Ek Rishta Aisa Bhi 24th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Ek Rishta Aisa Bhi 24th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Raghav gets angry seeing Soniya and sisters lying about Soniya’s illness. Soniya apologizes him. Sisters says he promised not to get angry on Soniya, so he should calm down now. Anjali tickles his ribs and he laughs.

In car, Abhiman asks Deepika why did she spill coffee on another employee. She says she was badmouthing about him, so she got angry and spilled coffee on her. A child comes on the way, Deepika sees child and signals Abhiman who stops car on time. He gets out car and worriedly checks kid if he is alright. He asks among mob who is this child’s mother. Everybody say they don’t know. Child’s mom comes and Abhiman starts scolding her for being so careless. Lady says it is his mistake and will call police. He says he is ready to face police. Deepika handles situation and gets Abhiman inside car. She asks why he got so angry on child’s mother unnecessarily. He says everyone boasts about mother’s love, but these kind of women are a black dot on motherhood.

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Abhhiman comes to Roy mansion and gives Ratna money packet which manager gave. Ratna calls manager and scolds him for sending money through Abhiman. He hears everything, gives file to her to sign, and before she signs asks her to have a look first as he heard her asking manager why did he send money via Abhiman and knows she does not trust him. She says she considers him as her family and trusts him. He says he is better as an employee. She says she considers him as his elder son and what problem he has. He says he does not want to get into any relationship as he has seen a mother leaving his child alone to die, so he wants him to consider as employee. Raghav sees him talking loudly, thinks he is misbehaving and asks how dare he is to misbehave with his mom. Abhiman asks Ratna to control Raghav. Ratna asks Raghav to calm down as he is misinterpreting. Raghav says Abhiman that is his problem that he did not get mother’s love and instead of thanking Ratna for considering him as son, he is shouting at him, he is an opportunistic, etc. Abhiman asks him to shut up. Ratna asks them both to keep quiet. Raghav says he will not, drags Abiman and asks him to get out. Abhiman says Ratna if Raghav pushes him again, he will hit him. Raghav says cheap people like him think low after coming to rich houses. Abhiman raises his and even Raghav raises to hit him. Ratna says they should be ashamed to fight being part of Roy industries and asks Soniya to take Raghav into his room Raghav does not leave. Ratna gives her promsie, and Soniya takes him from there. Abhiman angrily takes files and leaves while Ratna gets sad and cries. She gets dizzy and is about to fall when Deepika holds her and says she will help her till room. Ratna says she does not need help from anyone and leaves. Deepika thinks Ratna is tensed seeing Raghav and Abhiman’s fight. Suhasi gets happy seeing everything and thinks Ratna loves Abhiman a lot and she can extract more money from her.

Deepika tries to stop Abhiman, but he walks out pushing her. Anjali says Deepika that she is in love with Abhiman, but jiju hates him, how will she marry him. Deepika says they are just friends and to keep quiet.

Raghav in room angrily says Soniya if Ratna would not have interfered, he would have taught Abiman a lesson. She takes out bag and packs clothes. He asks what is she doing. She says he needs a holiday to calm down. He says he will ask Ratna to suspend Abhiman. Soniya says he should mix personal and professional life and should not be so selfish to take someone’s job.

Deepika sees servant taking lemon juice for Ratna and says Ratna is very tensed. Suhasi hears and thinks Ratna’s worries are very good for her and she can extract bags full of money from her. Deepika enters Ratna’s room and sees her murmuring that she built her world but cannot stop it from destroying. She pours lemon juice and it overflows glass subconsciously. Deepika stops her and says she will clean floor. Ratna says it is ok, servant will. Ratna then takes money packet and leaves house looking around supiciously. Deepika thinks why is she walking out like a thief with huge money.

Precap: Deepika reads Ratna’s letter is shocked to know that Abhiman is Ratna’s son.

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