Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 25th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 25th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Manik says to Dhruv that he is doing all of this for Cabir, Dhruv says that we know how much we all mean to you. Manik asks than why are you getting so emotional, what happened to you. Dhruv asks if he can forgive the one who has hurt you a lot. Manik says that talk directly of whom do you want me to forgive. Dhruv says that I want you to forgive Harshad and Manik says that where did Harshad come from. Dhruv says that I know that he has hurt us a lot but I am asking this for ALiya.
Manik says that since when you are standing up for Aliya and she helps us put him behind bars. Dhruv says that he knows that but now she is torn apart. Dhruv says that this is the reason I came to you and if you agree than it all will be Okay. Manik asks of what he is saying and Dhruv says that withdrawing the case of Harshad. Manik can’t believe it and says that I am ready to forgive for ALiya but you must know how bad he hurt all of us. Manik says that do you think that these people will forgive him, Dhruv insists Manik to try and Manik agrees with him.
Soha is asking Nandini that why doesn’t she wants to be manager. Nandini says that you saw it and none of them will listen to me. Soha says that you are not realizing your power as you can tell them to do anything. Nandini says that do you think that anyone can rule Manik while Soha replies saying that I will as he is going to be mine soon. Manik comes in the library and after seeing Nandini he comes to meet Soha.
Soha says to him that destiny wants us to keep meeting. Manik says that this is a small campus isn’t it. He walks on searching for something when Soha comes from behind. He turns around thinking that it’s Nandini but Soha starts to flirt with him. She asks if he returning the guitar and Manik mocks her saying that what else would I be doing with a guitar here. Soha apologizes and Manik starts to flirt with her as well just to annoy Nandini. Soha takes the guitar and thanks Nandini for doing this and asks her how she knew that Manik would be here.
She comes back to Manik saying to Nandin to give the two of them some time. She comes to Manik and says that I don’t have a library card so can I check you out. Manik is shocked to hear it when Nandini screams and Manik runs to her. Soha comes as well and asks what happened and Nandini says that she was about to slip. Soha leaves as she gets a call while Manik says to Nandini that you already knew that you were going to slip. Nandini says that she slipped the last time and thought that she will slip again. Manik says that you thought and but didn’t realize that the place to put the guitar is down there which doesn’t requires a ladder.
He tells her to think and when he turns around Nandini falls on him. She puts her hands on his face and Manik asks if there is something there and so she takes them off. Soha gets a call from her dad asking about the progress of Fab5. She lies saying that they are rocking as they are going to surprise you. He reminds her that they don’t a lot of time. Soha comes back and puts her hand on Manik and at first he is about to brush them away but then stops again to annoy Nandini.
He says to her that your hands are really soft and how do you manage it. Soha asks if he wants to see and Manik says to see that we will need to spend some time together. Soha says that it will be great and says that we can spend some time in the party. Manik agrees with her and they are leaving when Nandini calls Soha and says that I will take that manage post. Soha asks if she is sure and leaves again while Manik grins.
Abhymanu comes wearing a helmet and stops Muktii. She grabs him by the color and he says that he just came here to do his job. She asks of what the job is and he says that I am here to tell the truth which sometimes is bitter. He adds saying to balance that I keep something sweet to balance it out and apologizes for the harsh words he said. Muktii says that it’s all bullshit and though you said those words to grab my attention but I know what exactly you want.
She takes him to the class and asks him to kiss her and cut the chase off. Abhymanu gently pushes her away and says that what you think that you know all. He says that what you really need is help and no matter how hard you try I am not leaving without helping you. He leaves the room while Muktii is confused.
Dhruv comes to the room and Aliya asks him about what Manik said. Dhruv says that he agreed and she hugs him and says I will feel much better. Dhruv says that Manik said that a talk with Muktii and Cabir is necessary and once they agree than the case will be taken back. Aliya says that you, me and Manik will talk to Muktii and Cabir. Dhruv says that not you and let me handle this. Aliya asks why and Dhruv says that let me talk as they won’t be open if you are there.
Manik is talking to a girl and Nandini is relieved to see that it’s not Soha. Manik turns around and stares her, she tries to make an excuse and Manik says that you are here to tell the schedule. Manik says that Soha already told us that and says that she also said that you didn’t want to become the manager what then all of the sudden which made you made you change your mind. Nandini says that the principle told her to do so and she did as she doesn’t like to break the rules.
Manik starts to talk about Soha and asks Nandini of what she thinks. Nandini says that she should concentrate on the music not anywhere else. They turn around and are about to leave when Nandini stumbles and falls on Manik. He can’t get up and so Nandini offers her hand. He gets up and walks away without saying anything.
Later at Manik’s home Muktii and Cabir are gathered and ask Manik of what Dhruv wants to say. Dhruv comes and says that I want to talk about Harshad while Cabir says that if he is there in jail than what is there to talk about. Dhruv says that it is over for us but we are forgetting that it’s not over for…. Muktii says that I know what you are talking about. Muktii says that he is just manipulating ALiya while Cabir says that how did you even think that we can forgive him.
Manik tells Cabir to calm down as he is just a messenger while Cabir says that he is not taking sides. Dhruv says that he is not taking sides as ALiya is one of them. They get into a fight and Manik tries to calm Cabir down. Cabir says bad words about ALiya when she walks in as well.

Precap: Aliya request Cabir to take the case back and when Muktii refuses as well ALiya says that she doesn’t believe in the Fab5 anymore.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. soha is upset n calls nandu sayin party is cancelled so nandu is happy bt den soha says ill go to maniks hse…nandu tries to say no tl her bt soha stills goes peeche peeche even nandu goes…nandu is hiding behind the curtain in the living room as she hears manik n soha comin…soha is tryin to tell manik dat well watch a mvie games etc to make his mood good he says no first bt den shes the curtain shakin n nandus shoes n realises shes hiding der…so he says yes well watch a romantic mvie n dims the lights etc n goes near the cuftain whr she is hiding n is goin to open it…n wahi epi khatam hota hai

  2. Precap…precap…:-)

  3. precap mein dhruv n aliya r talkin qhr aliya is sorried ki kal case sunwai mein if harshad gets 7 yrs jail wat will i do…n harshad calls tabhi n asks n aliya says my best frnds refused to takd the case back

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  6. Thanx sharmin.
    U’re truly my life saviour.

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  27. What ever mother and father says,Movies makes our mind fresh. Not that one which our parents see,But the one which has yo yo honey singh. Don’t know how our parents listen,those slow old songs.because without honey singh, its waste at all.(first eight lines of the poem,srry guys u have to read the poem like this only as by pressing enter key the words r not comming in the next line)

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