Jodha Akbar 25th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Jodha Akbar 25th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
some princesses look at Salim stealthily, Aram bano comes there and says to princesses that I will complain to Jalal that you are looking at Salim, they ask who are you, she says I am king Jalal most loving aram bano, should I complain to him? they say no we are going, they leave.
Salim comes to Farhan and finds him smiling, he says that this kind of smile come on soldier’s face only when he win in war or he get news about his love, Farhan says nothing like that, why you are wearing common clothes, Salim says that I told you many times that I am common soldier, don’t change topic, tell about my bhabhi, Farhan says you know she lives near this state, Salim sys don’t make your love wait, go, Farhan says no I cant, you know I am your soldier, I cant leave you, Salim says I am telling you to go. soldier comes there and says Jodha has called yu for lunch, Salim says tell her I will have it with my friends.
Jalal and all princes come to have lunch with Amer king, Jalal is about to eat but Jodha stops him and says wait for SAlim, I have called him too, dasi comes there and says Salim denied to come, he will have food with this friends. all get silent, Jodha says I will bring him, Jalal looks on. she leaves.
Jodha comes to Salim, she says I called you for lunch, why you didn’t come? Salim says I want to have it with my soldier friends, Jodha says all are waiting for you, I have made arrangement to that you can meet Amer kings and princes, you haven’t met them for 7 years, you should meet them, Salim says no ammi jan, you want me to have food with people whom I don’t but I want to have food with people who were with me for 7 years, who know me the most, Jodha says no you come with me, Daniyal comes there and says I will have food with you SAlim as I cant eat fully infront of Jalal, Jodha smiles and says look Daniyal left from there too, Salim says no I will eat with my friends only, Jodha says I told you that you will come with me, Jalal comes there and ays I was waiting for you, Jodha says make him understand, he want to have food with his friend, the common friends and their many kings, princesses are waiting for him, and he want to spend time with soldiers, I wont tolerate this, Jalal says I don’t think he is wrong, you remember I had a friend, I use to have food with him but Bairam khan never stopped me, he is not wrong, Salim shockingly looks at Jalal that he is taking his side, Jodha says you are strange one side you send him away to battle field and now you want him to have fun, if you want to make him king then make him meet kings, princes, he should know who are they, Jalal says with time, he will know them too, he ask SAlim to go with your friends, Salim says so you are allowing me to go? Jalal says yes, don’t worry about Jodha, you go, Salim smiles and is about to go but turns and says thanks to Jalal, Jodha smiles that they nicely talked to each other, she says to Jalal that you agreed to his demand, Jalal says he just want to have some fun, Jodha says now you will have to do what he would do, you will eat his food, Jalal says I want to have food with my friends, Jodha says no you will come with me only, Jalal says ok I cant go against as I will be killed lets go with you, Jodha smiles and looks back at Birbal who smiles.

Scene 2
SAlim is having gala time with his friends, Salim says lets go to horse riding, they find Daniyal sleeping, Farhan says take some rest, Salim says no way, I fi stay here Jodha will make me princesses and I don’t want to meet anyone, I want to be alone, Qutub ask till when? Salim says till I don’t find someone who will love me as common soldier only, here princesses want to meet king jalal’s son, heir, they don’t want to meet Salim, I wanna meet someone who will meet Salim only so I wanna go from here, Farhan says ok, Salim ask Qutub to accompany but Qutub says no I will stay here.
Salim and Farhan comes in jungle for horse riding, Farhan says you can get in danger but SAlim says that he is not a soldier who don’t fight danger.
Jodha’s sister in law is making Jodha ready, Jodha says Jalal will recognize and will get angry on me, Bahbhi says that he will not get angry, Jodha says I am telling you he will recognize me, Bhabi says you will talk in rajhistani accent then we will see if he recognize you or not, Jodha says you will see.
Salim is on horse ride alone, A snake comes there, his horse Badal gets jittery and is going out of control, from behind, Anarkali comes there, Salim doesn’t see her, Badal moves with a jerk and hit Anarkali, she falls on mud, Salim says what you did badal, you pushed a women, he gets down and says to Anarkali that I am sorry, please give me your hand? Anarakali looks at him but her face is smeared with mud, Salim extend his hand, Anarkali stares him, song hai tera mera ik rasta.. dunya se kia mujhe ab wasta plays, Anarkali gives her hand in his hand, Salim makes her stand up, ye vaada raha hum na hongy Judah plays, Salim says please forgive, actually there are many wild animals here so my horse got jittery, he is innocent animal, please forgive, Anarkali loks at him, Anarkali says its okay you said sorry, Salim gives her pot to her, she is about to it but Salim says your face is smeared with mud, I will help you to remove it, Salim puts water on face and smiles seeing her beauty, they both smile at each other and have eyelock, then both realize and look other side, Anarkali wipes water from face, Salim says I am sorry on my horse behalf, if you want to punish then you can, Anarkali says its not your fault, it wasn’t deliberate, infact I should thank you that you helped me from getting out of mud, I should leave now, she looks at him and leaves, SAlim keep looking at her going, Anarkali turns and smiles at him, song do dil ek jaan plays, she leaves, Salim smiles broadly as she leaves. (cute scene).

PRECAP- bhabhi does Jalal’s aarti, jodha is there too in veil, they are about to leave but Jalal ask one girl in veil to stop, that is jodha only.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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