Mahakumbh 24th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Mahakumbh 24th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Udiya Baba following the man. Grierson asks what will I do w9th this GPS chip, I told you to get Shivanand. He slaps him and asks him to get Shivanand. Shivanand hides in the car. The lady asks how did he come here. He says I m sorry. She says I thought you went yesterday. He says yes, I wanted to go, but…. He looks at Cuba and says I had to make a call from city and I could not walk in such state. She sends Cuba to get candled and gives some money to Shivanand. He asks her not to bear pain. He says I run away to start life afrsesh and going to my family, you can also start fresh leaving your husband, for Cuba’s sake, you have to fight else you will make the pain bearer fail and pain giver win. They stand near the church. He says this bell sound is the sign of it. He leaves.

Rudra waits for Udiya. Udiya comes to the place where man secretly goes. She hears Pandey ji telling the Raavan’s burn will not be truth’s victory, but to our revenge. He hears their plan of blasting the place. He recalls the man was fixing bomb. He is shocked and hears them. Pandey says this time nothing will go wrong, few hours now. Udiya rushes out and runs. Pandey ji talks to his brother in law and says why is Swami ji after Rudra, Shivanand was disappeared before form the Kumbh, and now he wants Rudra. They talk about the mystery and they have to find it out soon.

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Shivanand calls home and the landline number has changed. He sees the goons and hides his face. He sees a lady with mobile and asks for her phone. He calls Pandit Devi prasad, and can’t get to him. Everything changed in 12 years. He makes another call and every number is changed. He does not lose hope and keeps calling. He calls police station, and asks about Rudra. The inspector says we don’t have any info, how will we know if you ask after 12 years. He says so many things changed in 12 years, the people who could help me, they are not in touch.

Maai does Rudra’s aaarti and tilak. He sits in the same horse cart. Udiya comes running is on the way. Maai and everyone put flowers on Rudra. Tiwari leads the kids. The bomb light blinks. Udiya reaches them and is stuck in the crowd. He is shocked seeing Rudra in the cart. He shouts and no one can hear him. He shouts Rudra get down the cart. The people chant Ram Chandra ki jai….. Rudra aims at the Raavan. Udiya tries reaching him, and comes infront of the Raavan to stop him. The Raavan burns and Udiya shouts Rudra, come down the cart. Rudra sees Udiya and is unable to hear his voice, but sees his lip movements.

He sees the Raavan falling on Udiya and runs to him. He gets down the cart and runs to Udiya. He is shocked to see the cart blasting. The people panic and run. Udiya is relieved to see Rudra fine. Tiwari sends all kids. Maai worries for Rudra. Udiya breaks down being tired. Rudra sees him, and the Raavan fire pieces falling on him. He shouts Baba and runs to save him. Everyone look on and stop Rudra. Rudra runs to taking a shawl. He jumps over the people and tries to save Udiya. Tiwari stops Maai. Punnu calls out Rudra. Rudra sees Udiya’s hand.

Rudra takes out Udiya and covers him. Maai sees Udiya. They all see another fire element falling down and shout. It falls on Rudra and Udiya. They are shocked and cry thinking they died. Rudra lifts Udiya in his arms, and covers him. He comes out from the fire safe and fine. Everyone clap for him, and is stunned seeing him. They chant Ram Chandra Ki Jai…………. Maai and Tiwari can’t believe this.

Udiya tells Maai that Pandey did all this. Shivanand is caught again by the goons. The lady and her son Cuba looks on. Shivanand waves to Cuba.

Update Credit to: Amena

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