says bring my jhola/bag and asks him to open it. He shows his family pic. Rudra sees his family. Udiya says show it to me. Rudra shows his son and wife’s pic. Udiya recalls how he has lost his son being unable to save them from sinking on the river. He asks his son and wife to forgive him, and cries.

Rudra comes out crying. Tiwari asks what happened. Rudra gives him the pic and folds hands. Tiwari holds his hand. Cuba and his mum stop midway on a bridge, and Cuba takes a wish lock, asking Shivanand to tie it. He says I wish your wish come true. Shivanand makes a wish and throws the key in the river. Shivanand hugs Cuba. The lady smiles. They leave. Shivanand says if Lord give me chance to help you, I promise I will not back out. They are stopped by her husband. The lady asks Cuba not to come out of the car. Her husband takes the gun, and confronts them. He says so you are her BF and asks since when are you having this affair.

Shivanand says she was just helping me, nothing else. The lady beats her husband to death. She cries. Shivanand and Cuba look on. The goons come there and fire in the air. Shivanand asks them to run. The lady and Cuba cover up behind the car. The goon says you are lucky that we have to take you alive, I can’t kill you, but I can hurt you. Shivanand beats them. The head goon says you have to die now, and Shivanand kills him too. A helicopter comes and Shivanand surrenders. Grierson laughs. Shivanand asks Grierson to let the lady and Cuba go safe, and he will surrender. They take Shivanand in the copter and leave. Shivanand waves bye to Cuba.

Rudra leaves with Tiwari to find Udiya’s family. Maai hears Udiya calling her and runs. He says my soul should leave, why is it not leaving. Maai asks someone to get Gangajal. Udiya says Gangajal won’t wash my sins, now my soul will be freed when she forgives me. Rudra looks at the pic being in the train. Maai asks who, what are you saying. Udiya says about his wife. Rudra asks people about Udiya’s family. Udiya says I have held Rudra’s hand as I have left Vishnu’s hand in the flood, I run away being afraid.

Rudra and Tiwari look for Udiya’s wife. Maai makes Udiya have Gangajal. Udiya asks about Rudra, I can’t be alive till morning. Rudra finally finds Udiya’s wife and shows the pic. She breaks down. Rudra holds her. Udiya takes Rudra’s name and asks where is he. Maai says I don’t know where he went. Rudra comes in and Maai asks where was he. Rudra hugs Maai and tells something in her ears. She is shocked. He turns and shows the door.

Maai asks Rudra to do last rites of Udiya. Swami ji is still after Rudra. Maai scolds Punnu. Grown up Rudra is shown standing on the bridge as before, ready to jump in the river.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. wow precap is superb finally my fav saras ka gautam is to be shown trm.waiting for gautam.thank for update.

  2. Gauti is back

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